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25 Affirmations For Slim Face And Delicate Beauty

You must be wondering why affirmations for slim face when there are many products and procedures available that claim to do this, but they are often expensive and risky.

And why take risks with your health and spend so much of your hard-earned money when you can slim your face and improve your appearance, for free! All you need to do is start using some positive slime face affirmations.

The slim face affirmations I am sharing positive are statements that you can repeat to yourself that are designed to change your thinking and help you achieve delicate looking beautiful slim face and features.

And our face is the first thing people see when they meet us. So, it’s no wonder that many of us are looking for ways to slim our face and improve our appearance.

Slim Face Subliminal

This has also been one of my manifestation goals so I am also using these affirmations for slim face in the form of subliminal. You can also visit loa lab’s YouTube channel and add the slim face subliminal in your subliminal playlist if you are also a regular subliminal user.

List Affirmations For Slim Face, Delicate Little Features

Now be ready to say goodbye to your double chin! Do you want to slim down your face without surgery? If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to achieve a slim, contoured face, then before trying face yoga or facial exercise it’s important to work on your beliefs and mindset.

  1. I look in the mirror and smile because I am accepting myself completely and unconditionally
  2. I am in love with my gorgeous beautiful face
  3. I am excited to take action to achieve the most beautiful slim delicate face
  4. I am ready and inspired to live the best healthy lifestyle for manifesting my desired delicate beauty
  5. I love how my face looks because how cute little delicate gorgeous it looks
  6. I look at my eyes and always notice how beautiful, big, and expressive they look
  7. The delicate beauty in my eyes makes me fall in love with myself
  8. I look at my face and all I see is how beautifully defined my eyebrows look and they give my face that beautiful delicate definition 
  9. I am so grateful for having the perfect hairline that shapes my face and forehead so delicately making it look gorgeous
  10. I am also very grateful for the beautiful natural shape of my face 
  11. I am grateful for my face-framing pieces of hair that make me look so gorgeous
  12. I am flattered how quickly my face is losing fat and starting to look so slim, delicate, and perfect
  13. I am incredibly grateful for being blessed with such gorgeous, beautifully defined face features
  14. I love how beautifully each of my unique facial features creates this beautiful combination
  15. My jawline is just perfectly shaped just how I love it, delicate and beautiful
  16. I am grateful for being blessed with this really cute, delicately gorgeous side profile
  17. I am also in love with my beautiful hydrated plump cheeks 
  18. I am also thankful for the blessing of gorgeous clear skin
  19. I love how naturally my skin looks so plump, clear, and soft
  20. My skin is becoming increasingly soft, cleaner, and even-toned day by day which gives my face this beautiful delicate aura
  21. It always makes me happy and beautiful I look breathtakingly gorgeous every time I open my camera to click a selfie
  22. I believe in my beauty and I know the more I see and notice that beauty the more beautiful I become 
  23. It’s also a fact that I am going to look just the way I feel so I am always consciously and subconsciously choosing to look and feel like I have the slimmest, most delicate, gorgeous face ever
  24. I keep thinking that I am blessed to have the best, most slim, delicately gorgeous beautiful glowing face 
  25. Having this slim, delicate, defined, glowing face makes me feel really confident 

More Beauty Affirmations

What I’ve Been Doing To Achieve Slimmer Face Other Than Using Slim Face Affirmations

  • Mewing: I’ve got really awesome results even in the past from mewing. So I am continuing that.
  • I am definitely using the slim face subliminal which I’ve shared above, it’s just been a day or two so there isn’t much difference but I can surely see the swelling on my face go down.
  • Cutting heavily on salt, I always try to cut down on salt as much as possible but these days I am trying to completely skip adding salt in my meals. (I still sometimes add a pinch of salt at the side of the plate to mix in a few bites).
  • Working on keeping my posture right and head straight as much as possible, because that also affects how our neck, jaw, and face look.

I’ve also made a posture subliminal if you’d also like to use.

Final Thoughts

Beauty starts with acceptance and in my experience I’ve always looked my best when I was being kind and polite towards myself. Out thoughts, stress, the way we think about ourselves and the way we self-talk, all affects how we look.

It’s actually great that you anyhow stumbled upon these affirmations and I am sure you’ll be able to notice the difference these positive statements can make.

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