how to plan your day

How To Plan Your Day And Take Inspired Actions

How to plan your day in a way where you’ll not feel like you are binding yourself and losing your freedom to choose and live in the moment. According to science 1, 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. No planning and no goals are equal to failure.

how to plan your day
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But no one fails because they don’t know how to plan a day. Planning a day is relatively easy. You take a calendar and you have your goals and you decided what you want to do in the coming weeks and you make a to-do list for each day of the week. That’s it done! No, actually that’s not it, you also have to consider your nature and your capability to accomplish all those tasks in that given period of time.

Factors That Set Your Planning For The Day Up For Failure

Let’s understand what’s setting your plan up for failure. Because if you don’t know why your plans for the day are not working out then you will keep making daily plans that are not going to work out.

  • You are making plans for the day without taking the delays into account.
  • Maybe you are overestimating how much you can accomplish in a day.
  • You are not giving yourself enough rest time during the day in your daily planning.
  • There is a very small amount of time scheduled for entertainment or distraction in your daily plan.
  • You haven’t considered the possibility of procrastination or low energy or motivation.
  • Your plan for the day doesn’t have a priority list. Where you can categorize and assign time to each task according to its level of importance and necessity.
  • Multitasking during your planning for the day is a big no-no because not everyone can be a multitasker. And even if you can multitask, multitasking only depletes your energy levels and focus.

How To Plan Your Day Efficiently For Inspired Actions

Actions that feel effortless are inspired actions and you need to plan your day in a way that you can effortlessly take your actions. That is why it is very important to keep inspired actions in the focus of your daily planning.

Plan your day like a game

When you are creating your plan for the day, start by giving each task a time limit and think about it as a game. Remember how games give you a time limit to perform a task and if you perform the task within that time limit you will get the reward. So add a reward section to your plan, and it can be as simple as rest or a piece of chocolate. Planning your tasks like this will cut down on boredom and it’ll also keep you inspired.

Make use of a timer

I completely understand that running a timer during your work is going to give you a little anxiety but it will also keep you on your toes. And even if you are not able to complete the whole task before the timer runs out you can still restart the timer and give yourself some bonus time.

Give Yourself Space

You often start when you are excited and inspired to become more productive and do more by planning and scheduling. So you end up stuffing your schedule with task after task. So remember to always add space for yourself in your daily planning. If you are only focusing on accomplishing as many as possible then there is a possibility that you will exhaust yourself. So to avoid that exhaustion it is important to keep your well-being in mind before you start planning your day.

Always plan in accordance with your nature

Effortless productivity only comes when you work with your nature instead of against your nature. Because when you are working in accordance with your nature you will be using your natural flow of energy instead of your finite amount of willpower.

So Center your day plan around your natural way of living, if you naturally feel more productive during the start of the day then plan to do heavy and high priority things at the start of the day. And if you feel most productive during the middle of the day then schedule those tasks for later instead of the start of the day. This is a lot like using eat the frog productivity technique but considering your energy levels.

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Final Thoughts

When you are trying to be more productive by planning your day it is important to consider that you are human and if everything doesn’t go the way you planned, it doesn’t mean that it failed. But the most important thing is you continue without spoiling your mood or feeling frustrated even though things didn’t go as planned. If you found this blog post helpful then go ahead and subscribe to Loa Lab’s blog posts get delivered to your inbox via email.


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