how to make subliminals

How To Make Subliminals? 5 Easy Steps To Make Powerful Subliminals

The real question is not how to make subliminals or how to make your own subliminal because that’s actually very easy and literally anyone can learn how to make subliminals. You just record some affirmations, add music and lower the volume of subliminal affirmations to the point where you can’t hear the affirmations but do not mute. And export it, that audio file is your subliminal.

But how do you know that subliminal is powerful and it will work for you? the answer to this question is another question! How to make powerful subliminals? There are actually several factors that make subliminals powerful and effective. So before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to make subliminals, I’ll briefly take you through the factors that makes a subliminal powerful.

how to make subliminals

How To Make Powerful Subliminals?

The things I am about to mention that are important to understand while learning how to make subliminals powerful and effective, can go against some peoples beliefs but as you read keep in mind that right now we are not looking at subliminals as a magical manifestation tool but we are looking at subliminals from a psychological self-help and manifestation tool.

So, these are the 3 factos that help us make powerful subliminals:

  • Affirmations: Positive affirmations to be specific. The simpler and focused positive affirmations are used in the subliminal, the more effective and powerful the subliminal will be. Because our subconscious mind can get the affirmations through easily. This is the most important aspect of a powerful subliminal because how you write your affirmations is how you are programming your mind.
  • Intentions: The intent for making the subliminal is also very important in order to make a powerful subliminal because intentions helps you get a clear direction and mindset for writing affirmations that aligns with the intention.
  • The balance between Law Of Attractions, Mind And Reality: Understanding and being able to create a balance between your beliefs about law of attraction and reality while understanding how your conscious and subconscious minds work, also affects the power and effectiveness of the subliminal. You will get to understand what I am talking about here better as we get into how to make subliminals.
  • Formula And Method Of Making Subliminal: The formula of the method of making a subliminal also enhances the effectiveness of the subliminal so that is also an important part of how to make a subliminal powerful. Let me know in the comments if you would like to know more about the formulas and methods for subliminal making.

How To Make Subliminals? Step-By-Step

You might assume that the first step will be to write affirmations but it’s not! Don’t worry there are not that many steps involved and you can actually easily make your own subliminals.

Step One: Choosing Subliminal Topic

Choosing A Subliminal Topic & Benefit List: The first step in how to make subliminals, is to think about the subliminal topic. Because you don’t want to stuff everything in one subliminal. It is best to focus on one topic at a time. Once you have a topic in your mind think about all the benefits and things you want to add to your subliminal affirmations. It should be all around the same topic.

For example, if you want to make a subliminal to increase your productivity then all the benefits should be related to only productivity, like getting more work done in less time or more consistent energy levels throughout the day. Writing benefits will also give you more clarity as to what you want in your subliminal.

Step Two: Intention And Energy

Meditate On The Energy You Want To Manifest: When you are making a subliminal you want to get into that state where you feel like you have already achieved your goal. You can do this by meditating or visualizing. Doing this is important because this will help you think of the most powerful affirmations that are emotionally charged. You might not be able to write powerful affirmations without getting into that state of mind. So before you start to write affirmations for subliminal make sure to visualize and meditate on the energy you want to manifest.

Step Three: How To Write Subliminal Affirmations

Making Affirmations: Step three in how to make subliminals is very important and you’ll find out why as you read further.

Once you have your benefits list and you are energetically in the state where you already have the things you are making subliminal for, start writing from your heart and how it is feeling to you that you already have all the things you wanted. The affirmations should only use positive words because it is going into your subconscious mind, and you want only the positive things to get through.

I’d like to add an example here to explain the complexity of the mind. And when I’m saying the mind I mean both, the conscious and subconscious mind.

Let’s say you are starting to meditate every day and you are trying not to think at all and just focus during your meditation. But you observe that your mind keeps wandering and it keeps thinking and taking you to places. And no matter how hard you try not to think you always end up thinking about something.

You have tried music and guided meditation and everything but you still sometimes think about something during the meditation. But ironically there are times when you are out just observing nature, or traffic or anything, you are not thinking at all even without realizing. Enter member when you can’t think of something when you actually need to think about something specific and Idea or something to talk about, your mind says “Nah I don’t wanna think” it doesn’t actually say anything it just stops thinking.

That’s because our mind likes freedom and flow. So if you will write affirmations with flow and positivity they will be a lot more effective than you can imagine.

Step Four: Affirmations Audio Making

Record Or Convert Affirmations In Audio File: The fourth step of how to make subliminals is to make affirmations audio. If you already have a place where you can record in peace without much noise then it’s best to record the affirmations in your own voice. It’s important that the audio you record doesn’t have noises because we are going to reduce the volume of the audio file later so if it has noises that make the words in the affirmations sound distorted then it will not be as effective.

Another option is to use text-to-speech software for applications. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to always listen to your audio file before using it because you want to make sure that the words of affirmation are clear and audible.

Step Five: How To Make Subliminal Audio

Mixing and Making The Final Subliminal Track: The fifth step in how to make subliminals is actually the final step kind of. It is kind of the final step because adding visuals is optional. If you also want to add some visuals to inspire you as you listen to the subliminal or add visual Subliminals also to make your subliminal even more powerful then you can but it’s not a necessity.

You can use any audio mixing software, just make sure it gives you an option to select the quality. If it supports WAV file format then that is best because it is considered a hi-res audio file format but if not the 320kbps mp3 file format will also work.

You can use music and white Noise For nature sounds to layer your subliminal affirmations. I mostly use nature sounds and lo-fi music because they feel amazing to listen to. But you can use any music or sound. If you are making subliminal to use before going to sleep then nature sounds and White Noises will be best. And you don’t need to reduce the affirmations audio too much. I mostly reduced it to 10-9% volume. You want to keep it like whispers where you can’t hear and understand the words.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making subliminal by yourself then you can also try YouTube Subliminals.

Helpful Resources For Using Subliminals

Final Thoughts

Today I shared how to make subliminals powerful and effective easily. But there are various other formulas for making subliminals that can also help enhance the effectiveness of subliminal even more. Using one layer of subliminal affirmation is enough but you can add multiple layers of different types of subliminal affirmations in one audio or you can also distribute affirmations in different categories and then layer them.

I’ll talk about all my subliminal formulas and methods for making Subliminals, but in other another blog post, and if you want to be the one to get notified first then make sure to opt for the email subscription for blog posts.

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