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Do Weight Loss Subliminal Work? The Truth

We are investigating weight loss subliminal to get to the truth about using subliminal to lose weight. If you are aware about the use of subliminal messages in the advertising then this question must have crossed your mind if weight loss subliminal really works and can help you lose weight!

weight loss subliminal, subliminal to lose weight

Because if subliminal messages for weight loss does work that means you’ll be able to naturally lose weight with ease while you are living a lifestyle you like. So let’s answer the big question! Weight loss subliminal definitely works and they can in fact make your weight loss journey much easier. But you can’t go yet without understanding how weight loss subliminal works and how to use weight loss subliminals to get the best possible results.

Subliminal messages are a form of self-hypnosis that was popularized in the 1950s.

The use of subliminal messages is controversial, with some people claiming that they can be effective and others claiming that they are ineffective. There are many different types of weight loss subliminal messages, but the most common type is audio recordings.

Some people claim that these subliminal messages work because they make you more aware of your body and change your perception to make you think about food less often.

Others claim that these subliminals do not work because it may be too hard for your brain to process the message on top of everything else going on in your life. But what is the truth? do subliminals work? and how do they even work? or are they just a hoax?

How Subliminals Work?

Subliminal messages are messages that are flashed on the screen too fast for the conscious mind to comprehend.

The use of subliminal messaging is not new. According to LiveScience It was used in the early 1900s by a psychologist named James Vicary who claimed that he increased sales of Coca-Cola and popcorn by 20% simply by flashing “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat Popcorn” messages on a movie screen for 1/3000th of a second each, every five seconds.1Does subliminal messaging really work? | Live Science. https://www.livescience.com/does-subliminal-messaging-work.html

This technique has been used in advertising since then to create an emotional response in viewers. you can read more about how subliminals work with scientific explanation and details in another blog post if you like to understand more.

So How Does Weight Loss Subliminal Work?

Weight loss or weight gain is mainly triggered by two factors, how the brain signals your body to eat and drink and how much influence your emotions have in your regular active lifestyle.

Your brain will signal you to eat when your body needs energy but sometimes your feelings influence your brain to signal your body to eat, that happens when the sensory perception of food becomes reward or pleasure. Which is known as hedonic feeding.2Overlapping Brain Circuits for Homeostatic and Hedonic Feeding Mark A Rossi 1, Garret D Stuber 2 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29107504/

And subliminal messages are used to influence people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior subconsciously. There is a lot of research on the power of subliminals to influence people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Some studies have shown that the use of subliminals can lead to weight loss in some patients with obesity. This is because they work by triggering emotions that cause the body to release chemicals that decrease appetite or increase metabolism.

But that’s not it, subliminal messages can also motivate you to live a more active lifestyle. Alternatively you can go to mindfulness route by practicing mindful eating, in case subliminal is not your jam.

How To Select The Subliminal For Weight Loss

There are several subliminal makers and subliminal channels out there but how do you know which ones are the most trusted subliminal makers? There are few factors you should keep in mind when selecting which subliminal for weight loss to use.

  • Check for the reviews from other subliminal users. If a lot of people have complained about getting negative subliminal results then you want to avoid those subliminal makers.
  • Look for the subliminal makers sharing their subliminal affirmations and specifying how to use their subliminal.
  • Listen to only your chosen subliminal for 2-3 days and see how it makes you feel. If you feel uplifted, excited and makes you feel high vibe then that’s the subliminal for you. If you feel down or stressed then don’t listen to it.
  • Avoid using UG subliminals or underground subliminal makers.

And if you feel like the subliminal you’ve been listening to has negatively affected you then you can also use subliminal flush to reverse subliminal results. Or you can also make your own weight loss subliminal.

You can also try weight loss subliminal made by Loa Lab using the weight loss affirmations shared in the blog for manifesting weight loss.

How To Use Weight Loss Subliminal?

Depending on which subliminal for using most of the subliminal creators provide detailed instructions and how to use that subliminal to get the best possible results. But the majority of the time those instructions are going to be based on their experience of using subliminals.

If you are just focused on losing weight then you listening to the weight loss subliminal the following way can easily help you get the best results out of them.

  • Depending on the length of your subliminal listen to it on loop for 30 minutes to 2 hours a day.
  • If it is your first time using any subliminal then you want to start slow and then gradually progress to listening for more time.
  • Make sure to drink enough amount of water without waiting to feel thirsty. Because it is important to hydrate yourself well when you are listening to subliminals and engaging your subconscious mind more than usual.
  • Fix a time for listening to subliminal for example, Subliminals work best when listened to right after waking up or right before going to bed, because at that time of the day your mind is more open and receptive to subliminal suggestions.
  • Don’t keep checking your weight every day, you want to let your subconscious mind believe that you are losing weight and if you are continue going to check your weight everyday it will become even harder for your mind to believe consciously and subconsciously.

Many people listen to multiple subliminals at the same time by adding them in a playlist but if you want to get faster results it is better to focus on one subliminal and listen to it on a loop. You can also read this article to understand how to use subliminals on YouTube.

Final Thought On Using Sublimnal For Weight Loss

Even though there is a lack of evidence and research in the area of effectiveness of Subliminals on weight loss. You can still lose weight easily by using Subliminals because our subconscious beliefs definitely have a lot of influence on our weight. And we all know at least two types of people one who never gains weight after eating as much as they want and one who always gains weight even after drinking water. And we just simply attribute that two genes but it has a lot to do with our subconscious and our relationship with food.

So if you want to use subliminal to lose weight then go for it without thinking about the outcome. Try it for a month and if you love the results then continue using the subliminal for as long as you want and need to reach your desired weight goal.


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