how to manifest something by writing it down

How To Manifest Something By Writing It Down? 5 Best Ways

You can literally manifest most and maybe all your desires by writing them down. So do you wanna know how to manifest something by writing it down? The idea is based on the theory that writing something down makes it more real to your subconscious. The more you write about your desires, the more likely you are to actually manifest them in your life.

Also, many people have a belief that if they write down their goals, they will be more likely to achieve them. this belief makes the thought of manifesting something by writing it down a lot more feasible to our minds, so it makes it easy for us to believe and easier for law of attraction to work.

The Power of Writing

how to manifest something by writing it down

Writing is a form of art, it is associated with creativity and the power to create something. At first writers think of their idea then write a story around it giving it life. We all have always heard of several stories of horror movie sets actually being haunted or several unexplainable things happening. And that is why writing has the power to manifest.

Writing something down also creates a sense of commitment and responsibility. It also has the power to change our perception of reality by helping us to create a mental image of what we want.

The power of writing is undeniable. It can be used for manifestation, self-reflection, and creativity. Now you know how powerful writing is so let’s move to how to manifest something by writing it down.

5 Ways to Manifest Your Desires with Writing

Manifesting something by writing it down your desires is one of the simplest ways to manifest them. You can write them on a piece of paper, on a computer, or on anything that can be written on. The point is to write them down and then read them aloud.

There are many ways to manifest your desires by writing and scripting is more commonly known way to manifest so we are leaving that one out, but these five will help you get started on manifesting something by writing it down:

Write a wish list

Writing a wish list is almost like making a list of wishes and goals you would like to come true for you. You can create a wish list for a lifetime or a wish list for a year or a wish list for a month. Create a wish list for all of them and then once a wish comes true for you, you can mark that off of your list.

Write wish chits

Wish chits are actually a super-easy way to manifest something by writing it down. Are you have to do is just take a piece of small paper, write down your one most important wish or goal. Then keep it somewhere safe and forget about it. You will find the wish chit randomly in the coming months or years and you will be surprised that it actually came true for you, it really manifested for you.

Write an affirmation

There are several techniques and methods available to manifest by writing affirmations. The most popular art 369 technique and 555 and 333 manifestation techniques use writing affirmations as a way manifest desires and goals.

Keep a journal

If you don’t know yet what you want to manifest and your desires are really broad then you can keep a journal and the journal will help you get clarity and also manifest the things that your heart really wishes for. Because when you are writing a journal you will be able to let go and write your emotions and feelings freely as well as the things you wish for effortlessly. Sometimes even unknowingly and you will feel surprised when it will manifest.

Write in your gratitude journal

Writing a gratitude journal is also a very unique way to manifest something by writing it down. Because in the gratitude journal you will not actually be writing about the things you wish for instead, you will be writing about the things you are grateful for that already exist in your life. The emotion of gratitude you will be experiencing will increase your vibrations and you will start to attract even more similar experiences or better the experiences for which you were grateful. You can also feel gratitude by just reading and repeating gratitude affirmations.

What to do after writing your wishes?

You can focus on making them come true for you, which means becoming a creator of your own life. Or you can let go and let the universe decide can make paths for you, depending on your desire. Sometimes we wish for the things we can actually physically achieve by doing certain things but we end up procrastinating or delaying them.

Let me know in the comments which one of these 5 ways mentioned here really answered your question how to manifest something by writing it down?

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Suggestions & Tips on How To Manifest Something by Writing it Down

Writing down our desires is the first step to manifesting them. The way we write will determine the way we feel about what we are writing about. And writing down our desires with no expectations or judgment with faith will allow us to be more open and receptive to what may come. So have fun and enjoy the process of manifesting. So that is how manifesting something by writing it down works and writing down your desires in a journal or blog post can help you stay accountable and motivated.

Let us know if you found this guide on how to manifest something by writing it down helpful.

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