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affirmations for relationship

33 Affirmations For Relationship And Love

This blog post will provide you with 33 affirmations for relationship and love that you can use to manifest ideal relationship and love in your life. “I am worthy of being loved.”“I am prepared to give and receive love.”“I surrounds myself with people who reflect my positive view of myself back to me.”“I nurture my…

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If you are suicidal!

If the thought of taking your life has crossed your mind at any given moment. You need to be aware of this one reality of life and death. It’s the most bitter truth of our lives and relationships and the people around us. Everyone around you and every person who loves you will recognize how…

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self concept affirmations

31 Easy & Strong Self Concept Affirmations

Self Concept, Self Worth, Self Esteem seem like they are the same but there’s a slight difference. So Before we get to Self Concept affirmations, it’s important that you understand what self concept means. What Is Self Concept And How IT’s Different From Self-Worth? The meaning of self concept is one of the simplest to…

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