body posititvity affirmations, body image, self image

60 Effective Body Positivity Affirmations With Self-Image, Body Image Affirmations

Do you know what is more important than body positivity? Body image, and the way you see yourself, that’s why I am sharing body positivity affirmations with self-image and body image affirmations.

body posititvity affirmations, body image, self image

Body positivity, and feeling confident the way you are in your own skin is a blessing. But is it even possible to feel good and happy about your body if your self image or body image is damaged for you? The reason behind it can be anything but not your body and the way it looks, because everyone has a perfectly beautiful and amazing body.

And if you are struggling with body dysmorphia it becomes even more important to take a step forward in the healing process by using body positivity affirmations along with positive body image affirmations.

And before we actually get to the body positivity affirmations and body image affirmations, I want to let you know that I have made the most uplifting and amazing subliminal for body positivity, body image, and self image. You can just play the subliminal and then continue to read the affirmations as you are listening to the most amazing and uplifting body image subliminal.

I feel like this is the best subliminal I’ve made till now, and I’ll tell you why but before that let me tell you how you can use this subliminal to get the full benefits.

How To Use The Body Image And Body Positivity Subliminal

  • Sit back and relax
  • Listen to the subliminal on loop as you watch the video because the visuals are also there to help you feel uplifted and positive vibe
  • Then continue to read the self image and body positivity affirmations as you are listening the subliminal

It made me feel so good about myself and the whole vibe of the subliminal is so good and so positive and so uplifting. I can’t even explain that in words. I literally can’t stop listening to this. The positive suggestions for self-image, body image, body positivity, and improved relationship with food are meant to help people even struggling with body dysmorphia or eating disorders.

Body Positivity Subliminal | ♡ Uplifting & Loving | Specially Made For Body Dysmorphia ♡

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Self-image Affirmations

  1. I am valuable and my life is valuable 
  2. My value and value of my life is the only thing that matters 
  3. I love my uniqueness and accept all my quirks 
  4. I am ready to accept myself completely and unconditionally 
  5. I am letting myself free from my own expectations 
  6. I am a human being with a beautiful soul 
  7. I am filling my heart with love for myself 
  8. I appreciate myself as a human being 
  9. I also accept myself and every part of me 
  10. I am deciding to think loving thoughts about myself 
  11. I am choosing to feel loving towards myself 
  12. I am ready to pay attention to my well being 
  13. I am full of love and grace 
  14. I can be myself at all times unapologetically 
  15. I am leaving behind all the fears I ever had about being myself 
  16. I am ready to embrace the new confident me 
  17. I believe in my strength to achieve and be everything I desire 
  18. I am ready to see and recognize my wonderful and most amazing self 
  19. I am special because I do everything with the best intentions in my height 
  20. I believe in my truth

Body Image And Body Positivity Affirmations

  1. I can love and appreciate my body and myself 
  2. I am a loving me to accept and appreciate the way my body looks 
  3. I love my body so much because it is the best vessel for me to live the best life 
  4. I can live a healthy and happy lifestyle and love my body at the same time 
  5. I am going to treat my body with love and respect because I deserve it 
  6. I am always going to choose to think happy and good thoughts about the way my body looks 
  7. I choose to always focus on good thoughts about my body and looks
  8. I always appreciate my body because I feel really grateful for everything it does for me
  9. I am grateful for my looks and all my admirable features
  10. I am so grateful for all the attractive parts of my personality
  11. I matter, what I feel matters, and how I see myself also matters, so I am choosing to think and feel good about myself 
  12. My body is amazing and I love it 
  13. I am always going to listen to my body when it comes to health and fitness 
  14. My body is unique and I am going to take care of it in the best way possible 
  15. Every part of my body is healing and glowing with health 
  16. I am ready to put effort into my health and my well-being 
  17. I am going to do at least one thing every day that can help me show gratitude for my body 
  18. I am only going to listen to my gut feeling to keep my body healthy and happy 
  19. I believe it when my heart says that I look great 
  20. I am ready to believe my feelings when it makes me feel confident about  my looks 
  21. From now on I am going to focus on styling myself in the ways it suits and aligns with my feelings 
  22. I am always going to look at myself and see the best 
  23. My heart automatically gets filled with love and admiration when I look in the mirror because now I can notice the best parts of me 
  24. I am going to trust my heart and feelings whenever they make me feel good about my body 
  25. My looks and body are unique so I am ready to accept and love them that way 
  26. The flaws are nothing in front of the strength and unique attraction my looks have 
  27. What I used to see as flaws are actually the most unique and amazing parts of my personality 
  28. My personality and charm can outshine everything 
  29. I am always the most compassionate and charming person and everyone loves that about my presence 
  30. I am so thankful to my body for doing so much for keeping me alive and happy 
  31. My heart and mind feel full of confidence because I can now recognize how attractive my unique features make me 
  32. I always enjoy my meals very mindfully
  33. I have this amazing relationship with food where I really enjoy it because it keeps me nourished and healthy
  34. I am taking charge of my mind and ready to appreciate food because it is a fuel for my body 
  35. I am ready to appreciate all kinds of delicious and nutritious food because they are there to keep me healthy 
  36. I always eat just enough to keep my body energetic and healthy and my soul satisfied
  37. I always eat with gratitude to energize and nourish my body
  38. I appreciate all the fun ways to keep my body active 
  39. I am always really thankful for everything that helps me keep my body healthy and live this wonderful life 
  40. I really appreciate my skin because it keeps me safe and helps me look great, and feel beautiful

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