75 Strong Hair Affirmations For Hair Growth

hair affirmations

These 75 strong hair affirmations are divided into three sections and each section is dedicated to manifesting hair growth in a different specific way. No matter what your hair manifestation goal is, long hair, stronger and thick hair, or even if you want to manifest reduction in your hair fall.

hair affirmations

These affirmations will work extremely well for you because they contain suggestions starting from mindset towards your hair, getting rid of subconscious bad habits, or adopting new healthy hair habits consciously and subconsciously.

You can use these hair affirmations as is or just use a few you feel most connected to as affirmations. And if you listen to subliminals then you can try hair subliminal from Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel if you’d like to receive all the benefits of hair affirmations mentioned in this blog post.

Or you can also make your own subliminal to fit your hair growth needs. And if you are new to subliminals then you can also read this Subliminal Guide that can help you get started.

20 Hair Affirmations To Manifest Hair Growth

  1. I am determined and excited to take care of my hair 
  2. I love and appreciate my hair because it adds charm to my appearance. 
  3. I am grateful for my beautiful luscious locks because they make me feel happy. 
  4. Taking care of my hair makes me happy. 
  5. I am very excited to grow my hair even longer. 
  6. My scalp and hair shaft is very healthy. 
  7. I am grateful and very few because I know my hair always grows back. 
  8. My hair always grows back fast. 
  9. My heart is full of gratitude because my head is growing fast. 
  10. My hair is getting thicker than it ever was. 
  11. I am grateful for my natural hair. 
  12. I am grateful for my naturally healthy thick and fantastic hair. 
  13. My hair always looks fresh and clean. 
  14. My hair is effortlessly healthy. 
  15. My hair always looks great and that too effortlessly. 
  16. I love and appreciate my hair so much because they are one of the best parts of my looks. 
  17. I am feeling a lot of gratitude and love for my hair. 
  18. I am so blessed to have a scalp full of healthy thick hair. 
  19. I am so grateful and very happy because all my effort toward my hair is showing results. 
  20. I am falling in love with myself again because of how beautiful my hair looks and feels. 

45 Affirmations For Healthy Hair

  1. My scalp always feels healthy clean and amazing. 
  2. I am astonished at how clean my hair and scalp always feel. 
  3. It is so easy for me to clean and take care of my hair. 
  4. Cleaning and doing a Hair Care routine feels really effortless to me. 
  5. I keep my scalp and hair shaft healthy. 
  6. I believe in myself and my energy to take care of my hair. 
  7. I am healthy and I am taking care of my health so my body is sending all the extended partition to my scalp and hair. 
  8. I am so happy that I have finally decoded the secret to healthy hair. 
  9. My scalp is healthy and the roots of my hair are really strong and healthy as well. 
  10. I am focusing on my health and in return, my body is blessing me with healthy Luscious hair that shines. 
  11. I now understand that the only thing I need to take care of face my overall health and I am always going to be blessed with a healthy body and hair. 
  12. I consciously and subconsciously take care of my health and the health of my hair and scalp. 
  13. I know that a healthy scalp is the main secret to beautiful hair. 
  14. My hair is getting thicker and thicker every day because I am focusing on my health. 
  15. I always style my hair in the easiest and healthiest way possible for my hair. 
  16. I am conscious about the hygiene and health of my scalp and hair. 
  17. I have a very nice and easy hair care routine for myself. 
  18. My hair care routine feels like a blessing and the most relaxing. 
  19. I am always excited, inspired, and motivated to take care of my hair. 
  20. I am adopting healthy hair habits. 
  21. I am also adopting healthy habits in general that also help my hair growth. 
  22. All the health habits I am picking up consciously and subconsciously are helping my hair grow faster, thicker and healthy hairs. 
  23. My subconscious mind always gathers and retains information and tips for healthy hair. 
  24. I always happened to intuitively know what’s best for hair. 
  25. It is so much fun to see my hair growing naturally. 
  26. I am happy that the length of my hair is also improving so easily and naturally. 
  27. I always notice that hair care products work so well for my hair. 
  28. My hair care techniques are also improving a lot and it is helping me so much to keep my hair healthy and thick. 
  29. It always feels easy to take care of my health because treat Hair Care routine is not integrated into my subconscious mind. 
  30. I always eat healthily which helps grow my hair healthy. 
  31. I also eat lots of suitable nuts because they keep my hair and nails healthy. 
  32. I always consume enough nutritious food with healthy omega 3 fatty acids. 
  33. I make sure I am taking all my healthy hair vitamins from natural sources by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. 
  34. My body also naturally produces a lot of collagen for my hair and skin.
  35. I subconsciously always reach out for snacks that promote hair growth.  
  36. My hair is naturally healthy beautiful amazing and thick. 
  37. I understand the nature of my hair.
  38. Take care of my hair according to its nature and needs. 
  39. I am learning to take the best care of my natural hair easily. 
  40. I subconsciously only do things for my hair that is best for the type and nature of my hair. 
  41. I love my hair Unconditionally because they deserve that unconditional love for being part of me.
  42. My hair is getting better, healthier, and thicker every second.
  43. My hair is growing faster than ever.
  44. My hair is actually growing faster very noticeably from the moment I am accepting and taking care of my hair.
  45. My hair always naturally looks great and well-styled.

10 Affirmations To Receive Hair Growth Manifestation

  1. I am ready to have the best hair day every day.
  2. I am receiving the best hair I can imagine right now.
  3. I am ready to receive all my hair goals. 
  4. I am ready to notice the results of my hair care efforts.
  5. My body regenerates and renews every second and my hair has been improving so fast.
  6. I am very excited about my hair growth.
  7. I am feeling the positive changes in my hair and scalp.
  8. My hair is growing and is getting so healthy and I can feel it right now.
  9. I am very grateful for my body that it is accepting the newly improved growth rate of my hair.
  10. I am stunned at my body’s ability to help my hair get healthy and strong so quickly.

Hair fall or thinning can also be caused by stress and anxiety and if you feel like you are experience more stress and anxiety lately then you must first try some affirmations for stress or affirmations for anxiety and get rid of them. Then use these hair affirmations.

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