20 I Am Affirmations To Charge You For The Day

Starting the day with powerful I am affirmations can help set the intentions for the best possible day ahead. Because you are starting your day with you and by assuring, motivating, and inspiring “YOU” using “I Am Affirmations”.

Many might say that ‘I’ represents ego and starting your days with I am affirmations means starting the day with ego but that’s not completely true. Because “I Am” also represents a sense of self, a sense of being, a sense of individuality and there’s nothing wrong with it. And the sense of individuality can never be confused with ego. So, “I Am Affirmations” can be empowering without attaching to the ego part.

How to repeat these positive “I am affirmations” to yourself:

This I am affirmations list contains a lot of positive suggestions for abundance, confidence, strength, self-worth, awareness. They are definitely going to help you feel empowered. And to get the most out of these I am affirmations you need to focus and ground yourself before you start repeating them.

  • Take four slow deep breaths, inhale as you are counting till four and exhale counting from four to one.
  • Spend a few moments with your thoughts and just let them be without any judgment, knowing that you are more than those thoughts. Understand that thoughts and emotions are temporary and the reality is going to unfold slowly and you’ll be glad you didn’t give up on your dreams and aspirations.
  • Set your intentions for the day and remind yourself that today is what exists, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised so you have today to make the best out of.

I Am Affirmations List That Actually Starts With “I Am”

  1. I am a magnet for abundance
  2. I am always attracting positive and magical experiences into my life
  3. I am capable of accomplishing everything my heart desires
  4. I am free and boundless to pursue my dreams
  5. I am wonderful regardless of others opinions
  6. I am living the life just the way I am meant to 
  7. I am following my passion and nothing can stop me
  8. I have faith in myself and I can make the best out of any situation
  9. I am powerful and strong, nothing can hold me back
  10. I am the master of my fate and I am writing it each day
  11. I am perfectly capable of changing the direction of my life
  12. I am powerful enough to turn around any situation in my favor
  13. I am learning each day and becoming better consistently 
  14. I am strong and my strength comes from within 
  15. I am capable of recharging my energy and empowering my soul with my thoughts
  16. I am ready to be myself and express myself in alignment with my soul
  17. I am moving forward in the direction of awareness and my soul’s purpose 
  18. I am always progressing and improving in alignment with my desires 
  19. I am attracting all my desires from every direction and the universe is always listening to me
  20. I have the ability to create anything and everything I want and that is my superpower

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This is not it

Just repeating these I am affirmations once will not change everything unless you are consistent in your efforts for yourself. The real power, real motivation comes from within but you’ll have to continue to make a choice to not give up to the darkness every single day or every minute maybe. And if you are looking for some inspiration then my glow-up story might interest you.

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