44 Best Communication Skills Affirmations To Make You A Pro

communication skills affirmations

Using communication skills affirmations might not seem as important as using affirmations for confidence or success. But you know what communication skill is one thing that can give you both, confidence and success. Communication skill is one skill that can get you to places where just confidence can’t.

But before I introduce you to the affirmations for communication skills I want to introduce you to subliminal to enhance your communication skills.

Subliminal To Enhance Communications Skills

This subliminal includes all the affirmations for communication skills listed here and if you don’t know what subliminal is then you can read about it here.

If you wish you can read the affirmations as you are listening to the subliminal and you can find more such personal growth and beauty subliminal on Loa Lab’s YouTube channel if you felt uplifted and good effect from using this communication subliminal.

List Of 44 Communication skills Affirmations

  1. It’s safe for my conscious and subconscious mind to accept positive communication skill affirmations
  2. I can safely let go and believe in myself for saying everything confidently
  3. I am brave and confident
  4. I know that its important to speak my truth very well
  5. I am a very smooth communicator
  6. It is extremely easy for me to say what I have to say
  7. I speak every word knowing that I am completely capable of conveying exactly what I desire
  8. People love listening to me
  9. I understand and comprehend well before saying anything
  10. I always get my facts and logic right before saying anything
  11. I am ready to master my communication skills
  12. I am perfectly fluent and smart with my words
  13. I always know exactly what to say and how to say it
  14. I can easily speak my heart and mind out
  15. I am a pro at listening and conveying the right message
  16. I am mastering the skills to arrange words and sentences in the best and most powerful way
  17. I practice influential way of communicating
  18. I can always easily think of relatable example to explain the greatest concepts
  19. Anyone and everyone can easily understand whatever I say
  20. I know well that body language and facial expressions are great part of any communication and I am getting better at it every minute
  21. I am becoming better and better at communicating every second
  22. I am a pro listener as well as speaker
  23. I am always subconsciously aware and alert when listening
  24. I know exactly what to say because I pay great attention to listening and understanding first
  25. I know that I always have enough time to come up with replies and answers after the other person has finished
  26. I am very kind and gentle with my words
  27. I love asking questions and understanding well before sharing my opinion
  28. I give people time to talk and express before I speak
  29. I am always aware of my language and grammar
  30. I am getting better at using words, sentances with perfect grammar every minute
  31. I enjoy playing around with words
  32. I love learning and perfecting my grammar and language skills
  33. I am getting even better with my communication skills because I enjoy perfecting my language and grammar
  34. I always know and understand very well what I have to say
  35. I can easily and fearlessly speak and communicate
  36. I am getting better at public speaking along with personal and professional communications every day
  37. I give myself time to read and learn because they help me improve
  38. I am determined to master and become the pro communicator
  39. I am ready to become a great listener and a great speaker
  40. I am always confident because I know everyone is always eager to listen to me
  41. My communication skills is getting better and better because I am also healing my throat chakra
  42. My throat chakra is the power source for my great communication skills
  43. My conscious and subconscious minds are open to accept all the positive communication skill affirmations
  44. By affirming all the positive affirmations for communication skill I am accepting them permanently in my life

How to use affirmations for communication skills?

If you decide to just use the affirmations but you still want to get all the benefits of all 44 affirmations for communication skills then you can either repeat 3-5 different affirmations every day or repeat 1-2 affirmation each day throughout the day for the next 40-44 days.

You can also record and make your own subliminal if you don’t feel comfortable using subliminal created by others.


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