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What Is Life? Just Survival? What Should I Do With It?

What is life? What is the meaning of life? This is a question that bugs me a lot and maybe it is the right question to ask. Because life cannot be only about survival or just living like it’s going to end one day trying to live. And we are going to figure it out all together but this is not going to be a smooth ride. Trying to figure out what is the meaning of life and what is life! you are going to experience it like trying to learning water surfing or maybe we will experience it like reading a book page by page discovering the whole story and going through all the emotions as you read.

what is life

As I am thinking about what is life, there are so many thoughts that are rushing in, maybe you are also experiencing something similar right now or experienced when you asked yourself what is the meaning of life. It’s all making me disassociate from the moment and it’s getting harder and harder. Because all the realizations I am being hit by right now are so difficult to put into words and yet I really want to.

And before you move forward to read what I have to say about the meaning of life I want you to know that I am just an individual consciousness just like you. Experiencing life just like you are and what makes me different is just making the decision to share my understanding of life from my perspective.

3 constants of life

And in my experience, there are three constants in life. We are going to continue our philosophical discovery about what is the meaning of life keeping these three constants of life.

  • Change
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Demise

Change is responsible for the feeling of uncertainty

Change is constant and it is always going to be constant. But changes can be difficult and scary not always bad. The more we think about the constantly changing things in life the more we start to fear the change and the uncertainty of the changes start to scare us.

But if we go deeper and start to think about all the great things that change has brought us then that fear of change start to get replaced by the courage and curiosity to discover and experience more great things.

Inquisitiveness is responsible for all the growth as well as destruction

Scared of uncertainty or not, the inquisitiveness is always going to be there. And if one is not careful then it can become the reason for destruction. But why inquisitiveness is a constant in life, all the innovations, knowledge, and wisdom, are there because of inquisitiveness.

And growth is the by-product of innovations knowledge and wisdom. But the same things can also be responsible for the destruction.

Demise is responsible for pain and fear

Demise or death is also a constant because everything that is living is going to die one day but it shouldn’t be making us fear. But at some point in life, we all experience the pain and fear that everything is going to end and nothing will be left. Everything starts feeling meaningless and that’s when we start to search and think about what is the meaning of life and what is life.

And even though demise is a constant it is not the end and it can never be. It can only be the end if we live just to survive and fulfill our needs.

What is life?

Life is between being born and the demise. And life is everything you make of the whole timeline between those two events. Life is all in the meaningful positive and negative experiences, all the emotions we feel because of all those positive or negative events that occur in our life.

But what do we mean by negative and positive experiences in life and how to decide if an experience is meaningful. Your feelings and thoughts and emotions give meaning to the experience and it also decides whether there that experience was positive or negative or neutral.

Falling in love, getting your dream job, getting married and having kids, and many other small tiny events in between all these big events can be considered meaningful positive experiences. And similarly, losing your job, getting a divorce, death of a loved one, all these experiences makes us feel like we are at the lowest point in our life.

But how you overcome those lows and how are you stay grounded and managing yourself on all those highs of positive experiences, are going to be a deciding factor in what life will look like for you.

All these positive and negative experiences are just part of your life and not your entire life looking at the pk picture of life as you experience it will make your life a lot more meaningful than you can feel it right now.

So What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Maybe the right way to approach this question is what gives meaning to life. Maybe this can seem like a completely different perspective in order to understand the meaning of life. Because we are not directly addressing the question of what is the meaning of life instead we are asking what give life a meaning. Because something is only meaningful when we give it meaning.

According to the law of relativity (one of the 12 laws of the universe mentioned and fact checked by review42), nothing in this universe has a meaning on its own, unless you give it a meaning in relation to something. So the meaning of life can only be defined by a biological definition unless you gives life meaning. Specifically your life!

Every individual can give meaning to their life. And your meaning of life can be as wonderful or as distressing as you’ll make it. And when you are questioning what is life, it’s not you who’s asking what is life but it is actually life asking you what is the meaning of your life to you. Because the constants in life are constants for every conscious living being but the meaning of life can be different for all.

And by living each day, by turning each page of the books we can call life, and by surfing each weave life throws at you, you are giving life a meaning. Because you are consistently acquiring more and more wisdom to understand what is life and how to give it meaning.

What is the purpose of life?

In my opinion, the main reason we ask the big question “what is the purpose of life?” or “what is the purpose of my life?” to ourselves we really want to know the whole purpose of the collective life of every living creature on this earth. But because we want to know what is the purpose of me existing in this world. Right now you will be focusing on the life purpose of individual conscious life and not the collective conscious life.

If you are looking for the answer to what is the purpose of life with the ego “me” in your mind then you might not actually be able to find the real answer. Because then even if you find the real answer, your ego-self might not let you accept it.

So how to find your purpose in life? You’ll drive yourself crazy if you start to think about the purpose of life so deeply unless you find it right away. And if it is already driving you crazy then I have a simple solution. And that is, believing that the purpose of every individual existence is to experience and enjoy this life and also to make this world a more enjoyable and a better place for others to experience as well. And when you start to believe and think in this thought or philosophy, it will somehow guide you in the direction to discover the purpose of your life.

And it is understandably a really broad perspective to look at the purpose of life but it is true. And as the years will pass and you keep moving forward with this belief, you will become closer and closer to discovering the real purpose of your life and your existence.

And from the Spiritual perspective, the purpose of this life is to learn and learn and learn and expand our consciousness with the experiences and wisdom we gain throughout life. But from a practical day-to-day life perspective the drive and motivation to wake up every single day to achieve that one goal we have set for ourselves becomes the purpose of our life.

What should I do with my life now?

All this can feel extremely overwhelming when you are going through all the ups and downs in life. And you might end up asking yourself what should I do with my life now. It might all feel like you are experiencing an existential crisis.

No matter what just remember that life is beautiful and you are having questions about the meaning of life and the purpose of your life that doesn’t mean that it is meaningless or you are lacking the purpose in your life. Here are some things that you can do and you should definitely do with your life.

Learn to accommodate change

No change is a constant in life so if you find yourself asking “what should I do with my life” then this can be the first step. Many just believe that it is easier to accommodate and adapt to change in life when you are younger. But as we get older we grow habitual to the way our lives have always been. And opening up yourself to changes opens up the doorways to opportunities for growth.

Try new things and experiment

When you don’t know what to do with your life it is a good idea to experiment and try new things to see if you like them. By experimenting and trying new things you will actually be able to figure out the things you are best at and discover your talents. But if you will never try something you will never know if it’s meant for you or not. Even if sometimes trying new things or experimenting with something new makes you feel a little uncomfortable, go for it because the possibilities are endless.

Travel and learn about other cultures

Traveling and learning about other cultures open your mind to understand and look at life from the standpoint of other cultures and perspectives. And we are living in such a time where we don’t actually need to travel to faraway places to be able to learn about other cultures. Even if it’s not possible for you to travel at this point you can still learn a lot about life by reading books or listening to podcasts from people all around the world.

Start writing

Many people suggest starting to read but it is a fact that when you start writing you also ask yourself many questions you don’t know the answer to yet. You not only start to read, just to read but start reading to actually gain answers and get clarity so that you can write about those things. Even if it’s just writing a journal or making your blog, start writing. Because by writing you are not only sharing your thoughts perspective and wisdom but you are also creating a Legacy of information, thoughts, discoveries, and learning.

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Final thoughts

The meaning of life and what you make of life is all up to you and what you do with it. Life is definitely uncertain but that gives us a blank canvas to paint on. And the meaning of life is not something I or someone else can determine for you. And even if you are not able to see the meaning behind your life and find your purpose yet, believe that eventually, you will be able to find the meaning and your purpose.

So what do you think is life for you? And I am curious to know what made you ask such questions about life to yourself.

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