There’s nothing better than using music for manifestation. This definitely sounds like a big statement but honestly, there isn’t a better way to manifest than use music.

So brace yourself to get a ton of value and truly become a master manifester. Because in this blog post you’ll not only learn how to use music for manifestation, but I’ll also share the 4 best types of music for using music for manifestation.

But let me first introduce you to the advantages of using music for manifestation!

Benefits Of Using Music For Manifestation

  • Music refreshes your mood so whenever you are using music for manifestation you’ll always be able to pick up the high vibrations easily from the music.
  • When using music for manifestation the process of manifestation is actually going to be fun. And manifestation works faster when you are enjoying and having fun
  • You’ll not be utilizing your high vibration frequency emotions more as it’s always easy to visualize along with the music compared to manifesting something by writing it down.
  • It’s easier to let go because you were having fun when listening to music rather than just doing a ritual-like manifestation process such as doing the 369 manifestation technique.
  • You can use literally any type of music to manifest anything because it’s much easier to match vibrations to your manifestation goal with music.

How To Use Music For Manifestation?

Decide what you want to manifest: The first step is always going to be knowing and choosing what to manifest firmly because the whole process depends on what you want. And if you are not sure what you want then you wouldn’t know what to expect.

And if you are confused about what you want to manifest first then make a list of all things you want then pick one that you really need right now.

Choose the music according to your goal: This obviously has to be the second most crucial step. And you want to pick the most relevant music ever. And the music must be the kind of music you like and the kind of music you can vibe with.

For example:

If I am manifesting being rich then I’ll play Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” and if I want to get in the manifestation zone to keep manifesting everything then I’ll choose Ariana Grande’s “Just Like Magic”.

Side note: It’s best to listen on loop because it will give you all the time that you need to really feel the music and vibrations.

Ariana is my favorite so I can vibe well with her music, you don’t have to listen to these two songs, always choose the songs you can vibe with the most.

Visualize if you can if not just vibe with the music: It’s not at all necessary to visualize but it’s great if you can visualize yourself doing all the things you love or what it would look like after you’ve manifested what you wanted to manifest.

How to turn off the music and get out of the zone: Since this is not just a usual music session you need to be mindful of how you are letting go of the music. Because you’ve already spent a lot of time listening and vibing to the music you are all infused with the energy of that song. You don’t need to totally let go of the energy because we actually want to keep the energy flow going.

Just try to return to focus on the things you are doing in the present because you don’t want to stay distracted.

For example: if you were listening to meditation music, you don’t want to continue to stay in the related and lethargic state because that can disrupt your routine tasks. Similarly, you don’t want to continue to stay in the party mood all the time (in case you were listening to party songs to manifest a part on the weekends).

4 Best Manifestation Music Types

You can use any type of music for manifestation but the following music types are already being used for manifestation by a lot of people with good results so give them a try.

Frequency Music Or Binaural Beats

Frequency music or binaural beats are already very popular among meditation music users because many meditation music YouTube channels also publish binaural beats music. You can learn more about binaural beats and their benefits here. And here’s a list of Top 8 Best Binaural Beats YouTube Channels 2022 for you to explore.

Subliminal Music

The main goal of the subliminal is to literally manifest. But subliminal work by changing your subconscious mind’s beliefs into new positive beliefs that are more aligned with your manifestation goal.

You can learn more about subliminal here:

You can visit Loa Lab’s YouTube channel to check out the Subliminals I’ve made.

Meditation Music

Meditation music or nature sounds can also be used as music for manifestation because they can help you connect with your higher self and the universe. Using music for meditation also makes the process of meditation easier because otherwise, it can feel a little difficult to focus during meditation.

Beej Mantra Music

I haven’t seen Beej Mantras used as commonly as meditation music and binaural beats but Beej Mantra music is by far the most powerful music that can be used for manifestation.

Beej Mantras are sounds with great spiritual frequency. Some examples of Beej Mantra are, Om, Klim, Shreem, and Hreem. Om is one of the most powerful Beej mantras out of all.

Final Thoughts

When using music for manifestation the only thing that matters is that you enjoy the process of using music for manifestation. So if you feel like the above-mentioned 4 methods are not your cup of tea then you can easily use the usual type of music you listen to or you can also learn to make subliminal and layer it with your favorite music.


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