10 things I am grateful for

10 Things I Am Grateful For & I’ll Always Be

The feeling of gratitude is so powerful but most of us feel stuck when writing about things they feel grateful for. So here I am sharing 10 things I am grateful for and I’ll always be.

All these things unique and personal to me so feel free to take in Ideas. And I’ll be really happy if you are able to appreciate these little things about life after reading the list of things I am grateful for.

List Of Little Things I am Grateful For

Now that I am starting to think I feel like the list of 10 things will not be enough to cover all the things because I feel I am grateful for everything in my life. But Let’s start with little joys of life that makes me feel grateful and I’ll share the major things in a different list of gratitude.

1. Good Deep Sleep

I am grateful for a really good deep sleep because I am a light sleeper and sometimes even the vibration from my phone wakes me up. I ended up making it a habit to put my phone on airplane and DND mode every time I go to sleep. So I am always very grateful whenever I can catch some good good good night’s sleep.

2. Fries, Pizza & Momos

I am not trying to sound and look foodie but I really enjoy eating fries, pizza and momos so that’s why I am grateful for the very existence of these delicious culinary masterpieces.

Now that I am thinking, I am also grateful for pasta. I have really acquired a taste for them and I really love me some cheesy tomato pasta sometimes.

3. All The Relaxing Lazy Days

I feel like all the relaxing lazy days I like blessings. So whenever I get to relax and spend the whole day just chilling, eating and spending all the time being lazy and doing just little, the bare minimum. I am grateful for all such Sundays that I spent doing almost nothing.

It gives me time to pause and feel good and recharges my energy for the whole week.

4. Tea And Coffee Time

I feel really really grateful for tea and coffee time. I don’t enjoy just sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, I love the whole experience and the tiny little snacks.

That first sip of warm coffee really warms the heart and taste buds. I don’t know what I’d do without coffee and tea. Cocoa or hot chocolate can’t replace the feeling these caffeine rich beverages give us.

5. Long Drives & Outings

One of the things I’m grateful for is long drives and outings with family. It doesn’t matter where we are going I just love looking out the car window, admiring the landscapes.

Looking at the sunset from the car window is one of my favorite experiences from all of the travel experiences. I am not certain if traveling to one city from another can be considered traveling but that’s all I got. It’s something I am grateful for because it happens rarely.

I am definitely looking forward to traveling and seeing as many unique places, cities and countries as I can.

6. Online Shopping

Online shopping is by far the best thing out of the list of all the tiny little things I am grateful for. All the options and choices are the best part. And the way online shopping has opened the opportunity for getting books.

I was never the one who’d pick a book when out shopping or even going to the book store was never the norm for me because I’ve always associated reading books with boring text books.

But because of online shopping it’s so much easier fun and practically free to get books with amazon prime and audible plus free trial.

7. Marvel & Other Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural Movies And Series

I discovered marvel movies because of my sweet boyfriend and ever since I am a fan. I never thought I’d like a superhero movie before watching marvel.

There are so many things I am grateful for but fantasy, supernatural movies and series feel like escape and unlocks a whole different world for me.

8. Self-Care Days

Well, self-care should be an everyday thing and I do tired to take care of myself every day by trying to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and try to move but it’s not always the case. So so I feel very happy whenever I can.

But the kind of self-care I am talking about is relaxing and pampering myself. And I feel very grateful whenever I can get a day that is dedicated to you taking care of my hair and doing a proper skincare routine, all that Jazz.

9. Public Gardens

This is also a very tiny and precious part of life which is rare for me. I think therefore everybody to be able to live close to a garden and visit a garden every single day.

And most of the public Gardens are really well maintained. I feel really grateful whenever I get to go for a walk or a run in a really nice and spacious Garden.

It calms me down and makes me happy, for now, I am settling down for getting some evening walks on the terrace. As much as I appreciate it, it’s not at all comparable to spending time and walking in a garden.

10. Every Day Dinner With Family

This is the last thing under the list of things I am grateful for but it doesn’t mean it’s not important as the others or as the first one. Actually, all the things I mentioned are equally important to me and I am equally grateful for each of them.

Every night we all sit together for dinner. And it has always been like this since my childhood. It’s not a rule and I am starting to appreciate it a lot more as I grew older.

The Magic Behind Creating List Of 10 Things I Am Grateful For

You know when someone shows gratitude to you for something you did for them if you feel the urge to do more for them because you feel appreciated and validated.

Then think about it, when life is giving you so much already then you creating a small list of 10 things and expressing gratitude for them can be that small movement to trigger a series of many positive events for you. Creating that butterfly effect.

If you feel stuck when writing your gratitude journal then here’s some resources for you:

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You can also try gratitude subliminal to reprogram your subconscious to feel grateful for everything.

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You’ll be given more and more positive things and experiences once you start to feel thankful for all the existing ones. Let me know in the comments if you were able to relate to any of the things from the list of things I’m grateful for.

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