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How To Raise Your Vibration For Manifestation In Just 3 Days?

I noticed that I haven’t talked much about how to raise your vibration, even though I definitely talk a lot about how much raising vibration frequency helps with manifestation. Before we get started on the strategy to raise your vibration there’s one thing I want you all to understand and note it down somewhere if you want.

It’s not just about learning how to raise your vibration, it’s more about learning how to raise your vibration and maintain it. Because just like weight loss or fitness journey it’s never enough to just get to your goal but also need to learn to stay consistent to maintain the weight. So you can see raising vibration and the high vibration energy is just like energy and vibration level fitness.

Just the way you can get things done more efficiently when you are fit and feel great, get sick a lot less. The same way when you are fit on the vibration energy levels you’ll be able to manifest a lot smoothly and feel great most of the time. Now let’s get to raising our vibrations and manifesting.

How To Raise Your Vibration In 3 Days?

Raising your vibration in 3 days is a big promise to yourself but if you want to change things the way they are then you will have to commit to yourself.

When you start following all the things listed below to raise your vibration I promise you will start to notice the change from the first day.

Switch To High Vibration Diet

Switching to a high-vibration diet means choosing to eat food that is organic and ethically grown. You can include a lot of fruit and vegetable in your diet along with rice. Rice and plants based food options are the highest vibrational food you can get your hands on.

Think about it this way the freshest and deliciously light the food tastes the higher the vibrational energy it has. You can include all kinds of fresh and crunchy vegetables like tomatoes and cucumber, lemon, and herbs on your plate.

Do As Many Act Of Kindness As You Can

Doing acts of kindness will fill your heart with humble warmth. So be it a small act of kindness or a big act of kindness, just practice being kinder.

Act of kindness helps you Raise vibration and your manifestation power as much as gratitude helps. And being kind doesn’t mean that you have to give away money food or anything, just helping people or uplifting them is great enough if you are doing it with all your heart.

Go Out For A Walk

Going out for a walk can literally be therapeutic and also an activity that can help you raise your vibrations. If you can go out on a walk in the morning then you will be able to listen to the birds and feel the freshest air. And that’s the best time if you are looking forward to raising your vibration.

But even an evening walk or going out on a walk whenever you are feeling low or restless is going to help get you back up. Going out on a walk might not instantly help you raise your vibrations but eventually, it will change how you see the world. So it’s not an instant solution to raise your vibration but it can give you consistent results and help you maintain high vibration energy.

Meditation To Raise Your Vibration

This is going to be a specific type of meditation where the goal is to raise your vibration but the main focus is to get out of the lower vibrational state.

If you think about it, you will notice that the most need you will feel to raise your vibration is at the moment you are feeling your lowest. Sit down to meditate with the intention to recognize the things and feelings that are making you feel low and release them. The intent is everything here.

This meditation session doesn’t have to be the one where you try to focus and silence all your thoughts. This is the type of meditation where self-talk is going to help you the most. But you’ll also have to be mindful not to forget the intention you’ve set for yourself.

Talk to yourself from the perspective of an observer of your life and not the one living the life at the moment. Try and observe your thoughts and pick out the thoughts that are standing out and making you feel low, then look a little deeper and talk to yourself to resolve and let go of them.

Listening To Good Music

This is going to help you instantly and tremendously. So tune invite your favorite upbeat nice music or songs and just let go of yourself with the music.

You can also try some high vibrational subliminals if you are into subliminal. Many self-care, body positivity, and self-love Subliminals from Loa Lab can help you feel uplifted instantly.

Spend Time Creating Something

Another best and simple way to raise your vibration is to engage yourself in creating something. It can be art, painting, sketching, creating craft projects, or DIY, anything you enjoy creating.

Aur maybe writing some fun stories can also help but it’s not a good idea to channel your dark, heavy energy into the stories or poems, which might make you dwell on those feelings even more.

Make Your Gratitude List

This is also another fun way to raise your vibrations. Normal traditional methods of writing a gratitude diary can feel tedious. You can try some of the fun gratitude writing ideas listed in this blog post. But creating a list of small things you feel grateful for can be fun and challenging at the same time.

All you have to do is fix a number for your list, like a list of 10, list of 20, or top 30 small things in the world you feel grateful for, and list all those things. And you don’t need to write the reason or explain why you think you are grateful for those things, all you should focus on is that they need to mean something to you.

Example of gratitude list: 50 Unique Things To Be Grateful For Today

Healing Your Chakras

You can heal your chakras through chakra meditation, healing crystal, or Reiki. All the chakras balanced in energy and aligned can raise your vibrations easily.

It’s best to use either guided chakra meditation or chakra healing mantras if you are not familiar with crystal healing or reiki.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to stress yourself out to raise your vibrations, remember you are manifesting all the time so why not just peacefully focus on living the best healthy ways possible. Prioritizing your physical, emotional, and mental health is going to help you the most to raise your vibrations. So apart from trying these things, prioritize your health if you want to raise your vibrations.

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