How To Use Subliminals On YouTube? & 3 Bonus Questions

The first step in how to use subliminal is to find subliminal YouTube channels you can trust. Then it’s all fun and games from there.

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How To Use subliminals To Get Best Subliminal Results?

The key to using subliminal audio successfully is to listen regularly. It’s important to set goals with your subconscious mind when listening to subliminal audio. Setting a goal for a week or month ahead will help you stay motivated towards achieving that goal.

You can even make use of subliminal music to help improve your focus and creativity at work or school because it will help to eliminate unwanted distractions and focus on your specific task at hand. Yes, you don’t need to sit down and focus on the subliminal music, unlike binaural frequencies where it’s advised to sit and just relax. Even though Subliminals can be used while doing other tasks, it’s best to not drive or operate heavy machinery.

To use Subliminals effectively, you should allow yourself some time every day where you focus only on what you want to accomplish. So ideal way to listen to a subliminal is to listen to subliminal regularly with a set goal and focus. And listen to the audio over and over again for a good period of time, a time frame in which you log your progress.

Can you have different subliminals (for different desires) in a Playlist or is it better to stick to 1 subliminal at a time – which of these two options would be better?

Yes, you can add different subliminal for different desires in one playlist. It’s completely fine. And it is also okay to stick to one subliminal at a time if that’s what you want. There are different benefits of both.

If you stick to one subliminal you’ll be able to focus all your energy on that specific goal and if you are using a long version of subliminal, then it makes sense to stick to one subliminal at a time.

And if you decide to add different Subliminals for different desires in one playlist then it will be more suitable if the Subliminals are short. And the advantage of using a subliminal playlist is that you’ll be easily able to detach from the outcomes so your mind will be freer and more relaxed, compared to when you decide to focus all your will on one goal.

So if it’s easy for you to detach and you want to focus on one subliminal at a time then the second option will be best for you. And if you find it difficult to detach then using a playlist of subliminal will work best for you.

I use a playlist because I find it suitable for myself, you can find my subliminal playlist here, and I always update my subliminal playlist whenever I find that I want to use a different subliminal or I have already gotten results I wanted from a subliminal. I hope this helped you to find your answer to how to use subliminal playlists.

Can I use subliminals from different YouTube channels at the same time?

This is another question that is frequently asked along with how to use subliminal. And the answer is, definitely, just make sure you trust all the channels you are listening to Subliminals from. It is very important because there’s a slight very slight possibility that the affirmations used by the channels can clash with the beliefs. And you’ll only be able to find out if Subliminals are working well together or clashing by experimenting by adding and removing Subliminals from different channels in your playlist. Or if the sub-makers you listen to share their affirmations in some ways.

Now you know how to use Subliminals on youtube and Loa Lab hopes that the other 3 bonus questions were also helpful. Comment if you want to add any questions about using Subliminals to this post or Click Here To Return To Subliminal FAQs Page.

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