You’ve read all the benefits of meditation and the first thing that might come to your mind is “how to start meditating?” Meditation does feel simple and it is simple to do but the simplicity makes it complicated to successfully meditate.

And that is why Loa Lab is bringing you unbelievably easy methods for meditation. Did I just say method? This is actually an awesome and easy-to-utilize complete beginner’s meditation guide. And only answer to your question about how to start meditating!

Let me first walk you through the key points in this guide on how to start meditating is going to cover.

Key Points Of How To Start Meditating Beginner’s Guide

Commonly faced difficulties during meditation

Most of us tend to give up when we are faced with difficulties during our meditation. All the benefits of meditation attract a so much, the peace, the happiness, and the feeling of balance, emotional and physical well-being. But after meditating practically for five days a week we start to give up and find it too difficult to continue and all those benefits never get a chance to show up because we don’t show up for ourselves. That’s why we are addressing difficulties first in the “how to start meditating” guide. So here are the difficulties most commonly faced by every meditation beginner.

Always End Up Feeling Distracted

You close your eyes and you can feel your ear starts itching, you can just feel the air on your skin feeling weird. All those loud noises from across the street or the neighbor’s house or the room next to you. Maybe your head is distracting you right now, you can’t get that song off of your mind. Or worse, you are feeling a sense of rush to complete the meditation.

Solution: You can always use guided meditation or meditation music. Using guided meditation or meditation music will help you get rid of distracting noises. But if you are feeling distracted by your own mind or body, then that might take you some practice. And whenever you feel distracted, you can always gently pull your attention to your breath.

Always Postponing Meditating

You want to meditate and you want to really reap all the benefits from meditation. But you always keep postponing it because something more important comes up. This is quite an understandable issue that everyone faces when it comes to meditation. I am also guilty of choosing to watch YouTube videos or read articles instead of spending those 5 to 10 minutes meditating.

Solution: The solution is very simple, start by meditating for just one minute 1-minute, set a timer, meditate and move on. Then you can gradually increase the time if you would like to, if not then just believe that one minute is also going to add value to your mind and well-being.

Falling asleep during guided meditation

Falling asleep during guided meditation is one of the most common problems many faces at the beginning of their meditation journey. It’s more common when meditating in an extremely comfortable sitting area, or meditating laying down.

If you are thinking that drinking coffee will solve this problem, maybe not. Because meditation is an activity that is going to relax your body. You might not get the best sleep if you had coffee before you start meditating. But you are still likely to doze off because your morning coffee might not even have started to kick in.

Solution: If it’s possible then try meditating outdoors, that way you will not be too comfortable and fall asleep. If that’s not a possibility then try to schedule your meditation timing during the hour you are most likely to stay awake.

What to Expect When beginning to meditate

How this is even a key point in this “how to start meditating” guide? Because it’s important to understand what to actually expect when starting something. Because starting something new with really high expectations is the best way to fail at it.

When you start meditating, try not to expect too much from yourself. It does look and feel very easy to meditate and if you are easily able to focus then it’s great. But if you are feeling consumed by your thoughts or afternoon find yourself feeling distracted then don’t let that frustrate you.

And remember everyone’s journey is different, so just in case you are not experiencing the benefits of meditation the way everyone else, that’s okay. It might be taking longer but don’t give up because meditation is about patience and the more you will be able to understand the importance of patience and embody that patience, the easier it will become and the more benefits you will get.

Most common mistakes when starting to meditate

  1. Expecting too much and concluding too early. It’s normal to expect because there are so many people advocating the benefits of meditation. But this is one of the mistakes that take you from how to start meditating quickly to never meditating again.
  2. Another mistake is starting to meditate for 15 minutes to 30 minutes daily meditation time goal. It can get exhausting quickly because as a beginner most of us are not habitual to focus for such long.
  3. Focusing too much on the benefits of meditation than focusing on the actual meditation process. It’s just like working out if you don’t enjoy working out and just focusing on the results then you are more likely to give up early.

Which meditation techniques are best for beginners

These meditation techniques are very beginners friendly because they are easy to do. And somewhat solve most of the problems that are faced by those who are meditation beginners.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is simply being and experiencing the present moment the way it is including all the noises, all the air, all the things that are happening right now. It is simple because you get to let go of every worry about the process of meditation or about anything.

Some people might argue that mindfulness meditation might not be the best suitable for beginners. But according to me just being and experiencing the moment for as long as you can is the easiest way to meditate. And if you ever feel yourself getting lost in the chain of thoughts you can always gently pull back or it will automatically be pulled back by the current atmosphere.

Body Scan Relaxation:

If you were looking forward to knowing how to start meditating because you want to improve your sleep. Then this is the most beginner-friendly and best meditation technique for improving the sleep quality and making it easy for you to fall asleep.

Meditating on your breath:

You might not know how to start meditating but you definitely know how to breathe. And on the surface level meditating on your breath might not feel as amazing as it really is. Because not many people have talked about the benefits of meditating on your breath for breathing meditation.

Meditating on your breath can help you understand how your breath changes when you feel a certain way and how you can control how you are feeling and controlling your breathing can help you manage how you feel. Isn’t it amazing! A simple meditation practice can give you complete control of your emotions and your body and your anxiety and your stress.

And it’s beginner-friendly because you are just breathing and you’re just focusing on how you are breathing and just noticing Every Breath as you breathe in and breathe out.

How to start meditating practically

Now we are going to get into steps on how to start meditating. Understanding how you can practically meditate step by step can make the whole process much easier.

  1. The first step is not to find the most comfortable place to meditate. But actually creating a very suitable place for meditation.
  2. Set an intention or a goal for your meditation practice. Setting an intention or a goal is very important because that way you will be able to plan and decide how you will want to meditate to achieve that goal. For example, if your goal is to overcome anxiety then you can try breathing meditation but if your goal is to improve sleep then you can try full body scan meditation before going to sleep.
  3. Understand your preference on meditation music or guided meditation or neither of these. This is an important step that will help you stay consistent with your meditation routine.
  4. Now give yourself a small meditation timer target, it can be 1 minute, 2 minute, or 5 minute time window. This is going to help you get into the habit of meditating without postponing it.
  5. Now its time to pick your meditation technique, sit down or lay down and close your eyes and start meditating.

Things to be Mindful When Starting Meditation

Remember the goals you had before you understood how to start meditating. Losing the vision and the goal during the process of meditation and starting to feel frustrated because you are not able to focus is not even the last thing you want. And meditation is a practice, a journey, so don’t compare your results with anyone else’s.

And when you are starting to meditate don’t be Harsh on yourself, it will always be okay to have slips here and there you can always move back to your meditation routine. Even if it’s been a while. And actually, you can’t fail at meditation or succeed at meditation because there is no competition. It’s your personal goal and personal journey so let it be that and you don’t need to feel like you are failing at practicing meditation ever.

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