weight loss affirmations

56 Weight Loss Affirmations List – Ultimate Affirmations

weight loss affirmations

Losing weight has a lot to do with your mindset and Weight Loss affirmations not just help you to get into that weight-loss manifestation mindset but also manifest fat loss. So if you were looking for weight loss affirmations that can help you lose weight and also get into your desired body shape after losing weight then your search might end here.

Because I am sharing 56 weight loss affirmations that are divided into 5 sections and each section is targeting a specific manifestation related to the weight loss manifestation goal.

You can read more about how to manifest weight loss but before that, you must understand the why behind manifesting weight loss and using positive affirmations for weight loss. Because it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, what matters is how good you feel inside after losing that weight. The different categories of affirmations will help you to also understand your manifestation goals related to weight loss.

Sometimes we just need to feel confident and love our body instead of losing weight. So before you decide to use weight loss affirmations daily, consider using body positivity affirmations and some self-love affirmations.

How To Effectively Use Weight Loss Affirmations

Repeating weight loss affirmations every single day like you are on autopilot mode is not going to help. And that’s what most people do and then give up when they feel like affirmations are not working. Here’s how you can use weight loss affirmations to effectively lose weight.

  • Select at least 5 affirmations you relate to the most from each category of the weight loss affirmations and repeat them every day to yourself as your look into the mirror.
  • You can also create a weight loss subliminal using the affirmation you desire to use and listen to it every night as you are ready to fall asleep.
  • You can use the weight loss subliminal created by Loa Lab using the whole weight loss affirmations list with self-love affirmations.

What More You Can Do To Manifest Weight Loss

Subliminal Resources To Help You Use Weight Loss Subliminal Affirmations

Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss To Reprogram Weight Beliefs 

  1. I am confident that I can achieve my fitness goal 
  2. My body is spending energy and calories even when I am sleeping 
  3. I am losing all my fat because my body is using the fat as an energy source 
  4. I am incredibly fascinated by how easy it is to lose weight 
  5. I am losing weight because my body is using so many calories 
  6. My metabolism is working so amazing and fine 
  7. My metabolic rate has increased resulting in a lot of weight loss 
  8. I am using my energy when I breathe 
  9. I am incredibly happy that it is so easy to lose weight and fat 
  10. My metabolism is focusing on turning fat into energy and using it 
  11. My body always uses all the Calories I eat 
  12. I can easily control my weight 
  13. I can become skinny thin whenever I desired to be  
  14. It is easy for me to work out and lose weight 
  15. I always lose a lot of weight easily whenever I workout because my body uses more calories during the workout than anyone else 
  16. I am incredibly happy that I can lose weight easily whenever I decide to lose weight

Weight Loss Affirmations Related To Eating

  1. I always drink lots of water and it helps me feel good 
  2. Every time I drink water I feel so refreshed and full 
  3. Water is my good to drink for every mealtime 
  4. I enjoy drinking water more than anything else 
  5. I really enjoyed the refreshing and water-rich fruits and vegetables and treats
  6. I always end up eating negative calorie foods 
  7. I am always eating very mindfully and slowly 
  8. When I eat mindfully and really enjoyed the food it helps me lose weight 
  9. Whenever I eat mindfully I only eat as much as my body Desire naturally 
  10. The benefits of eating mindfully amaze me that is why mindful eating is now part of my lifestyle 
  11. I am so happy with the experience of mindful eating 
  12. I always think about what I am eating before I eat and I always prefer health over taste 
  13. Low calorie nutritious yummy food is the best and I really enjoy eating healthy food 
  14. My diet has naturally improved because I always eat mindfully 
  15. My body uses all the calories I only eat as much as my body needs to stay healthy and fit 
  16. It is also very easy for me to lose weight because my body starts metabolizing everything as soon as I eat 

Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss WorkOut 

  1. I am very disciplined when is it comes to working out 
  2. I am always motivated to exercise and stretch my body 
  3. Exercising and working out give me even more energy 
  4. Whenever I work out I feel like I have all the power and energy in the world 
  5. I actually work out regularly 
  6. I really enjoy working out every single day 
  7. Sometimes I go for a run because running makes me feel really happy 
  8. I really enjoy staying active 
  9. An active lifestyle is so easy to follow 
  10. I always feel motivated to stay active 
  11. My body really looks great after every activity session, be it running, stretching, yoga, dancing, or cardio 
  12. I always mindfully walk out and it also gives me peace of mind 
  13. I feel like working out makes me feel happy and positive that is why I am always motivated to stay active 
  14. Working out easily makes me use up all the fat and calories
  15. I can always easily lose weight extremely fast by staying active

Affirmations For Fat Loss

  1. Whenever my body runs out of energy it uses all the body fat 
  2. I am losing a lot of fat because my body is using fat as energy 
  3. My metabolism has turned fat into an energy source 
  4. I can easily lose fat from my body 
  5. My body has stopped storing fat because I always eat just enough to energize my body 
  6. I eat multiple small meals during the day that is why my body always knows that it has plenty of energy coming in 
  7. My body uses all the fats and calories because it knows I am always eating enough 
  8. I also consume a lot of protein-rich foods and as the muscles and my body are getting stronger body fat is burning a lot faster 
  9. Because I am eating mindfully I always subconsciously choose low-fat options to eat 
  10. There are so many low-fat nutrition-rich eating options available to me all the time

Make sure to let go of the attachment to your desired weight and also start working on your confidence and body image to help you manifest weight results faster. You can also use a subliminal booster to help you manifest anything faster with subliminal or Law Of Attaction Booster subliminal to make Loa work faster for you.

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