Do you know that reading or listening to sleep affirmations before bed can help your body deeply relax? And positive sleep affirmations can help your mind set the intention for quality sound sleep.

Your body and mind will thank you when you’ll be reading sleep affirmations instead of scrolling social media feed before going to sleep. Actually reading or listening to something relaxing is anyway a good idea because these things help calm the mind. Where social media keeps you wanting more dopamine.

Sleep affirmations can provide great help to calm you and prevent you from going into overthinking. Because you’ll be too busy thinking about how good and relaxing this good night’s sleep is going to be after reading these sleep affirmations.

positive sleep affirmations

Alternative To Reading Affirmations While You Sleep

If you don’t like reading then you can also listen to positive subliminal affirmations while you sleep. Or you can listen to the sleep subliminal as you are reading these positive sleep affirmations. But know that you might fall asleep mid way and that’s actually great if you do because that means the subliminal and sleep affirmations worked for you super quick.

This deep sleep subliminal also has a layer of 3.4hz Sleep Frequency so that you can get 4 to 5 cycles of uninterrupted sound sleep.

And you know you need at least 4 to 5 cycles of sleep in order to get the most healing and rejuvenating sleep. And during sleep, your body and brain release specific hormones for cell renewal and regeneration. So the better your sleep is the better you’ll be able to heal.

You can also learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of using sleep subliminal here.

41 Positive Sleep Affirmations For Most Relaxing Deep Sleep

These sleep affirmations are going to help you end your day on a positive note with a positive and calm mind.

  1. The day has ended and a beautiful night is about to begin
  2. I am ending my day peacefully with gratitude knowing that I can do anything and everything tomorrow
  3. I am extremely thankful for my body and my mind for supporting my thought the day
  4. This is the time the whole world is at pause taking a rest
  5. The night sky, stars, and the moon have come up to remind me that its time for healing and regeneration
  6. I am ending my day knowing that a great deep sleep is going to help me heal and regenerate all the cells in my body
  7. I am ready to experience the most relaxing and rejuvenating deep sleep ever
  8. I am setting my intention to get the deepest and most relaxing deep sleep
  9. My body and mind are prepared to take a rest
  10. I am ready for all the pleasing and wholesome dreams
  11. I know that my bed and pillows are the best and most comfortable things ever
  12. Just simply laying down helps me feel my whole body get relaxed
  13. My mind is finally allowing me to rest and have the most peaceful deep sleep ever
  14. My mind is entirely worry-free because I am assured that everything in the world is going to wait and slow down as I sleep
  15. My eyes are so so so so heavy and my body is very relaxed and comfortable
  16. I am in the world’s safest place and I can freely let go of myself and fall asleep
  17. I am grateful in my heart for everything good that happened today
  18. I am accepting and taking all the positive and good things with me to my deep sleep
  19. Today a new beautiful and healing dream world awaits me
  20. I am releasing all and any negative and stressful thoughts
  21. I am leaving all the negative and tense energy entirely behind in the past to enter a new time of healing and rejuvenation
  22. I deserve the best and most comfortable night’s sleep
  23. I deserve a very relaxing deep sleep
  24. I intend to get a great 5 cycles of healing, recharging, best and most relaxing deep sleep
  25. My body and mind are aligned with my intention of fulfilling deep healing and relaxing sleep
  26. The temperature of my body is slowly going down to make me comfortable and ready for the most healing deep sleep
  27. My body and mind heal and regenerate when I am sleeping
  28. All the energies of nature help me heal in my sleep
  29. The moon and the start and the stary night sky are created by nature to send healing energy to me when I am sleeping
  30. The beautiful, caring nature always senses my needs for healing and helps me sleep like a baby
  31. I am welcoming the healing, calm and peaceful night full of happy dreams
  32. I am entering the most gentle safe white sphere full of positive healing energy as I am falling asleep
  33. I am letting go and falling asleep to get the best and deepest sleep that is going to heal and renew me
  34. My mind and body deserve this deep sleep
  35. I deserve rest
  36. I deserve healing
  37. I deserve peace and calmness
  38. I am ready to give myself all the rest, healing and calming peaceful deep sleep that I deserve
  39. I am falling into the deepest and soundest sleep 
  40. As I fall asleep soundly my body will start to repair and rejuvenate
  41. And there I am ready, saying good night to the universe, nature, and this world 

Benefits Of Using Affirmations For Sleep

According to an article from News In Health there are several benefits of getting a relaxing deep good night’s sleep such as improved immunity, cardiovascular health and blood pressure, cell regeneration, appetite and weight. And you can get all these benefits and more using affirmations for sleep right after you get into your bed.

  • Sleep affirmations can help you set intentions for sound sleep and good dreams
  • Help you relax and think about comfort for getting a deep sleep
  • Take your mind off of things and direct them towards feeling a sense of calm and relaxation
  • If you are using music or sleep subliminal along with sleep affirmations then they can help you feel your eyes heavy and sleepy

I’ll now take a leave saying good night and wishing you’ll get the best and most rejuvenating sleep wherever you get to bed.


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