Glow Up Affirmations Super Intense- 85 Affirmations You Need

Do you want to grow and have a glow-up in 17 aspects of your life all at once?

This list of glow-up affirmations is your answer and this is the only list of positive affirmations you’ll ever want to use because it has all you ever need. Starting from self-love affirmations for self-love glow up to success affirmations. Go on and read all 85 glow up affirmations with all emotional intensity and you’ll experience an instant shift in your energy.

Each aspect contains 5 positive glow up affirmations and we are targeting the major 17 aspects of an intense glow up.

  1. Self-love

I find it satisfying to take care of myself every day

I take care of needs because I love myself

I make sure to make myself feel special and good whenever I can because I deserve my attention 

I enjoy my company and because of that I am able to enjoy solitude

I always remember to celebrate and pat my back every time I accomplish something important to me

  1. Happiness

My emotions are my responsibility and I make sure I feel happy from within

I take out time to do things I enjoy

Practicing expressing gratitude adds to my happiness

I allow myself to enjoy life and feel happy because I deserve happiness

I open my heart to experience all the emotions with an awareness that the value of happiness increases as I allow myself to feel my feelings

  1. Healthy relationships

I am aware that everyone I love loves me and has my good in their heart 

I am allowing family, friends, love interest, social interactions, all to heal

I am allowing love and gratitude in all the relationships in my life

I am allowing mutual respect & trust in all my relationships

I allow all the toxicity to leave from the amazing relationships I have in my life

  1. Healthy boundaries

I always set healthy boundaries with everyone in my life

Maintaining and creating healthy boundaries is easy for me

I can easily convey my boundaries to others

Setting health boundaries support my wellness as well as improves the quality of relationships in my life

Setting healthy boundaries also helps me get closer to success because it helps me maintain my integrity

  1. Discipline 

I am ready to allow discipline in my life

Discipline is important to me because it helps me grow

It is very easy for me to stay disciplined

I enjoy following a routine and staying disciplined

I allow disciplined to enter my life at a pace that is aligned with myself

  1. Success 

Success comes easy to me

I recognize and celebrate all the successes in my life

I am grateful for everything I’ve accomplished successfully in my life

I am proud of myself for staying persistent to achieve all my goals

The more I recognize my successes the more accomplishments come into my life

  1. Mental and emotional well being

I take care of my mental and emotional well being

I allow myself to process my emotions at a pace that is aligned me

I release any negative beliefs around mental and emotional well being

Meditation and deep breathing helps me calm and I can easily do them

I give myself time to process my emotions

  1. Unshakable Confidence

I allow myself to feel confident and worthy

I know who I am and my confidence comes from knowing myself so well

I am deciding to step into my powerful self who truly I am

I embody my confidence with kindness and manner which makes me stand out

The source of my confidence comes from within that’s what makes it so powerful

  1. Beauty

I appreciate all my good features whenever I look in the mirror

I take out time to take care of my beauty

My body is my home and it’s my responsibility to make it as beautiful as I want

I take care of my skin and I take care of my hair because they make me look great when they are healthy

I am very grateful for my appearance, taking care of it & appreciating is a kind at towards myself & my ancestors 

  1. Health

I prioritize and take care of my health

I show gratitude to my body by keeping it healthy

I feel motivated to take care of my health

I listen to my body and give it enough rest

I am conscious about what I eat and how food is affecting my body and this allows me to stay healthy

  1. Positivity 

I allow positivity to enter my life

I cherish all the positive things in my life

I recognize and appreciate all the positive events that happen in my life every day

I attract positive experiences and positive events

I am grateful for everything good and positive that has happened to me in any form

  1. Fitness

I am grateful for everything good and positive that has happened to me in any form

I love to stay fit and it is one of my priority

I enjoy working out

I enjoy eating nourishing meals

My relationship with food is great

I am ready to become the best and most fit version of myself

  1. Magnetic aura 

I emit the energy of love

Kindness and the energy of love is very apparent in my personality

I have a very recognizable and amazingly different way of talking

My energy makes it easy for everyone to feel connected to me

I can express and convey everything with ease, positivity, and kindness

  1. Fashion sense 

I always dress appropriately & what I wear becomes fashionable 

I always dress the way it makes me feel confident and comfortable

I always dress in a fashionable manner that suits the occasions and place

My dressing and fashions sense is improving every day

I always choose the outfits that suit me the best 

  1. Decision-making abilities

I always make decisions that are best for me

It is easy for me to decide because I know myself very well

I am always able to tap into my intuition when making decisions

I allow my higher self and my guardian angels to help me make great decisions

Whenever there’s a decision to be made I always understand all the consequences before making a decision that makes me a very powerful and good decision-maker

  1. Peaceful stable mind

I am getting closer to a stable peaceful mind every second of the day

I let go of the things that hurt me and allow peace to enter my life

It is ok to forgive because it can open the ways for peace to enter my mind

I become more and more peaceful as I become aware of the truths of life

Seeing situations and things in positive light allows me to become peaceful

  1. Easy adaptation of good habits

It is easy for me to change my habits

I can easily take up new habits

I allow good and positive changes to take place

It is easy for me to stay consistent when I am adapting good habits

Good habits are actually very easy to take on

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