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Not Feeling Good? How To Feel Inspired And Better?

Not feeling good? I got your back! Feeling better and inspired can change everything and make everything so much better.

We talk about inspired actions a lot in the law of attraction but if you are not feeling good and inspired then how you are supposed to take inspired actions or change the world. And that is why I am here sharing a few tremendous things you can do to keep yourself inspired for the day. And it’s something that cannot be ignored or taken for granted. 

Why you should not take inspiration for granted

Simple, because you don’t want to become a robot, you are human. What a lame point I am starting my argument on! But listen to me because I have something important to say. So, if you will be feeling discouraged and hindered all the time. And when you are expecting tremendous results from your efforts without inspiration, you’ll still get results because you’re very determined and consistent. But they are going to lack the creativity that is required to achieve greatness. If you don’t want to achieve greatness then it doesn’t matter, you can go back to what you were doing but since you are reading this blog I assume you definitely want to feel inspired and achieve greatness with your efforts and creativity. And that creativity comes from inspiration and there is a bonus also, you’ll always feel more productive when you are feeling inspired.

7 Things You Can Do When Not Feeling Good

7 things might sound a lot but you don’t need to do them all, just try the ones you feel most drawn towards.

1. Inspiration can come from reading

And you are on the right track because you are reading this blog. I don’t think anyone can argue that reading opens up a new world of information and thoughts and ideas. And the combination of these three things is quite enough to inspire. But this doesn’t mean that you have to read all the time if you are not feeling like reading. It is just an option to consider when you don’t feel like doing anything else, just open a blog or a storyboard, maybe search for something. If this is not your cup of tea then you might like the next option. 

2. Take long showers! 

While sitting in the shower for a long time might be a sign of depression, this does not mean if you are fine and happy you can’t take long showers. In the shower just let the water run through your head and just relax, be there be in the present and let the thoughts come and go, Sounds a lot like meditation to me. And you can’t tell me that your mind will not feel fresh after a nice shower and meditation session combined. 

3. Watch something you enjoy and feel inspired as you watch 

It’s movies for me, I mean who doesn’t like to watch movies. Just in case you don’t, it’s ok you can watch something else. Just watch something that makes you feel good, it can also be a documentary or Vines, something on YouTube. Some people might think that watching a 3-hour movie 1-hour documentary is an utter waste of time. But let me tell you it is not, in fact, it can be refreshing and fun and maybe inspire you to do something different unless you are spending multiple hours binge-watching movies or shows or documentaries. So just be careful with this one. 

4. Write something from your future self to yourself right now 

Cute activity that might give you a click of a great idea or inspiration. I mean just imagine you have so many plans and let’s assume you found that amazing inspiration and creativity you were looking for and you did everything, you achieved everything you wanted, all that greatness. At first, you might not be able to connect well with that future self because you might not be feeling good right now but eventually, you will be able to do it. And just imagine what that conversation will bring you. The letter should be organic, you don’t have to be the best positive version of your future self when you are writing to your present self. Just do it organically, the way your intuition tells you to and it’s ok if something negative comes out, that might also inspire something great within you. Just be careful not to slip into the rabbit hole of negativity. 

5. Pay attention to your circadian rhythm

This is something that might go unnoticed but it can be an important factor for the lack of inspiration. Let me explain why there is a chance that all the fatigue and lack of inspiration you are feeling might be the result of your circadian rhythm being off. Your physical and mental health depends a lot on the circadian rhythm. It affects the quality of sleep and recovery of the mind and body. Overall it’s a huge factor in well-being and you should not take it for granted. So setting a routine and working out can help you take care and reset your circadian rhythm. 

6. Adopt a new hobby

If you are not a hobby person then don’t worry about this, but if you want to try you can definitely. Just think about it if you are trying to find creativity and inspiration then why not go to art & crafts or gardening or Sports. They will end the monotony and sometimes monotony can be the reason why you are feeling so low. 

7. Change your diet when not feeling good

This one is very obvious but it does have a huge impact, a really huge impact on why you are not feeling inspired. I am trying to think of the easiest possible way to explain what I am about to explain. So just be with me here, the food we eat directly affects the body and our ancestors lived in circumstances a lot different from how we live now. So the difference in lifestyle matters because our genes definitely affect how our body is going to function. This also includes our digestion system, so think about it, your body might be adjusted to different types of food and you are eating a different kind of food all the time, maybe your body is not able to accept certain types of food. So you will have to experiment and adjust your diet according to what your body likes.

For example, let’s assume your ancestors belonged to a place where vegetables were more easily available so they were used to eating more vegetables than grains and meat so the genes might have adapted to that. And now maybe you’ll feel better if you change your diet to include more vegetables than green and meat. Also, It could be more meat or grains and vice versa. So you have to experiment a little with diet and see what types of food suit you better. 

And in the end, not feeling good is not a bad thing, 

I want you to know that inspiration can strike anytime anywhere anyhow. But the most important thing is you feel good and well most of the time even if not feeling inspired. And if you want to feel inspired because you want to be more productive, then I have productivity subliminal, you might like to give it a try. And if you don’t know what a subliminal is and are willing to try you can read this blog post right here.

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