subliminal side effects

6 Worst Subliminal Side Effects Of Over-Listening

In subliminal communities, many believe that over-listening can cause subliminal side effects. But many also believe that it’s OK to listen to subliminal on loop and as much as possible. In fact, many recommend listening to Subliminals on loop for hours and keep drinking water to stay hydrated and avoid headaches.

So in this article, we will be exploring 6 major side effects of subliminal as well as understanding how much subliminal is really too much subliminal. And how to avoid the subliminal side effects from ruining your experience.

subliminal side effects

6 Most Common But Bad Subliminal Side Effects

It cannot be denied that over use of anything is harmful and Subliminals are also no exception. And if you are listening to sublimininals for the first time then these subliminal side effects can feel more intense than those who often listen to subliminal.

1. Stress And Overwhelming Emotions: Stress and overwhelming emotional state can often go unnoticed easily. But when you are listening to a lot of subliminal at once or listening to just on subliminal on loop for hours and hours. It can easily cause stress and overwhelm you with emotions. Because the mind can only take so much positive suggestions in a short period of time.

2. Extremely Low Energy Levels: When your mind is being bombarded with a lot of positive affirmations and suggestions at once for long hours then it will eventually result in energy exhaustion. Your body and your mind are using energy to process all those suggestions, so it is obvious that you will feel low on your energy levels.

3. Symptom Of Physical Sickness: You can experience symptoms such as feeling nauseous, headaches, dizziness, shivering, and even fever when your mind and body are adopting all the suggestions from the subliminal without having time to recover and rejuvenate. And these are the most commonly experienced subliminal side effects. This is not going to happen often but some Subliminals can feel too strong or powerful for you.

4. Trigger Your Traumas: This is one heavy side effects of subliminals. The human mind goes to a great extent to save you from experiencing extreme pain or suppressing traumatic events. And sometimes listening to Subliminals can accidentally trigger some of your past traumas because there are plenty of affirmations and suggestions used in the Subliminals and you might not even know how your mind might react to them if overused. Specially mindset and healing-related topics.

Even though healing is essential but that doesn’t mean it has to be painful.

5. Losing Touch With Reality: Completely losing touch with reality is not good and it can never be. And besides Subliminals work even when you are not completely able to believe them as you are listening. They can take time but they will eventually work.

Staying grounded is extremely important to manifest anything. If you are always in your head and starting to lose touch with reality then it can definitely negatively affect your manifestation. And listening to an overwhelming amount of Subliminals can do that to you. This can also result in mental illnesses and illusions.

6. Nightmares: This is another very commonly experienced subliminal side effects. And this can especially happen if you use overnight subliminal very often. The human body and mind need rest to rejuvenate and reset themselves. But by using subliminal during sleep you are forcing your mind to work overtime almost. The subconscious mind is always awake and is always active but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need rest.

You can even experience nightmares if you are using subliminal that are extremely distorted.

Every now and then you might experience some of these things mentioned in the list of subliminal side effects in your life even if you are listening to subliminal or not. But if you frequently experience any of these side effects then consider taking off time from using subliminal.

How To Avoid Side Effects Of Subliminals

Knowing side effects should not stop you from using subliminals because you can actually easily avoid all of these subliminal side effects just by following some simple rules.

  1. Do not replace your relaxation or chill music time with Subliminals. This way you will be able to make sure that you are not listening.
  2. Keep yourself well hydrated, do some light physical activities and take care of yourself overall.
  3. Include Meditation in your life. It’s ok even if you can’t meditate every single day. Meditation will help you clear and relax your mind and flesh stress for overwhelming emotions.
  4. Do not add subliminal to your playlist out of excitement. There will always be an interesting topic that you would like to use and manifest those qualities and things in your life but stay patient. Those subliminals are not going anywhere and you can come back and listen to them whenever you are done with your current subliminal list.
  5. Make a Priority List for manifestation. Once you have your priorities set your mind will not wander or get confused between using and switching Subliminals.
  6. You don’t need to use multiple subliminal to manifest the same thing. Stick to using one subliminal for one goal that works for you. It can take some research and some experiment to figure out but it will be worth it.
  7. Sometimes take a break from listening to Subliminals and try using affirmations instead.
  8. Use subliminals from the channels that share their subliminal affirmations.

Here Are Some More Helpful Resources On Using Subliminals

Which one of the subliminal side effects you have experienced? And I really hope that the suggestion will help you to avoid any and all the side effects of subliminals in the future.

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