25 Positive Affirmations To Start Your Morning

Starting a day on a loving positive note can have a great impact on your life and these 25 positive affirmations will help you achieve that by showing yourself some love.

Why Is It Important To Repeat Affirmations To Yourself Every Morning

Is that even a question? starting your day with a positive Outlook will make your whole day Shine. The more we shift our focus to the positive things the more positive we feel and we start to welcome even better things to enjoy and experience in our life. I know and I understand that you will not be able to see the immediate effect! but in some cases actually, you might be able to see the immediate effect of repeating these positive affirmations to yourself in the morning, but just in case you don’t see how it makes your day better then don’t just give up. Keep trying for a few more days.

How to do it?

For example, give yourself a 15 days challenge to start your morning by repeating 5 positive affirmations then you can stop if you want or increase the number of positive affirmations. Or you can repeat one affirmation each day for the next 25 days. You don’t always need to feel happy and positive when repeating the positive affirmations, because over time they will start to affect your mind, in a good way of course, and fill you with more positivity than before.

25 Positive Affirmations To Help You Increase Self-Love & Feel Empowered

  1. I love & really appreciate my body
  2. The more I feel grateful the more I love my body and it reflects that love back to me
  3. I can notice is how amazing and beautiful my body is
  4. I feel more loving towards my body every time I look in the mirror
  5. My body is a divine vessel as it contains a divine soul
  6. I feel loved by my body as I notice the things it does for me
  7. I am allowing myself to get out of negative thoughts and be present
  8. I release all or any negative feelings
  9. I am feeling happier as well as comfortable with how my body looks and feels
  10. I am able to feel my body accepting my love for my body
  11. I am allowing positive thoughts and beliefs to enter my mind
  12. I am ready to accept everything positive in my day
  13. I am so happy for this divine body I have
  14. I easily convey my boundaries easily
  15. I respect myself for myself
  16. I know my standards and understand what I deserve
  17. I am proud of being me
  18. I am someone who is blessed with love
  19. I only allow people who respect me around myself
  20. I positively enforce boundaries
  21. Everyone who knows me respects me for everything I am
  22. I am able to love my truth
  23. I am stronger and better than before
  24. My energy is connected to nature
  25. Nature and its energies keep me safe and grounded

If you like the affirmations and felt good as you read them, then I actually post plenty of powerful and positive affirmations every single day here. You might actually like to check out some more self love affirmations if you are thinking about repeating affirmations to yourself every day. You can also subscribe to email notifications as well to get notified about the new posts.

Sometimes I feel we have developed a kind of skepticism about spiritual things which is actually holding us back from trying to include these simple things in our lives and in our routine. And if you go through a similar skeptical thought process then my suggestion to you would be to try anyway because you never know if this is the time everything will turn around for you.

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