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40 Insanely Unusual Motivation Positive Affirmations

Motivation positive affirmations are important because motivation can only be found and ignited from within. And when you are feeling low and in the search of motivation, it definitely requires some insanity and unusual power kicks to hit with all the motivation you can have in the world.

These motivation positive affirmations can do that for you by actually giving you the power source in your heart for the motivation. When you look for the motivation from the outside world and other people, it always lasts for a very short period of time. And then you find yourself always going back for more because that’s how it works.

How Motivation Positive Affirmations Are Going To Work?

To understand how Motivation Positive Affirmations are going to work you’ll need to understand what is the difference between getting motivation from the outside world and the motivation from within. The difference is huge and the results you’ll get from the Motivation Positive Affirmations are also going to be huge.

Trying to get the feeling of motivation and inspiration from outside sources is like trying to fill a bucket of water. And once you use all that water you had in the bucket meaning that all the motivation you got, the bucket will be empty and you will have to fill it back over and over again to use it more.

And everything changes when you decide and move forward in the direction of getting that motivation and inspiration from the inside of you. Because now you are digging deep in your soul and creating a lake of motivation and it is there to stay. And you can do that by using the motivation positive affirmations every single day until you don’t need to.

How To Read These Positive Affirmations?

Before you move forward to read all the 40 motivation positive affirmations, it is important that you understand how you should read them to make the best out of them. Because just skimming through the affirmations are not going to help you get the same effect as feeling each word as you read. So here are some tips on how to read the motivation positive affirmations to get the best effect.

  • First read the affirmation in your head so that you can understand the feeling and emotion of motivation positive affirmations. Then read them loud to yourself as if you are saying these words because you mean them and you meant to tell them to the world.
  • Read the motivation positive affirmations aloud in complete sentences instead of reading them word after word. This will help you feel the affirmations.
  • You can also play some upbeat music that can help you feel the energy when you are saying the motivation positive affirmations aloud.
  • Do this every single day, and it’s okay if you miss some days but don’t forget to pick a few affirmations you can always repeat out of the 40 motivation positive affirmations.

You can also listen to the subliminal instead.

The Insane Motivation Subliminal | Motivation, Drive, Ambition, Power

Are You Ready For Insanely Unusual Motivation Positive Affirmations?

  1. I am ambitious powerful and the best at everything I do 
  2. Difficulties and challenges are nothing in front of me 
  3. I can Crush every goal I have easily and I am determined to do so 
  4. I take the experiences and make the best 
  5. I am in charge and I am in full control of my life 
  6. I always only accept the treatment I deserve 
  7. I am worthy of every best thing in this world and I am going to get it 
  8. I am full of fire and passion to move my life in the direction I want 
  9. I am only looking forward and up in the sky to my goals 
  10. I am letting my determination ambitions and passion lead me on 
  11. I have the power to turn every negative emotion into fire positive energy 
  12. I am proud of myself for everything I do and I am going to do 
  13. I am the best and everything I do is always the best 
  14. I am ready to change and challenge the previous patterns of my life 
  15. I am becoming the extraordinary, unstoppable, bold, fascinating version of myself 
  16. I am ready to embrace the best in you me who is positive and incredible 
  17. I am ready to Ignite fire extraordinary power within me 
  18. I am supercharged to achieve all my goals in an instant 
  19. I am ready to embrace and acknowledge how rare and amazing I am 
  20. I am ready to work on my mindset shift right this moment 
  21. I have enough power to change my reality and everything around me 
  22. I can be the Badass version of myself all I want and anytime I want 
  23. I have a spellbinding personality which I am always ready to utilize for my best 
  24. I have always achieved success and I can replicate them over and over and over again 
  25. I am ready to embrace my limitless self 
  26. It is impressive how quickly I can shift my emotions into positive 
  27. I am in control of my success I am making sure that It stays 
  28. My personality and abilities are argumentatively incredible 
  29. I am ridiculously powerful and the best 
  30. I am ready to invite all life-changing positives into my life 
  31. I am ready to align with, absorb and utilize all the power that exists in this universe 
  32. I am always effortlessly the best version of myself 
  33. I am always in touch with all the incredible powers of the universe and making the best out of them 
  34. I am in charge of my motivation inspiration and Thoughts all the time 
  35. I perfectly know how to utilize self-control, discipline, passion, and pain as tools to forward and climb up in life 
  36. I can transform any negative thinking into a positive one 
  37. I am always surrounded by miracles because I believe in myself to be able to create miracles 
  38. I am smart, powerful and a real Badass because of how smoothly, easily, and effortlessly I can handle everything 
  39. I am ready to break and make new rules for the best 
  40. I believe in myself and my ability to change utilize and create everything and anything I want

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Now what?

Did you feel the energy of motivation positive affirmations? now pay attention to that feeling and it will be even great if you can sit down and mediate with this feeling in you mind and heart for at least 5 minutes. And if you are a beginner in meditation you can check out “How To Start Meditating – Unbelievably Easy Method“.

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