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31 Perfect Posture Affirmations – Improve Posture Faster

Posture affirmations can help you improve posture faster than just doing exercises to correct your posture. If you’ve been trying a lot of different techniques and exercises to improve your posture and still not getting much results or always bouncing back to old habit of slouching then it’s definitely time to start working on the subconscious level to achieve your ideal posture.

Posture affirmations are very effective when you want to change your subconscious patterns. They are very effective in breaking bad habits and creating good ones. You can read more about the power of affirmations and subliminal here.

If you want to improve your posture by using posture affirmations then you need to use them every day for at least 30 days. So here are some posture affirmations for instant posture improvement:

31 Powerful Posture Affirmations To Help You Improve Posture Quickly

  1. I am always aware of my posture 
  2. I am mindful to sit straight and tall 
  3. It feels good to sit in good posture alignment 
  4. I always feel confident when I am sitting with my back straight 
  5. My body feels comfortable when I’m sitting in naturally good posture 
  6. I always hold my head straight and high because it makes me feel confident 
  7. I always keep my shoulder rolled back 
  8. I always practice good posture 
  9. I enjoy learning about the benefits of maintaining good posture because it motivates me to maintain good posture all the time 
  10. I am also learning techniques and tips to improve my posture 
  11. I enjoy practicing techniques and exercises that help me improve my posture naturally
  12. Sitting straight with good posture comes naturally to me 
  13. I always walk tall and straight with perfect posture 
  14. I feel confident because I know that I am always maintaining a good posture and positive confident body language 
  15. My back and neck always feel more comfortable when I am in natural posture alignment
  16. My spine is naturally aligned to keep my posture perfect 
  17. Maintaining good posture makes me look good, confident, and self-assured and I love it 
  18. I always look great because I subconsciously always maintain a naturally perfect posture 
  19. Walking, sitting, lying down, whatever I am doing my posture is always naturally good 
  20. I enjoy practicing some stretching exercises that help my spine and my posture 
  21. Good posture techniques are fun and interesting 
  22. I always find posture exercises and techniques really amusing and fun to do 
  23. Maintaining a good posture comes naturally to me 
  24. I always maintain good posture as if I belong to the royal family 
  25. Somehow good and perfect posture is the only way I feel comfortable sitting, walking, and working out 
  26. I am so happy that I am perfecting my ideal posture 
  27. My visible posture improvements are making me happier and happier every day 
  28. The health of my back is improving since I started focusing on maintaining good posture 
  29. I even find sleeping positions that encourage good posture most comfortable 
  30. I am very grateful that it is so easy to improve posture 
  31. I am also very grateful for all the content available online that helps me improve my posture and my spine health

You can also use posture subliminal to help you get through all these affirmations in your subconscious mind faster. And for that you can either use the posture subliminal made by Loa Lab with all these affirmations along with mini booster and mini self love subliminal layer to you can also learn how to make your own subliminal.

Work Out For Improving Posture

I understand that it might feel like the changes and improvements are slow but trust me when you’ll start using the subliminal and affirmations regularly, you’ll be able to notice faster improvements in alignment of your posture.

I picked the habit of slouching when I was in school during my teenage years because other kids were slouching and I wanted to be part of them. And somewhere we all pickup the habit of slouching because we either wanted to feel belonged or we saw it as cool people habit because some movie actor displayed that as part of their cool body language in our favorite movie.

When I realized how bad it was for my health it was quite late but not too late. So I started looking for exercises to fix my posture and that’s when I came across this posture work out video which helped me immensely.

Tips For Better Posture Alignment

  • Always roll your shoulders back. Even though it’s very obvious but most people don’t roll their shoulders back instead they try to arch their back for improving posture.
  • Do not arch your spine or back. It looks good for pictures but it is as bad as slouching for the health of your spine and back.
  • You have to make sure that your spine and back are in naturally comfortable alignment when sitting, and walking. Some people always have the best postures when they are standing or walking but they slouch as soon as they sit so being mindful will help you here.
  • Always sit in a chair that has back support for you.
  • You can also use training inner wear that supports the back.
  • Change your pillow according to your sleeping position. The goal is to keep your spine as aligned as possible in your sleep so whatever sleeping position you like you can just make some changes accordingly to your mattress and pillow then you will be good to go. You don’t actually need to lay straight in order to fix your posture.
  • Start your day with stretching.

These are very simple tips but I hope they will help. Just keep in mind that it is easy to get back to your natural posture alignment and slouching or bad posture habits are just habits that you picked up. Which means it is definitely very easy to change those bad habits.

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