do subliminals work, how do subliminals work

Do Subliminals Work? How Do They Work? Truth Uncovered

If you’re wondering do Subliminals work, then they do work. Subliminals work as much as hypnotherapy works! Because subliminal is a mild form of hypnosis. I know you are thinking that advertisers have been hypnotizing you to buy the product! Yeah, you were being hypnotized to spend all your hard-earned money!

How Do Subliminals Work In Advertizments?

LiveScience1 in an article talks about several stories of advertisers using Subliminals to increase sales. One of the initial experiments was done by a market researcher James Vicary in 1957. Where an advertisement was flashed on the screen every 5 seconds during the movie “Picnic”, but that advertisement for Coca-Cola and popcorn was so quickly flashed that movie was not interested at all, and no one even noticed. Sales of Coca-Cola and popcorn increased by 18.1% and 57.8% respectively.

So now when you see a can of soda flashed in a movie for a few seconds, maybe at the corner of the fridge the actor is using or at the desk, you guessed it right, it is being advertised.

But Do Subliminals Really Work As Self-Help Method?

As we already know that subliminal is a mild form of hypnosis, we can approach it just the way we approach hypnosis. The only difference is that Subliminals are easily accessible because they don’t require professional assistance if you know how to create and use a subliminal.

And According to the Mayo clinic2, hypnosis can effectively be used to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. And also to control behavioral changes, and ease the side effects of treatments, such as cancer.

So as much as hypnotherapy can work for a person, the same way subliminal stimuli can also work. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the individual needs to be open and deceptive to the therapy. If you’re thinking do Subliminals to work as self-help because you want to use subliminal stimuli as part of cognitive therapy then you can use them and they definitely will work very effectively. But it is not advised to use subliminals as sole therapy for any disorders or illnesses.

How Do Subliminals Work On Human Brain?

Now you know that subliminals work, you might be wondering how do subliminals work on the brain?

Imagine your conscious mind as a guarding shield against the endless amount of information we receive each day. And that conscious mind actively decides what to receive and remember and store in the belief system. So depending on past experiences, the conscious mind rejects some of the information that contradicts the past experiences or is not aligned with the current belief system.

Subliminals work by bypassing that shield of the conscious mind. And stores all the new positive information and positive beliefs directly in the subconscious mind.

Do Subliminals On YouTube Work?

do subliminals work, how do subliminals work

YouTube Subliminals Work but it depends on the subliminal maker you are listening to because anyone can create a YouTube channel and post audiovisual content stating that it is subliminal. That is even okay because at the end of the day you are listening to just music and you might also get some benefits because of the placebo. But there’s worse that can happen but will get to it in a minute.

YouTube compresses and processes the video files being uploaded to the website for seamless streaming experience. Even then YouTube Subliminlas work effectively because the subliminal affirmations are meant to stay below the threshold of conscious levels of perceptions or understanding.

Types Of YouTube Subliminal Maker

There is a dark and scary side of the Subliminals on YouTube. Actually Three Types of subliminal makers on YouTube.

Safe And Open Subliminal Makers

The subliminal makers who usually share their method and formulas of making Subliminals and the affirmations they use are generally considered open subliminal makers. And also there are many OG subliminal makers who don’t really share their affirmations or method but they are considered safe because people have mostly positive experiences from their Subliminals.

Negative Subliminal Makers

Negative subliminal makers are usually the ones who put negative affirmations or affirmations with negative words (not, never, don’t, doesn’t, etc) that also include the words related to a situation or a condition you want to get rid of such as if you want to get rid of depression and there would be some negative affirmations related to the depression are included. This type of subliminal maker believes that the subconscious mind is so powerful that it can choose to block the affirmations you don’t want to believe or receive.

Underground OR UG Subliminal Makers

Then there are UG or underground subliminal makers. The UG Subliminals can be extremely bad for listeners because these types of subliminal makers use self-harming or serious disorders affirmations in their Subliminals as a coping method to get the desired results faster. There is usually a rule to always label what type of subliminal is being posted by the subliminal makers but there are no ruling authorities in the subliminal community to control it. And there are many subliminal makers who make such Subliminals in order to get a faster effect from their Subliminal.

The only ones you want to listen to are the ones who are genuinely making their Subliminals with only positive affirmations and also sharing what they are adding to their subliminal content. Because you definitely should know what is being added in your subconscious mind. You can also try subliminals from Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel and see if those subliminals work for you.

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A lot of research needs to be done in the direction of how Subliminals work because there is not as enough scientific research data available about Subliminals as much as about hypnotherapy. But even with the lack of scientific data, the Subliminals are being used freely and people are experiencing a huge amount of difference in their lives because of the Subliminals.


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