height increase affirmations

30+ Height Increase Affirmations To Manifest Height & Grow Taller

Do you want perfect height increase affirmations? if yes! Here are 40 incredible height affirmations your mind can easily absorb to manifest height you desire with your conscious as well as subconscious mind. The best part is these affirmations can be used to manifest height and grow taller even if you are older and not in your growth stage.

height increase affirmations

How Positive Affirmations Can Help You Grow Taller

You might ask how height affirmations can make you grow taller? But as you’ll read through the affirmations you’ll notice that height affirmations can in fact help you a lot because of two main reasons. One of which is that law attraction is real and what we believe definitely comes true and these affirmations for height are not only focusing on increasing height but they also include many affirmations for good posture. And good posture plays a significant role in how tall you’ll look. And second, manifestation is possible through affirmations because affirmations help you believe as you repeat those sentences time and time again.


Let’s say you were a great student and you always completed your work on time but later on you heard your friends and classmates kind of complaint about how they always end up procrastinating and “calling themselves procrastinators in a seemingly cool way” which somehow tricked you into a kind of feeling it’s cool and you’ve started by just saying “I did everything last minute as well” or “It all was such a last-minute thing”, and after saying such statements over and over again you actually ended up becoming one.

So the affirmations, words, sentences we say often definitely ends up being our reality, so if you’ll keep repeating height affirmations to yourself then you’ll definitely start to adopt those positive habits that are going to help you increase your height eventually.

Here Are The Simplest Yet Effective Height Increase Affirmations

  1. I am tall
  2. I am growing tall like a tree
  3. My height is growing because my growth plates are active
  4. My growth hormones are making me really tall
  5. I have great body posture 
  6. My great posture helps me grow taller
  7. My posture is helping my spine support my height
  8. I always sit upright and I feel confident
  9. I open my mind to height growth
  10. My mind is open to believing that my height can increase to my desire
  11. My height is perfect
  12. My height makes me feel confident
  13. I feel tall when I walk
  14. I feel and look extremely tall
  15. I am very grateful for my height
  16. I feel great in whatever I wear
  17. I wear clothes that make me feel and look taller
  18. I am extremely happy with myself and my height but I am open to growth
  19. My height and my body, my mind, my emotions all are in my control and I can achieve anything I desire
  20. I am grateful for the power of manifestation I have
  21. I am already feeling tall
  22. My body is in good proportion and it makes me look tall
  23. My body is capable of beating the gravity
  24. My body is growing tall like a bamboo tree as I feel confident
  25. My body is as young as a growing teen and it is capable of achieving the fitness and strength I desire
  26. I am extremely excited for my posture to align with my desired confident height
  27. I nourish my body well enough
  28. I only eat good nourishing food and the food makes me grow taller
  29. I am ready to accept the confidence of a taller person
  30. I am inspired to stretch and work out the way it improves my posture and increase height

10 More Affirmations For Height

  1. I can feel that I am tall because I always look tall
  2. My subconscious is shaping my body to look and be tall
  3. My legs and arms are tall
  4. I am confident with the way my body looks
  5. Looking taller and confident is actually making me tall
  6. My height and body shape are influenced by my confidence
  7. I am inviting positive thoughts and feelings about my height
  8. I am choosing to be loving and affectionate towards my body and height
  9. My stretching and workouts are showing results faster than ever
  10. The strength of my mind can help me grow taller as much as I desire

How to manifest height Increase

Now that you know how affirmations can help you manifest height increase, let’s get a little deeper into understanding “how to actually manifest height” with these height affirmations.

  • Include visualization in your daily routine. You can easily visualize that you are taller and that the height affirmations are working for you every night before going to sleep.
  • Always walk tall believing that your height is growing. Don’t measure often to see if it’s working or not.
  • Let go of the constant “where is my manifestation delivery” energy and let others compliment you on how you are growing taller all of a sudden and that’s how you’ll know your height manifestation is working.

If you’d like to know about more manifestation method and understand law of attraction more then you can read this “Law Of Attraction How To – How To Manifest Something” blog.

What if you don’t want to repeat 30 affirmations every day?

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