Why is life so painful? Why is life so hard? Maybe you’ll find the answer here today! But you might not like it because it’s never simple and straight.

This is the one question that I always ask myself other than asking what’s even the point of living? Are we all alive just because we are? Or we are in this world just to experience the pain.

Wherever I look, all I can see is people and being suffering in pain but all are still going, moving forward, trying their best, without giving up!

Seeing other people not giving up should feel inspiring and provide us with motivation to keep going and moving forward. But it makes my heart cry and I always feel a sharp pain that I was never able to understand. As if the people and animals who are suffering are my own but I am standing there watching them suffer and unable to help. Asking myself, why is life so difficult for them? Why fate did them wrong,

I literally feel tired and helpless and I’ve been seeing people suffer not only in real life but also on social media. It’s not like if I close my eyes the pain will disappear from the world.

Why Is Life So Painful For No Reason? Why?

Why have we given everything so much value? Why is it important to achieve certain things in life by a certain age? Getting a good job or having a career, getting married, having kids, getting a house making it a home.

When everything in life is uncertain and life is uncertain in itself, then what’s the point of anything?

We strive all our life for basic needs, food, love, affection, money, health, and comfort. And even when we get everything and more, there’s still a void left. It always feels like happiness is just a step away, or just at the next stop. But you reach there only to find fleeting moments of happiness or emotional comfort.

Then there are some who are battling with survivor’s guilt, most people are not even going to be able to recognize it because they haven’t been in a survival situation but they still feel that guilt. Because that guilt stems from seeing others in pain and wanting to help but still not being able to help because you know you can but you are also aware of the scarifies it will require.

And even though it’s not as selfish if you choose not to give if you are not where you can afford to, but not being able to do something for those who are in need still hurts you and possibly haunts you.

Life is so painful because we are not at peace with the world and the laws of nature. We can’t accept the limited time we get on this earth, we can’t accept death, and we can’t accept the limited biological clock women’s bodies have.

Even with all that life has so many beautiful things to offer and everything that makes life so precious it still feels like life is so painful. There’s still some beauty in the uncertainty. There are definitely many people who appreciate life so much because we don’t know how much time we really have to experience all the little beautiful things we have, such as the love of our parents, the stars, the rain, food, and every other little experience life has to offer.

Life is beautiful but we still can’t accept the way life is because it’s not fair.

Maybe it is fair, maybe life is so painful because we just don’t know how to live life.

At least having some amount of certainties in life would make it easier and more bearable but as time is progressing everything is getting even more uncertain.

I truly don’t understand where the world gets the courage to keep going despite all the uncertainty and pain. If you are going through pain and difficult times please share your story and what’s giving you the strength to live and show up every day.

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