55 Powerful Affirmations For Dream Job – Ideal Career

Are you ready to attract the ideal career that your heart desires?

Career or job or business whatever you dream of and idealize, there’s an affirmation for each of them. Affirmations help reprogram your mind by replacing negative beliefs with positive beliefs. You might not even be aware of the negative or self-sabotaging beliefs that could be holding you back from attracting the dream job and ideal career where you’ll not have to worry about anything like a grumpy boss or teammates that don’t value your suggestions or the salary that is not aligned with your worth and efforts.

Now you’d ask how you can attract the dream job and ideal career you want?

We are constantly attracting, so you don’t need to worry about the part how to attract because it’s already happening. All you have to do is focus on all the elements and all the amazing things you’ll be doing in your dream job you’ve achieved it and what your career path will look like in 5 or 10 years when you are working happily with excitement because you are working the way you’ve always desired. This was the easy part but when you are moving forward your mind might enforce those negative beliefs that you’ve picked up over the years knowingly or unknowingly because of your or the experiences of those around you. Reading, writing or listening to positive affirmation will help you battle that very easily.

Here’s the 55 affirmations for dream job that will change your life forever

  1. I am hundred percent getting my ideal job
  2. I am ready to work for my ideal job
  3. I am deserving of the job I apply for
  4. I have all the qualifications to get the job I am applying
  5. I deserve to get paid a really good amount of money for my job
  6. I am very confident about qualifying my ideal job
  7. I am very calm and confident for the interview of my ideal job
  8. Getting a job is very easy for me because I have all the skills
  9. I am very skilled and prepared for my ideal job
  10. I am very focused and excited about working on my ideal job’s tasks and projects
  11. I am a very valuable asset for any company or business that is hiring me
  12. I am ready to provide value for the money I get for my ideal job
  13. It is very easy and natural for me to make professional connections
  14. I am focusing on enhancing my skills and learning as I work on my ideal job
  15. I am always progressing
  16. My CV describes my skills and qualification and the value I can provide to my employers and it makes me feel very confident
  17. I understand that the company where I am applying for the job is looking forward to hiring the best qualified person and I am qualified for the job
  18. I am very good at negotiating the salary
  19. I am negotiating the salary for the value I bring through my work, time, and creativity
  20. I have all the rights to grow and succeed 
  21. Universe has already created the best and most ideal job and workplace for me
  22. I am very appreciative and grateful for all the support I get during the job interview
  23. The job interview is being held so that I can decide if this job is the best fit for me
  24. I am only getting my ideal job and my ideal job is the best and easiest for me
  25. My ideal job is easy and best for me because I have the ability to achieve great heights of success in the job
  26. My personality and way of communication is best for getting my ideal job
  27. I am improving my skills every day and every second to suit my ideal job
  28. Working for my ideal job fulfills my soul
  29. Working for my ideal job makes me happy because it is what I wanted to do all my life
  30. Working for my ideal job makes my life easy
  31. I am grateful for all the learning opportunities that prepared me for my ideal job
  32. I feel magically happy and content when I am preparing and working for my ideal job
  33. I feel bliss working for my ideal job because it is meant for me
  34. Every quality and skill I have helps me easily work for my ideal job position
  35. I have the right progressive mindset for my job
  36. I recognize my worth and the value of my skills and qualification and I choose to get paid for my worth and value
  37. I am grateful for all the opportunities coming my way
  38. I am attracting success as I work to improve myself for my ideal job
  39. I have gained all the knowledge for my ideal job
  40. I am only accepting the offers that aligns with my ideal job and my ambitions
  41. My focus is to work hard as well as smart
  42. My creativity flows all the time
  43. I am allowing my creative energy to guide me
  44. I open my mind to think out of the box
  45. I am always going to get paid well for the worth of all the work I do
  46. I am very professional
  47. My work ethic and determination makes me the best
  48. My success timeline is determined by me
  49. I am moving forward in a career direction that is best for me
  50. I can easily spot the opportunities and benefit from them
  51. I am focused on my work and my career journey
  52. I am full of gratitude for all the things that helped me recognize my talent and ideal career path
  53. When I am in work mode I allow the universe to flow through me
  54. I make clear and confident decisions for my career after understanding everything
  55. I am financially free

You can read all the affirmations every day or you can pick a few that aligns more with your dream job and ideal career. And if you’d like you can listen to the subliminal containing all the affirmations listed above.

Dream job subliminal With 555 Power | 5 Layers Of 55 Affirmations For ideal Career Subliminal
This has 5 layers of 55 job affirmations & booster affirmations repeating. You can still listen to this if you already have a great job but aspire to achieve the ideal successful career.

What is audio subliminal? Audio containing several layers of affirmations that are very gently audible and subsided by louder sounds or music for a pleasant listening experience. Just audible enough to pass the conscious mind and only understood by the subconscious mind. Subliminal is not magic, it works similar to affirmations but gives better and faster results as its being absorbed faster by the subconscious mind compared to repeating or writing affirmations the usual way.

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