What Is UG Subliminal? Should You Fear Them?

what is UG subliminal

The topic of UG subliminal or underground subliminal is being talked about a lot lately in the subliminal community. And many subliminal makers are taking a stand against it. Because there are a lot of subliminal makers who are using UG subliminal messages and affirmations in their subliminal without labeling them as UG or Underground subliminal.

There are two groups of people, one, who supports the UG subliminal community arguing that it’s one’s choice, and one side of the community, who believes that underground Subliminals should be banned altogether.

And we’ll get to the details of all the shenanigans. Using dangerous subliminal affirmations without labeling is something that definitely needs to get addressed. But before we get into the details I’d like to mention that I’ll try to present all the information available without any biases.

What does UG Subliminal Mean?

UG subliminal or the underground Subliminals are known to have mischievously toxic and harmful subliminal affirmations. These subliminal suggestions can include suggestions for self-harm, fear, mental or physical disorders, illnesses, toxic traits, addictions, etc.

UG subliminal

UG Subliminals also includes many controversial manifestation topics for example manifesting SA or pedophilia. UG subliminal is known to have all kinds of morally questionable or ambiguous subliminal topics.

Why Do People Use These Kinds Of Subliminal?

Now after understanding what UG Subliminals means, you might be wondering why someone would want to manifest such negative things in their life. Some people are using these types of subliminal as a coping mechanism to solve their other issues or to manifest their other goals.

For example, eating disorder subliminal being used as a coping mechanism for weight loss where the suggestions insist on developing an eating disorder called Anorexia nervosa, where the person restricts their eating pattern and is consistently very conscious about their weight and doesn’t eat much because of fear of gaining weight.

If you go and read about all the eating disorders your skin might start to feel itchy as an emotional response. And this is just one example, there are all sorts of toxic and harmful things that are being used as a potential coping mechanism.

On the surface, it will seem completely illogical to inflict such things on yourself but the people who are at their lowest can’t understand any logic.

Why Do Some Subliminal Makers Put Underground Subliminal Messages In Their Subliminals?

As we know there’s a part of the subliminal community that supports the UG subs. And there are subliminal makers who specifically label their Subliminals as UG or underground Subliminals. And list all the “benefits” of their UG affirmations/suggestions, and they give their community a choice to use or not to use their subliminal by being open. And this honesty and open communication allow these kinds of subliminal makers to exist.

This sounds fair but it is definitely influential to some degree because these types of subliminal are targeting the people who are already in a very vulnerable place in their life. And on the surface, it can deceivingly seem like these subliminal can be their quick fix or complete solution.

How Dangerous UG Subliminals Are?

Many who support UG subliminal community suggest that listening to these subliminal once or twice is not harmful. And these types of subliminal can give faster results.

And going with that some subliminal makers started to sneakily use underground subliminal suggestions in their subs. Just writing “warning” and other such things in the title without actually labeling them as UG sub.

And there are innocent people out there using these Subliminals again and again because they are getting faster results. The dangerous part is, that they don’t even understand what is changing because it’s all happening on the subconscious level.

Subliminals are not dangerous, it’s the few toxic people in the community who are making subliminal looks bad for their benefit. And in my opinion, underground Subliminals are extremely dangerous, and listening just once doesn’t mean that the suggestions will not affect you as much.

How You Can Keep Yourself Safe From Toxic Subliminals?

There’s also a slight confusion in the subliminal community that, small YouTube subliminal channels are considered underground channels. Even though that’s not the case, there’s still a possibility that many small channels might be using UG subs to make their subliminal work faster. You can do the following to make sure you are safe when listening to a subliminal maker.

  • Listen to the subliminal only from trusted subliminal makers. You can look for them in the Reddit or Amino subliminal community or you can also check out the best subliminal makers list here.
  • Always look for the reviews in the comments or in the subliminal communities on Reddit and Amino.
  • Always check the description of the subliminal and see if the subliminal makers are sharing the list of subliminal affirmations and suggestions. If not then don’t listen to the sub. Subliminal benefits can be worded differently than affirmations.
  • Learn to make your own subliminals.

You can also try subliminals from Loa Lab if you want to.

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Writing this post took a lot of energy from me because of the level of complexity around this topic of underground Subliminals. The deeper I dug to gather all the information I can the more it affected me and I haven’t even been able to express my concerns entirely because I wanted to just share the information without any biases.

Still, I couldn’t help myself but state my opinions. It is up to you to use or not to use UG or underground Subliminals but it is crucial to know and understand the risks. And it is also wise to remember that if a subliminal is not giving you results instantly that doesn’t mean it is not going to work and if a subliminal is giving you instant results that doesn’t mean it’s safe to use.

And if you want to get instant or even overnight subliminal results then here’s a post that might help you.

Give yourself time to heal before considering using a harmful coping mechanism in the form of subliminal. And even if it’s feeling rough at the moment it doesn’t mean it is always going to be this way. It will change and it can change positively.


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