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7 Chakra Colors, Meaning, & More – Ultimate Accurate Guide

You might already know about the 7 Chakra and their importance but did you know that chakra colors are as important because each has a meaning. And all the 7 Chakra correspond with the meaning of the Chakra colors associated with it.

By working with the chakra colors, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities and experiences. Also, the 7 chakras are said to be energy centers in the body that are each associated with a different color. So continue to read on to this ultimate accurate guide on 7 chakra, including chakra name, chakra color meaning as well and chakra locations in the body.

chakra colors

Let’s Get Into The 7 Chakra Colors, Meaning & How They Affect You

Since the 7 Chakras are the energy base our energy body, they regulate our energies and affect us in many ways because everything exists as energy in the universe. And the balance of the energy of the chakras determines how we will experience everything in our lives and surroundings, including our relationships, work, mental and physical health, and much more.

Root Chakra And Its Color

Root Chakra Location And How It Affects You: The root chakra is the most important of the seven energy centers in your body. This center is located at the base of the spine and just above your tailbone. The root chakra is a source of grounding, safety, and security that serves as the building block for your self-esteem and your ability to feel calm, safe, and secure in the world. The more positive you can feel about yourself and your surroundings, the easier you’ll be able to manifest your desires into reality.

Chakra Colors And Meaning: The color red represents the root chakra. Red color can make you feel emotions such as security, love, compassion, and balance. Because the color red represents passion, sensitivity, and love that is why it corresponds with the root chakra. And root chakra can also be called red chakra.

Sacral Chakra And Its Color

Sacral Chakra And How It Affects You: This Chakra is located just two inches below the navel or belly button. The sacral chakra is responsible for how we express ourselves and who we are, including the way we express ourselves through sexuality, creativity, and power. And It is responsible for how we feel our emotions and the knowing or the gut feelings as most of us say.

Chakra Colors And Meaning: Sacral chakra is represented by the color orange and orange is the happiest of colors – it combines the physical vibrancy of red with the emotional warmth of yellow. Orange is also a powerful energy color that stimulates our physical senses and emotional wellbeing. So when you find that you are not able to express yourself the way you’d like to then you know which chakra colors you need to meditate on.

Solar Plexus Chakra And Its Color

Solar Plexus Chakra And How It Affects You: “The solar plexus chakra is one of the most powerful and influential of all seven because it determines your power and status,”. In a way, it is responsible for our core life energy and vitality, so the stronger our solar plexus chakra, the more vibrant, healthy, and powerful we feel.”

Chakra Colors And Meaning: The color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow and yellow also represents the color of the sun and fire, so we can say that the warmth and sunshine we experience comes from the yellow chakra. And if you are working on your willpower and self-esteem then this is the color you can use more often than the other colors.

Heart Chakra And Its Color

Heart Chakra And How It Affects You: This chakra is located at the center of your chest and as its name suggests it affects all the heart matters in your life. The heart chakra not only represents your emotions and how you manage your relationships with others and with yourself (self-love and self-worth) but it also affects physical functions like blood pressure and heart diseases, and lungs. So the stronger this chakra is the better your relationships and heart health will be.

Chakra Colors And Meaning: The color that represents the heart chakra is green. And green color is associated with life, nature, growth, generosity, and kindness. You can spend time in nature if you wish to soak up all the green energy in your heart. Or you can actually use these heart chakra affirmations to help you.

You can also use Anahata yum heart chakra subliminal from Loa Lab YouTube Channel.

(Listen Once) Heart Chakra Healing Meditation Subliminal | Anahata Yum Subliminal Version

Throat Chakra And Its Color

Throat Chakra And How It Affects You: The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat to the center. And This chakra is all about self-expression and clear communication. So if you are experiencing problems communicating then this is the chakra that might need a little attention from you and some healing.

Chakra Colors And Meaning: The color of the throat chakra is blue and it’s also the color of communication and calmness. The color blue is the color of happiness, and peace. The color blue represents open and honest communication, a loving and nurturing relationship, loyalty, trust, honesty, and positivity. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra and our ability to express ourselves freely. You can meditate on this color most of all the chakra colors if you want to heal or empower your throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra And Its Color

Third Eye Chakra And How It Affects You: The third eye chakra is associated with the sixth sense. If your third eye chakra is open you might have the kind of spiritual experiences you wouldn’t be able to explain, like being able to predict some things without explanation or have intuition about certain things. Your intuition is often in the form of images, symbols, and feelings. So if you’re having a lot of weird dreams or seeing lots of symbols around you, it could mean your third-eye chakra is open.

Chakra Colors And Meaning: The color purple represents the third eye chakra and this color is also related to spirituality, wisdom, inspiration, and courage. So if you wish to activate the third-eye chakra then meditating on the purple color focusing on the center of your forehead will help you achieve that easily.

Crown Chakra And Its Color

Crown Chakra And How It Affects You: The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra is the chakra of guidance, connection with universe, and divine energies. It is connected to the pineal gland and through it, you are able to connect with your personal truth, wisdom, and inner knowing. The crown chakra assists you in setting forth unforgettable goals, bringing your potential to light, and helping you achieve your dreams. When the crown chakra is open, we can truly access all that is possible in our life.

Chakra Colors And Meaning: The color for the crown chakra is violet or white, whichever feels more natural to you. Both colors symbolize nobility and wisdom. And an interesting fact about these colors is, that many people who practice meditation often use a sphere of safety that is either white or violet. And white is used as a safety sphere when we wish to only let positive energy enter and a violet safety sphere is used for keeping all the energies out.

What you can do with this information about Chakra Colors And 7 Chakras?

Now whatever you know about Chakra colors, now you can use this information to recognize which chakras out of all your seven chakras need your attention and healing. Then you can use chakra colors and color therapy meditation or affirmations to heal those Chakras.

From where I can see most people today definitely need to include chakra healing meditation or affirmations in their daily life because we all are facing some type of struggles emotionally, physically, health problems, well-being, or facing problems at work or communication.

And we hear many spiritual guides and Gurus talk about activating Chakras, but actually, there is nothing to activate, all the seven chakras already exist and they are already working but they just need some healing and some recharge to achieve their fullest potential.

And if you are really getting into the activation part of the 7 Chakras, then there are only two chakras that might need to be activated and these are the third-eye chakra and Crown Chakra. Because we have closed off our intuition power long ago and only some people have access to their intuition these days.

And who really knows how the divine connection feels and changes our lives. Maybe few people can and we will have to see for ourselves by meditating to activate all the seven chakras.

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