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60 Perfect Dream Body Affirmations – Tip To Toe Perfection

Being able to achieve your dream body can surely increase your confidence. And these dream body affirmations are here to help you manifest your dream body. These body affirmations are not limited and they are not just any typical dream body affirmations you’ll find out there.

There are also many gratitude, health, beauty, fat loss, dream body type, body shape, and body positive affirmations included with them.

Also, a dream body can look and feel different for everybody that’s why I make sure to keep the dream body affirmations as inclusive as possible. Which means all the body affirmations are gender-neutral and can be used by anyone.

Are You Ready To Read Dream Body Affirmations?

  1. It is safe for me to lose weight in all desired areas of my body 
  2. I am safely losing fat from my face 
  3. I am safely losing fat from my belly 
  4. I am safely losing fat from every part of the body I desire 
  5. I am ready to achieve my desired body 
  6. I know that my body is capable of achieving my desired shape 
  7. I have the motivation and ability to achieve my desired weight 
  8. I am perfectly capable of achieving my desired height 
  9. I already have my desired height right now
  10. I perfectly fit into the clothes of my desired size 
  11. I have the perfect curves I desire right now 
  12. I have the best body type that makes me really attractive 
  13. My body is perfectly balanced in proportion 
  14. My body is in ideal symmetry 
  15. I have the most stunning and beautifully carved symmetrical body 
  16. My body and face are sculpted to perfection
  17. I am embracing my body shape to the level that it’s enhancing the beauty of my body shape 
  18. My body is perfectly thick in the places I desire 
  19. I have the most toned and well-shaped body 
  20. I have the best and most attractive genes that influence the shape and type of my body 
  21. I have the most defined curves in just the places I desire 
  22. My body is perfectly balanced in masculinity and femininity 
  23. My body always looks perfect from every angle 
  24. I can easily notice and feel the beauty and perfection whenever I look in the mirror or look at my photos 
  25. I have an equally beautiful face complimenting my amazing perfect body 
  26. I have the most dreamy and perfect body in this entire universe 
  27. Everything I eat nourishes my body and enhances the beauty and perfection of my body 
  28. All my actions and activities increase the beauty and perfection of my body 
  29. My hormones and metabolism are just in perfect balance to bring out the best in my looks and health 
  30. I already have the body and beauty of my dreams 
  31. My body and looks are equal to the epitome of beauty 
  32. Every movement I make and everything I do looks and feels like the ethereal divine presence 
  33. I have a very unique aura, presence, and vibe about me that is irresistible 
  34. I naturally have all the tiny beauty quirks that I desire 
  35. I am the most unique and rare combination of all the most attractive qualities 
  36. I have moles, dimples, freckles, and hairs in all the desired areas 
  37. My skin glows and blushes with health and beauty all the time 
  38. I have the softest, delicate, and flawlessly clear beautiful skin all over my body 
  39. I always take care of my body and health 
  40. I am grateful for being blessed with such amazing divine body 
  41. My body always smells good 
  42. I take good care of the hygiene of my blessed body 
  43. I have a very healthy diet 
  44. I have a great hygiene routine to take care of myself 
  45. My bones, hair, and nails are perfectly healthy and nourished 
  46. I show gratitude every day for being blessed with this unique dreamy body and face 
  47. I am always getting compliments from everybody around me for everything
  48. I have the best and perfect posture all the time 
  49. I love myself and I love everything about myself 
  50. I am ready to spend time increasing and boosting my confidence 
  51. I am getting more and more confidence as I am improving 
  52. I love and accept myself and my body 
  53. I am sending love and positivity to my whole existence 
  54. I admire my face and body because it’s perfect in every way 
  55. My body is beautifully changing to look and feel like everything I ever desired and more
  56. I am embracing everything I am 
  57. All the affirming suggestions are instantly effective for me 
  58. I know and realize in my heart that all the things I am affirming in my mind are permanent
  59. I am ready to feel and experience gratitude for my body and everything it does
  60. I am thankful for my existence and all the resources available to me for taking care of my body and myself

Dream Body Subliminal

If you find that using all the affirmations every day is a little overwhelming then you can try them in the form of subliminal. This dream body subliminal is made with love and lots of positive energy.

All the 60 dream body affirmations are layered in 3 sections, in both female and male voice, along with one layer of mini booster and self-love subliminal.

Here’s some resources on subliminals:

If you want to understand how all the subliminals on Loa Lab’s YouTube channel are created then click here.

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