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Should You Listen To Shorter Subliminal For Decreasing Height?

There are so many get shorter subliminal audios and videos available online claiming to help people decrease their height. It’s incredibly confusing to determine if they will work or not. You might have come here to find an answer to if shorter subliminal works and if you can really decrease your height.

I’ll hate to break it to you, but no! Shorter height subliminal are not worth your time and energy.

Here’s the secret of Shorter Subliminal For Height!

Your height highly depends on your genetics and bones1You Are What Your Parents Expect: Height and Local Reference Points. There are so many people who believe that by tapping into your subconscious mind, we can even change it. People who believe blindly in the power of the subconscious mind and subliminal are always going to be hard to argue. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to state our beliefs that are aligned with facts and are more grounded.

There’s nothing limiting about staying grounded in our beliefs and desires. It’s one thing to believe in the subliminal, and it’s another thing to fall into the trap of insecurities and run away from our true selves.

The subliminal makers who are posting subliminal “Get shorter fast” Get shorter overnight” are in reality, benefitting from your insecurities.

So, if you thought that shorter subliminal would not work because it’s not possible then you are right to a great extent. But these types of subliminal can surely help you a lot in an entirely different way.

Is There A Possibility That Shorter Height Subliminal Can Work?

In only one condition shorter subliminal can work when you are in growth stage. Then listening to subliminal for short height can instill beliefs that can end up hindering your height growth. But, it’s not at all a good idea because once you grow-up and your growth phase is over there’s nothing you can do. You will be stuck with shorter height and maybe continue to look for height growth subliminals.

Now let’s look at how get shorter subliminal can help and benefit you!

You are reading that right! There’s a purpose behind every subliminal. When a subliminal creator is not taking advantage of your insecurities, they will actually be able to provide you with a subliminal that can help you heal from your insecurities related to height.

The shorter subliminal that can help you for real is the one that has subliminal messages that can gently pull out the roots of insecurities from the subconscious. The reason most people want to decrease their height is that they don’t feel good or confident about it. 

If anyway Get Shorter Subliminal can help, it’s by helping you feel comfortable with your height. The subliminal messages can allow you to feel that you are not exponentially tall. They can help by making you feel a lot more comfortable in what your wear. Subliminals will help align your image of looking “too tall” in your head with the reality of you being perfectly fine and attractive.

Here are a few more possible reasons for wanting and needing to use shorter subliminal:

  • You don’t feel confident as a tall person.
  • Maybe you have been bullied because of your height.
  • You have always been told you are too tall to fit in.
  • It’s also possible that you just feel the short height is cute.
  • Maybe you are always constantly made fun of because you are tall.
  • You like someone who doesn’t like tall people (it could just be your assumption).

There are many ways to get over and deal with these things. I will discuss and list all the things you can easily do.

Work On Your Mindset:

It can only start with mindset work. Being able to feel confident about your height and leaving bad memories behind is only possible by working on your mindset. That mindset shift can’t be achieved by listening to shorter subliminal for height. You can only get to that positive mindset by yourself. You can definitely use some self-love and self-worth subliminal or affirmations to help you in the journey.

Focus On Enhancing Other Great Parts Of Your Appearance:

This is super important! If you keep on focusing on your height, which is scientifically not so much in your control, then you will continue to attract that “lack” energy. It is going to keep you connected to the lack mindset, and even other areas of your life can start getting affected. So continue to focus on the things that you like about your appearance. Pour yourself with love and care. Eventually, you will be able to completely get rid of the “insecurities around height.”

Use the “Mirror Technique”:

There’s a manifestation technique in the law of attraction called the mirror technique. It’s basically standing in front of the mirror and stating positive things about what you want in your life. It works awesome, especially for manifesting desires related to appearance. Even I have used the mirror technique, and it has given me good results.

You can read the detailed explanation of the mirror technique and my experience here: I Transformed Myself With The Help Of Law Of Attraction

Listen To Other Powerful Glow Up Subliminals:

Even if you are a guy, you can benefit from listening to other subliminal related to enhancing appearance and glow-up. Glow-up and beauty subliminal are great for boosting confidence and reducing the control of negative beliefs holding onto your subconscious. Confidence, positive beliefs, and a strong personality is everything that you need in order to get over any insecurity related to height.


Shorter subliminal can help you but not the way you might expect them to. There are far more important things about yourself that you can focus on. It’s important that you start working on the positive aspects of your personality rather than thinking about reducing height. 

Every height is cool; how tall or how short you are doesn’t define you as a person. The best part of living today with all the information about manifestation and subliminal is to utilize its power to achieve greater things in life.

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