things to be grateful for today

50 Unique Things To Be Grateful For Today

I am sure that you will also agree that there are so many things to be grateful for today. But I can literally say about myself that I pretty easily came up with 50 things to be grateful for today that are actually very unique. And many of them will surprise you.

Apart from these 50 gratitude surprises, you’ll also get to learn how to find more little joys and unique things to be thankful for. Because you know being grateful for small things big things and everything in between can really help you stay happy and find joy from within.

I am also hundred percent sure that you’ll be able to relate to almost all of them and it will make your day knowing that you actually had so many wonderful things to be grateful for today and always right in front of your eyes. But you felt stuck thinking about what to be grateful for and what to write in a gratitude journal today.

things to be grateful for today

The List Of 50 Things To Be Grateful For Today

These are all very unique things to be thankful for in life and certain you might haven’t noticed them before and thought about how amazing and underrated they are.

  1. Cute and funny cat videos 
  2. Affirmation writers 
  3. Electricity 
  4. The person who invented currency 
  5. The smell of coffee 
  6. The scent of the earth right after the first rain 
  7. Clean drinking water 
  8. Cherry blossom season 
  9. Scented candle makers 
  10. People who record and produce nature sounds 
  11. People who created all the different kinds of musical instruments 
  12. Home-cooked meals 
  13. Evenings spent on the rooftop 
  14. Free product samples and PR packages 
  15. Food delivery services 
  16. Good teachers who motivates, teaches, and stay fair to all the students 
  17. Grocery stores where no employees disturbs your shopping unless you ask for help 
  18. Nurses who gives painless injections 
  19. Your favorite YouTube creators 
  20. Cold breezy plant and flower-scented wind after rain
  21. Dresses with pockets 
  22. Perfectly fitting pair of jeans 
  23. High discounted sales on digital products 
  24. Looking at the moon from the window on a full moon night 
  25. Dark chocolate cake 
  26. All the clean street food vendors 
  27. Farmers 
  28. Freshly plucked vegetables from your own garden 
  29. A good head massage after a long stressful day 
  30. A loving and understanding life partner 
  31. True and honest friends 
  32. Fresh and crunchy bowl of cucumber salad 
  33. Hot soupy bowl of instant ramen on a chilly day 
  34. Piping hot steamy momos on a rainy day with a cup of tea 
  35. Wholesome anime movies 
  36. Putting your feet in a warm tub of water after a long day 
  37. Headache relieving medicine 
  38. Random unplanned trips and picnics 
  39. Nostalgic lofi music streamers 
  40. Straight to the point easy recipe videos 
  41. Easy delicious pasta recipes 
  42. Ice cold water on a scorching hot day
  43. Finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone
  44. Getting random compliments from strangers
  45. Feeling inspired and motivated to work on something
  46. All the learning and earning opportunities available for free on the internet 
  47. Traveling long hours on the train
  48. VFX artists who make unbelievable fantasy stories alive on the screen
  49. The person who introduces you to new music and movies
  50. Traveling and spending time with family

How To Find Little Unique Things To Be Thankful For?

We put our heads down and keep thinking about all the things that we can’t have I can enjoy right now. But once we get there and get the thing that that was making us crazy and desperate we move on to the next thing that we feel may bring us more happiness. And the cycle continues. 

But how do we prevent that from happening and how do we recognize and see happiness and get the feeling of gratitude for things we already have. How do we recognize all the little unique things to be thankful for? 

It’s simple, being present and noticing the things that bring you joy during your most hectic day or even a typical boring day. You know, as human beings, we all have different ways of seeing the world and looking at things. 

Try taking a chance with the unique perspective, maybe you will find even more things that give your heart the joy that you are looking for in every next big step in the small things around you instead of just that big step. 

Because we all know that no matter how important and big the goals and things are that we aspire to. The happiness and satisfaction from them will only last for a limited time. And you’ll be lost in the chase of the next big thing before you even know it. 

So when you want that happiness and satisfaction to last forever, all you need to do is start looking at things a little differently from your own unique perspective and that’s how you’ll find many unique things to be thankful for. Some are big and some small but all worth a trillion.

And maybe these Gratitude Affirmations – Start Your Day With Gratitude can also help you with that.

Final thoughts,

You don’t need to have the habit of writing a gratitude journal or gratitude diary every day. Being able to experience the feeling of gratitude for everything around you makes a real difference but you can surely write a gratitude journal to help you notice these small gems of joy more often. 

So what things you are grateful for today? And with how many things out of all the 50 things to be grateful for today were you able to relate to?

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