Subliminals And Affirmations – Are They Truly Magical?

Subliminals and affirmations are very commonly used manifestation tools. But do they work as much as we think they work for us? are they truly magical? That’s what we are going to find out here with logical arguments and dive deeper into the world of manifestation through Subliminals and Affirmations.

What Are Subliminals And Affirmations?

Let’s first understand what are affirmations, affirmations are positive one or two-sentence statements. These statements can be as simple as “I love drinking water” and as complex, as “I am very grateful that the universe has given me this amazing life to live enjoy, and fulfill all my desires”. The purpose of D positive statements is to make you believe that these statements are true for you and they are your reality. There is a saying that even if a lie is told repeatedly again and again people start to believe it to be true, the same principle is true for repeating affirmations to yourself. As you repeat positive affirmations to yourself then you start to believe them to be true for you and they actually start to become your reality and that is how you manifest.

Now let’s talk about the Subliminals, if you search the web for “what Subliminals are” you will come across many different explanations of what is subliminal and why Subliminals are used and who uses them. But here we are talking about Subliminals as a tool to manifest anything and everything. So the type of subliminal we are talking about is the audio subliminal we usually get to see on YouTube or subliminal websites.

What Are Audio Subliminal?

Audio Subliminals are essentially affirmations but they are more powerful than just repeating affirmations to yourself. To make a subliminal, affirmations are first recorded then they are edited with music but they don’t sound like a song or affirmations with just soothing music. Then that would be just Automations with music. To convert affirmation audio into a subliminal they are edited in a way that your ears can only listen to the music and not the words of affirmation, you might be able to hear some whispering but they will not be audible enough to be understood by your conscious mind. Affirmations will be totally skipped by your conscious mind but at the same time, they will be picked up by your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind just believes the affirmations without creating any resistance. Subliminal is basically affirmations disguised as music.

So, are Subliminals better than Affirmations?

The answer is completely subjective because for some people affirmations work better and for some people, Subliminals work better. If your mind is open to believing in the affirmation you are repeating to yourself then that affirmation will work for you because then your conscious mind will not create any resistance. And Subliminals will work for you if you let yourself believe that Subliminals are harmless and they are for your good and you can achieve that by understanding what type of affirmations are being used in the subliminal you will be listening to.

You can manifest anything you want you can do anything you want as long as you believe that you can. The real secret to manifestation is the power of your mind and your belief in yourself and your abilities. So what’s truly magical is, you.

Remember that all the knowledge, research, inventions we have in the modern world are here because the universe planted the seed of inspiration and ideas & those people believed in the vision that was shown to them. If you’re thinking just by using Subliminals and affirmations your life will be magically changed then you are not wrong but not right either, because the universe has given us so much in form of inventions, Science, nature, and ideas, and our incredible mind and all that makes everything possible.

Advice You Didn’t Ask For!

And one piece of advice, in the end, I would like to share is that never use Subliminals or affirmations as an alternative to medical treatments or procedures because they are not an alternative, in reality, they work alongside everything to empower you to become more receptive. And the most magical things in this world are hands down prayers, faith, and your own mind.

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