how to manifest someone to think about you

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You? – 4 Easy Steps

How to manifest someone to think about you? Even the thought of manifesting someone to think about you sounds like a sneaky way to manipulate someone’s thoughts about you. But that’s not how it works. And I am going to help you understand the wholesome intention that you need to have to make manifesting someone to think about you a reality.

But first let’s get into this step-by-step guide on manifesting someone to think about you!

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You?

Before you continue to read and implement all the steps, I want you to understand that the reason and intent behind any manifestation is the most influential and most important factor. And if your reason and intent behind manifesting someone to think about you are clear and pure, then that energy is surely going to reach them.

And you will never feel the need to have confirmation if it worked on not. Because you will get that feeling in your gut and heart when they think about you but in most situations, you are very likely to get a text or call.

Let’s move on to the steps to manifest someone to think about you:

Step 1. Meditate For 2-5 Minutes

Meditating just for 2 to 5 minutes will help you get clarity on your intention and why you want to manifest someone to think about you. The more you will get in touch with your inner-self and the energy and the feelings you have for that person the more likely you will get the clarity.

This step will help you understand where that need to make someone think about you is coming from is it coming from a positive place or is it coming from a place of desperation. And in order to manifest such outcome, it is necessary for you to have the need for that manifestation to happen.

Step 2. Feel And Think About The Person

This is the second step to manifest someone to think about you but this is the step that will make the manifestation possible.

If you want to manifest someone to think about you then you will also have to feel and think about that person. The way you will feel about that person will create an energy vibration which will open that vibrational path for that energy and feeling to travel to that person.

Remember when you out of nowhere feel like you want to talk to a specific person and hours later they call you? That person you were thinking about before they called you, was actually thinking about you and was probably thinking about calling you. But them thinking and missing you opened that vibrational path.

The feeling is directly related to the intention and reason for your manifestation. That’s why you need to have clarity on your intent.

Step 3. It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

Even though the title clearly says it’s not about you it’s about them but the majority of you will be interpreting it as “Focusing on the thoughts about them and kind of idealizing”. But that’s not what it means.

You will have to think about the moments or the feeling that relates to both of you and not just that person. Thinking about just that person in a simp kind of way makes the whole thing about you and not them.

Thinking about you and that person makes it about them more because then you are also including yourself in the picture. Imagine if you were to think about that person in just simp way then that means only a one-way vibrational energy path.

And if you are reminiscing all the moments where you both were happy then you are not just thinking about it for yourself. You are actually thinking about the connection, where the bond and memory have a lot of their energy as well.

Step 4. Know That They Think And Miss Your Bond Too

Knowing is the most essential part. Knowing that they are thinking about it means that you really believe in what you both have shared is real and it means a lot to both of you. And that person cares about you and the connection you both share as much as you do.

This inner knowing and the feeling of assurance makes all the difference. Because when you know in your gut then you let go of that vibrational energy knowing that moments later it will reach that person and they will be reminded of you with a smile.

Now you know how to manifest someone to think about you but remember I mentioned the wholesome intention that you must have before you start following the steps? Let’s get to that.

Why Intention Matters And What Is The Wholesome Intent

We all can experience a variety of intentions. There’s also a shadow side of intentions, not necessarily negative or destructive. But you can definitely recognize and overcome the shadow side of your intentions just by being aware of them.

And the intentions we have also have a lot to do with how we see others and how we see the world. If the things you do and desire are influenced more by the shadow side of your intentions then you are more likely to feel that others might also do things and favors for you only if there’s something in it for them too.

And in today’s time that’s how most things are but not always. It’s not the norm.

The Wholesome intention comes directly from the heart where you want something or desire something but it has nothing to do with you, it has no gain for you. And it’s just there, it’s just a feeling or thought which is very pure.

So having a Wholesome intention behind wanting to manifest someone to think about means simply just wanting or desiring to make someone think about you so they can just think about you for a brief moment and smile and think about how beautiful your bond is.

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