Here’s a subliminal booster affirmations list for you. You can either use the affirmations and repeat them to yourself every day or you can listen to the “subliminal booster” subliminal.

The List Of Affirmations Used In The Booster

  1. My conscious and subconscious mind allows me to accept all the positive suggestions
  2. I allow all parts of my mind to accept the positive subliminal messages that are in alignment with my desire
  3. Subliminal and affirmations work really fast for me
  4. I allow myself to see the effects of this subliminal
  5. I am allowing myself to accept the positive beliefs about my desire
  6. I am allowing myself to fully trust and let go of any attachments to my current beliefs
  7. My mind is ready to reprogram itself with amazing positive affirmations and suggestions
  8. I am able to feel the power of the positive affirming suggestions I am hearing right now
  9. I am ready for the amazing positive changes in my body
  10. I accept myself and I trust my mind and heart
  11. I am open to receiving positive new beliefs
  12. I trust that my body can change
  13. I trust that miracles happen
  14. I completely trust my mind and body
  15. My mind is capable of having everything it desires
  16. My conscious and subconscious mind can easily accept and adopt the affirmations
  17. Blessings are there in my life
  18. Miracles are happening for me
  19. I am ready to receive
  20. I allow my subconscious and conscious mind to believe in the positive statements they are hearing
  21. The Law of attraction helps me achieve everything my heart desires
  22. I am the magician of my life
  23. I can manifest easily
  24. Everything works out for me 
  25. Manifestation is an easy and fun process for realizing all my desires
  26. I can believe in myself and in my power to manifest and I believe in myself and my powers
  27. Subliminals and subliminal affirmations work even faster for me every time I listen to them
  28. My subconscious mind always accept all the positive affirmations
  29. I am grateful that I recognized my ability to manifest 
  30. I realize and understand the infinite manifestation power my mind has 

Here’s the Subliminal version of the Subliminal booster

You can find many useful Subliminals on Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel. And you can also learn to make your own subliminal.

Subliminal Resources For You

Should you listen to a subliminal booster, if yes how many times?

It is not necessary to listen to a subliminal booster and you are going to get results from Subliminals anyways but if you want to get faster and more permanent results then you should listen to a subliminal booster along with the subliminal you are currently listening to. Listening to a booster once per subliminal session is more than enough.

Let’s say you have a subliminal playlist that you listen to twice in one session, in that case, you can listen to a booster first and then start your playlist. Or if you listen to your playlist multiple times a day without looping then you can add the booster at the top of the playlist. (Just be mindful to not overwhelm yourself).

When you should not listen to a subliminal booster?

If you are already getting great and quick results then you don’t really need to listen to a booster but if you want to experiment with a booster, you can.

Now we’ve reached the end so,

I’d like to mention that understanding the basics of the law of attraction helps subliminal work because trying to manifest something without understanding how to manifest is a lot like walking out of home without knowing the location of your destination. So make sure not to jump halfway in.


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