Law Of Attraction How To: How To Manifest Something

When you first get to know about the law of attraction the first question that pops up in the mind is how to manifest something, or maybe how to attract things I want! The answers to both are the same or at least similar because the terms attract more so implies letting the thing make its way to you and you, just patiently waiting for your desire to come to you. Where manifesting implies taking actions and actually creating possibilities for your desires to happen.

Law Of Attraction How To: How To Attract Desires

law of attraction how to, how to manifest something

There are a few things that can be done to become a magnet for your desires. And you are actually not going to do much, it’s just about focusing on the vibrational frequency and trying to match your vibrational frequency with the things you desire.

This sounds cliche and feels like I am not just telling exactly what you might have already heard several times. But the facts are gonna remain facts, let me explain to you how you can actually match the vibrational frequency instead of just letting you know that matching vibrational frequency will attract your desires and giving a vague explanation like everything is energy and you just have to tap into the energy of that frequency blah blah blah… So I am putting you on a specific guide with a realistic example.

How To Match Vibrational Frequency With A Specific Desire

Let’s assume your desire is to attract more money than you already have or financial freedom so you don’t have to work as much and you can enjoy living. So, let’s first get deeper into what money really is and how you feel and think about money.

I’d like you to take out pen and paper and write answers to these questions. And you can obviously switch money with any of your desires later but just for now move forward with money, so that you can understand as you implement the process of matching the vibrations.

  • What money is for you and what your intuition tells you what really money is?
  • Why do you want to attract more money or financial freedom?
  • What more money and financial freedom looks like to you?
  • How do you feel about money right now?

After answering these questions you’ll be able to find out the difference between your vibrational frequency and the vibrational frequency of money or financial freedom. What you are looking for here, is that middle ground where you and money can meet and agree on a mutual level of understanding. And for me, the understanding of money is the power to or means to exchange value.

But it wasn’t always like this before, as I was growing up I used to believe that it’s really hard to earn money and I actually didn’t understand how money worked, to be honest. So, I am sharing this to give you an idea of how you can start answering the questions above for yourself and dive as deeply as you need to. Because by the end of answering your last question you’ll find that middle ground and you’ll know exactly how you need to approach your relationship with money. And once you understand and get on that middle ground, your vibrational frequencies will start to match or come into alignment.

Law Of Attraction How To: How To Manifest your desires?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary manifest means

To show something clearly, through signs or actions.

Cambridge Dictionary

And with that, I am clear here why manifestation is more about actions and doing things and taking charge than attracting desires. But it’s not just about taking actions and working towards your goals, it’s a lot more than that. The way manifestation works are being receptive to inspiration and ideas and willing to work towards desires with enthusiasm that it’s already yours, that there’s no doubt about it. Manifestation is a mix of mindset, beliefs, and actions. Apart from the daily routine and goal action plans, here are a few other things you can do to get the inspiration rolling and get into the flow to actually effortlessly get what you desire.

Law Of Attraction How To: Manifestation Techniques

Visualize your way to your desire!

The most obvious and easy one is visualization. Many of us are already used to making scenarios in our heads, and daydreaming about living our amazing dreams. The only thing that’s different is we usually never focus on a regular basis or work on making those scenarios our reality. The key here is to never lose sight of your goal and always visualize and imagine positive good outcomes about your desire.

Affirm your desire into reality!

Affirmations are a great and very versatile tool to use for manifestation. You can read or listen to several affirmations related to your desire or you can pick a few specific affirmations that relate to your desire and beliefs and use them daily. You can either write affirmations or record them in your voice and listen to them or just read them. Affirmations and Subliminals are actually my favorite tools for manifestation.

Subliminals are the easiest tool to manifest!

I don’t care what others believe or say but Subliminals are hands down the best and easiest manifestation tool. They are enjoyable, I can listen to them all day but I don’t but I can. The majority of Subliminals are way too uplifting and relaxing. And the best part is you can make your own Subliminals.

Script your dream into reality!

Well, scripting is also quite a popular manifestation method. Even though scripting is simple and easy, there are still many scripting methods circulating around the internet. But keeping it simple and doing the OG way is the best. Where you just describe the desire in detail, everything as if it’s happening now and you are writing the story of how it’s all happening and feeling to you.

The list is long for Manifestation Techniques!

There are several manifestation techniques available out there, and you’ll have to choose which one fits you the best. 369 manifestation method is one of those techniques and the number makes it powerful. Then there is 555 manifestation technique, and 333 and 777 manifestation methods. Vision board, two cup method, or quantum jumping, wouldn’t it be nice or what if the technique, mirror method, water manifestation technique, and lastly manifestation meditation. Manifestation meditation is a type of meditation where you meditate on your desire and the goal of that meditation is usually clarity about the manifestation path or what the next step should be.


I’ll continue the Law Of Attraction How To blog post series with more “how to” blog posts, so stay tuned for that. And no matter how you choose to manifest or attract your desire, the experience and the lessons are going to be personal to you. And you’ll find ways to reach your desires if you are determined enough and the universe will guide you. So right at this moment, all you need to do is focus on your intention and get clarity on what you want, why you want because the universe always delivers, one way or another, so being responsible with our desires and actions is the most important thing.

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