how to remain calm under pressure

How To Remain Calm Under Pressure? Sure-Shot Ways

How to remain calm under pressure? Remaining calm under pressure is actually a very precious skill, which you can definitely develop. Usually, our body’s natural response to pressure and stress is entering panic mode. You are faced with a situation where your body hits panic mode. And it might not always be about the pressure from work, you can also feel pressure in your family life or from your parents, significant other, or in your friend circle, also, peer pressure is a real thing. 

Having some amount of control over your mind and how your body reacts when you feel the pressure and stress building up can actually help a lot to face those types of situations. If you are seeking some immediate solution to how to remain calm under pressure then you can try these easy steps I am about to share to quickly get yourself to a calmer state of mind. Then we’ll also move forward to some mindset changes you can adopt so that you can remain calm under pressure and it can come naturally to you. 

how to remain calm under pressure

Quick Techniques on how to remain calm under pressure

These are some tips and techniques that can tremendously help you to stay calm under pressure, stress, or anxiety. Some of these techniques to remain calm under pressure are breathing techniques you might already know or heard or but some of these will surprise you. So let’s get into the 4 techniques to remain calm under pressure.

1. Stomach deep breathing: Deep breathing can anyway help us feel calmer, but breathing from the belly allows us to inhale more oxygen increasing the oxygen supply to our mind, and making us feel calmer instantly.

2. Rhythm breathing: I don’t know if you have heard of this breathing technique before. But breathing in rhythm can help our body send signals to the mind that everything is ok. Because we naturally have a rhythm when we breathe. If you ever meditated focusing on your breath then you would know that we breathe in certain time gaps. And there is a rhythm to how we breathe. And when we enter the pressure panic mode, the breathing Rhythm goes off.

To take back the control of breathing rhythm you can breathe as you count with a rhythm that feels natural to you. For example: Breathe in 123 breathe out 321, Breathe in 123 breathe out 321, Breathe in 123 breathe out 321 and continue like that until you feel your breath is returning to the natural state. This technique can instantly help you stay calm under pressure.

3. Roll your shoulders: Another easy way to stay calm under pressure is rolling your shoulders back and forth will help release the build-up stress and pressure from your shoulders. Then take a deep breath and repeat the shoulder rolling then again take a deep breath and repeat the shoulder rolling. Do this two or three times. And as you feel better and more comfortable you can start thinking about the solutions. 

4. Mewing: If you don’t know what mewing is? then it’s sticking your tongue completely flat to the roof of your mouth, gently pushing it towards the roof of the mouth. This is actually a natural resting position for the tongue and usually, mewing is done to improve the facial structure and jawline but it also helps to remain calm under pressure.

Let me explain why this can help you stay calm under pressure. When we are stressed and feeling under pressure, we unknowingly make our Jaw and Shoulder tight and stiff. The stiffness is not voluntarily happening but mewing can help ease that. Because when you pay attention to your jaw and your tongue as you mew, it will help you notice that you are clenching the jaw. Also, the pressure from the jaw will be shifted when you are sticking your tongue to the roof of your mouth with slight pressure. Since its tongue’s natural resting position it will release the stress part. 

Let’s get into some mindset changes you can adopt

Say no to guilt for saying no

This is the most common cause of the pressure, or maybe the most common reaction also. Sometimes we feel pressured to not say no and sometimes we feel pressured because we did not say no. Well, it’s not that you have multiple lives to live so you gotta make the best out of the one you are living. And if you feel upset or sad because you are saying no to everything you don’t want to do or feel guilty after saying no to anyone, are you really living? It’s quite understandable that bringing this change in your mind and your gut will take some time but you can do it and you should do it. 

Understand that letting go is ok 

Sometimes you will be in a situation that puts you under pressure and can actually be the result of not being able to let go. Most of the time it’s not the people we need to let go of, it’s our moral value that needs some letting. For example, you did a commitment (if legal repercussions are not involved) to work for a place or company for two or three years of the work period and now you don’t feel that you want to work with them anymore. And you need that change for your growth, and now your moral values are telling you not to do that and keep your promise and sacrifice your growth. Maybe it’s a similar situation with family, where are you feel responsible to take care of your family, where your family might not be valuing you or supporting you as much as you need to be supported. Sometimes it’s OK to think about yourself and not others.

Start to build the belief that “Staying calm can solve every problem and situation”

You can try some affirmations to integrate this into your belief system. And the benefits of adopting this belief are endless. Because as you start to believe that staying calm can solve problems and get you out of any situation your mind and body’s auto-response will change to become calm in the most difficult situations. And it’s actually true because when someone is panicking it is easy to make the situation or problem worse because our actions start to move forward in that direction. And when you are calm under pressure or during a difficult situation or problem, your mind will be able to focus on directing the energy to find the solutions. 

Implementing and adopting these mindset changes might take a while but when you are doing that, you can always use the quick steps mentioned above to stay calm. 

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And lastly,

Remember that over 90% of the things we worry about are never going to happen but we start to worry so much that it starts to reflect in our actions and we open the possibilities for a chain of negative events to happen. Try focusing on the good, it can feel difficult at first but it’s actually very easy once you start thinking about the possibilities of good things happening to you and around you.

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