How To Shift: Desired Reality Shifting Methods For Beginners

how to shift

Feeling stuck in your current reality can be a bummer. The Julia Method opens the door to beginners eager to explore reality shifting. Learn how to shift the easy way. This guide provides easy-to-follow steps that will transport you into your desired existence, making the once daunting seem doable.

Dive in—and let’s shift!

Understanding Desired Reality (DR) Shifting

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Choose your desired reality (DR) by visualizing the specific details of where and how you want to shift. Describe your DR self in detail, including physical appearance, personality traits, and relationships.

Decide on the duration of your stay in your DR to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Choosing your DR

Shifting to your Desired Reality, or DR, is like picking out your dream adventure. You decide where you want to go and who you want to be.

  • Think about what makes you happiest. Picture a place or a world where you feel completely at ease and joyful.
  • Describe who you are in this perfect place. Imagine your ideal self – your looks, skills, and how you spend your days.
  • Determine how long you’d like to stay in your DR each time you visit. It could be hours, days, or just moments.
  • List the qualities of your dream world. Decide the weather, the landscapes, and the kind of buildings that are there.
  • Identify key characters in your DR. These could be friends, family, or even fictional characters from books or movies.
  • Set rules for your DR if needed. You can decide whether there’s magic, high technology, or simple peace and quiet.
  • Feel the emotions tied to being in your DR. The more real it feels now, the closer you are to actually getting there.

Describing your DR self

In your Desired Reality, you get to choose who you are. Think about how you want to look, act, and what talents you might have. Are you braver or maybe more outgoing? Write down everything about your DR self.

This includes the way you talk, walk, and even think. Your new abilities in this reality could be anything from speaking different languages to playing an instrument like a pro.

Imagine fitting into this world perfectly with the characteristics that make you happy. Make sure it feels right and exciting for yourself because this is where personal growth happens.

After deciding on these details, prepare to decide how long your journey will last in your DR.

Deciding the duration of your DR stay

You control how long you stay in your desired reality. Think about it like planning a vacation. Just like picking the number of days for a trip, decide how much time you want to spend in your DR before shifting back.

Some people choose a specific number of hours or days, while others let their stay unfold naturally.

Choose a length that feels right for you and fits with your goals for shifting. Your DR visit can be short and sweet, or an extended adventure into another world where you explore new experiences deeply.

Now that you’ve settled on the duration of your stay, it’s time to make preparations for shifting – starting with finding the perfect spot to relax and focus.

Preparations for Shifting

A tranquil forest clearing with a journal and peaceful surroundings.

Before diving into reality shifting, it’s important to make preparations that will set the stage for a successful experience. Finding a peaceful and quiet place, writing down your reasons for shifting, and identifying relationships in your desired reality are essential steps to take before embarking on the journey of shifting.

Finding a peaceful, quiet place

To shift successfully, find a quiet spot – no interruptions. Calming items like candles or soft music help set the mood. Comfort is key; create a peaceful, calming environment for successful shifting.

Eliminate distractions and focus solely on your thoughts for the best results.

Using calming items like candles or soft music can help set the mood and aid in the shifting process. Creating a “shifting playlist” or playing songs from your favorite can aid in setting the mood for shifting – comfort is key for successful reality shifting, so it’s important to create a peaceful, calming environment.

Writing down your reasons for shifting

Jot down your motives for shifting to help clarify your intentions and keep you focused. List specific desires, experiences, or personal growth goals as reasons for embarking on this journey.

Incorporating affirmations into your writing process can strengthen your resolve and commitment to achieving these objectives.

Identify relationships in your Desired Reality (DR) and reflect on how they impact your shifting experience. Acknowledging the significance of these connections will enrich your preparation and deepen connection to your desired reality.

Identifying relationships in your DR

When identifying relationships in your Desired Reality (DR), consider the connections you want to have with others. Reflect on what kind of relationships you desire – whether they be supportive, collaborative, or nurturing.

Visualize the interactions and dynamics that resonate with your ideal reality.

Consider how these relationships contribute to your overall wellbeing and growth in your DR. Envision creating meaningful connections that align with your values and foster positivity and growth.

Overview of Shifting Methods

The shifting methods include The Raven Method, The Julia Method, The Pillow Method, The Blanket Method, The Intent Method, The Sunni Method, The Heartbeat Method, The Estelle Method, and finally the Alice in Wonderland method.

Find out more about these methods by delving into their individual processes and benefits to start your reality shifting journey.

The Raven Method

The Raven Method offers a simple yet effective way to shift from your current reality to your desired one. This popular method involves lying in bed, fully relaxed, while counting down from 100 and focusing on your breath.

It only takes a few minutes and utilizes the starfish position along with shifting affirmations as you meditate on entering your desired reality. The Raven Method has been recommended by beginners for its ease of use and effectiveness.

Some individuals suggest that simply affirming and setting the intention to shift without using a specific method can also work effectively.

The Julia Method

The Julia Method, also known as the “I Am Method,” is a popular choice for beginners in reality shifting. It involves using “I am” affirmations during meditation to shift consciousness to the desired reality.

This method is considered simple and effective, allowing individuals to transfer their thinking to a chosen state through verbal affirmations and visualization techniques. Compared to other techniques, the Julia Method offers a straightforward approach that aids in transferring one’s consciousness to their Desired Reality.

If you’re intrigued by the simplicity of the Julia Method, let’s move on to exploring another accessible technique for reality shifting – The Pillow Method.

The Pillow Method

The Pillow Method is a simple and safe reality shifting technique, perfect for beginners. It involves writing down affirmations on paper, repeating them before bedtime, and then placing the paper under your pillow.

This method relies on setting clear intentions through written words and affirmation, making it a powerful tool for manifesting desired realities. Before attempting to shift, it’s recommended to reread the script, put it under the pillow, play subliminals if desired, and simply get comfortable for sleep.

Using this method can help individuals ease into the practice of reality shifting by incorporating intention-setting practices with their regular bedtime routine. The power of affirmations combined with sleeping with focused intentions under your pillow helps in creating a conducive environment for entering your desired reality effortlessly.

The Blanket Method

Transitioning from the tranquil space of the Pillow Method, the Blanket Method offers a cozy approach to reality shifting. Popular on platforms like TikTok and Wattpad, this method is widely known among those beginning their shifting journey.

By laying under a soft blanket, reciting affirmations such as “I am in my desired reality,” one can facilitate the process of achieving their desired reality. This beginner-friendly technique makes it accessible to those new to reality shifting, offering a comfortable and gentle way to embark on their shifting journey.

Perfect for individuals interested in manifesting their desires or seeking personal growth through meditation practices, the Blanket Method provides an easy entry point into exploring alternative realities while maintaining a sense of comfort and familiarity.

The Intent Method

Transitioning from the cozy comfort of the Blanket Method, another impactful technique for novice reality shifters is the Intent Method. This method revolves around setting clear intentions and using affirmations to manifest your desired reality.

Before you drift into sleep, repetitively verbalize your affirmation – this aids in solidifying your intention, making it a crucial part of entering your DR.

Every night, as you lie down to rest, deeply focus on stating positive affirmations related to your desired reality. These statements help reinforce the belief in your ability to shift and anchor you into the mindset needed for successful shifting.

The Sunni Method

The Sunni Method relies on visualization and affirmations to trick the mind into believing you are in your desired reality. It is a form of quantum leaping and an awake method, meaning you don’t have to fall asleep first.

Recite affirmations until feeling a shift, then open your eyes. This technique can be simple in theory but may involve complexity in practice.

The Heartbeat Method

The Heartbeat Method involves listening to a soothing heartbeat audio placed beneath your pillow. It gently guides your consciousness from one state to another using visualization, affirmations, or scripts.

This method harnesses the power of repetitive, humming, and vibrational sounds similar to that of a heartbeat to facilitate shifting.

By utilizing this powerful visualization technique, you can make lasting changes in your life through reality shifting. The gentle and pleasant nature of the Heartbeat Method makes it an appealing choice for those beginning their shifting journey.

The Estelle Method

Transitioning from the rhythmic focus of “The Heartbeat Method,” The Estelle Method invites you to use music or specific auditory stimuli to aid in shifting into your desired reality.

This technique, though less known, offers eight simple yet effective steps for manifesting your desired outcomes in real life. It emphasizes visualization and affirmations to convince the mind that you are already present in your chosen reality.

The Estelle method embraces simplicity, making it ideal for beginners seeking to practice reality shifting and align themselves with their desires.

The Alice in Wonderland Method

The Alice in Wonderland method is an intricate and captivating reality shifting technique, ideal for seasoned practitioners due to its heavy reliance on visualization. This method guides you through 8 detailed steps, involving explicit visualization as the key component.

It also encourages meditating and beginning in a state of drowsiness to enhance the effectiveness of the visualizations. Through this immersive approach, practitioners engage deeply with their desired reality, making it one of the most engaging methods available.

Now let’s delve into understanding Desired Reality (DR) Shifting..

The Shifting Process

Grounding exercises are essential for preparing your mind and body to shift, while repeating affirmations can help reinforce your intentions. Once you start recognizing signs of entering your Desired Reality, you can fully enjoy the experience of visiting your DR.

Grounding exercises

Engage in mindful strolling to connect with nature and calm your mind. Practice deep breathing while feeling the earth beneath your feet.

Immerse yourself in activities like gardening or yoga, enhancing your connection to the present moment and grounding you in reality.

Repeating affirmations

Repeat affirmations daily to reinforce your intentions for shifting. Visualize your desired reality and use positive statements such as “I am now in my desired reality” or “I attract only positivity.” These affirmations help align your mind with the reality you want to shift into, making the process more effective and impactful.

Ground yourself by using grounding exercises before repeating affirmations. This sets a strong foundation for the shifting process, ensuring that you are centered and focused on manifesting your desired reality.

Move forward through this journey by recognizing signs of entering your DR, it will lead the way to enjoying your DR visit without any doubt or hesitation.

Recognizing signs of entering your DR

As you embark on the shifting process, pay attention to subtle shifts in your senses – sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. A change in these perceptions may indicate that you are entering your desired reality.

Trust your intuition and remain open to the signs that confirm your transition.

Stay attuned to any unusual or vivid experiences as they might be indications of successfully entering your DR. Be patient and observant, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the moment so you can recognize and appreciate the signs guiding you into this new reality.

Enjoying your DR visit

As you immerse yourself in your Desired Reality, take time to fully engage with the environment and people around you. Utilize all your senses – notice the sights, sounds, smells, and textures that make up your DR.

Allow yourself to embrace every moment and activity as if it were an adventure designed specifically for you by visualizing being content and joyful in this reality. Let go of any apprehensions or worries and trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

Once comfortable in your DR, engage with the experiences available – talk to characters created for interactions fulfilling relationships within your DR and indulge in the activities that bring joy or fulfillment..

Returning to Current Reality (CR)

After enjoying your time in your Desired Reality, it’s important to prioritize your return to Current Reality by grounding yourself and setting intentions for the rest of your day.

Learn more about this crucial step in reality shifting by diving into the full blog post!

Prioritizing your CR upon return

As you return from your desired reality (DR), it’s crucial to prioritize your current reality (CR). Take time to ground yourself and reconnect with the present moment. Reflect on the lessons and experiences from your DR visit, using them as motivation for positive growth in your CR.

Recognize the value of maintaining balance between your DR and CR. Devote attention to nurturing relationships, pursuing goals, and tending to responsibilities in your current reality.

Embrace the unique opportunities presented by both realities while staying grounded in the here and now.

Potential Risks and Warnings of Shifting

Reality shifting carries potential dangers, including weariness, headaches, and dizziness. It’s important for beginners to be aware of these risks when attempting to shift. These unpleasant reactions may occur during the process of entering a desired reality, so it’s crucial to approach shifting with caution and mindfulness.

It’s essential for individuals interested in reality shifting to understand the potential risks and warnings associated with this practice. Being informed about these possible negative effects can help mitigate any surprises or discomfort that may arise during the shifting process.

As you embark on your journey into reality shifting, remember to prioritize your well-being and approach the experience with a balanced mindset.

Conclusion: Starting Your Shifting Journey

Ready to embark on your reality shifting journey? Try the Julia Method as a simple starting point. Begin with grounding exercises and repeating affirmations, allowing signs of entering your DR to guide you.

Prioritize your CR upon return and remember, there are risks, but stay open-minded. Happy shifting!


1. What is reality shifting for beginners?

Reality shifting for beginners is a method where you learn to move your awareness to a different life or universe. It’s like stepping into another world, where you might meet anyone—even Tom Riddle from Harry Potter!

2. How can I start reality shifting as a beginner?

To start reality shifting, first find a quiet place. Then, relax and picture the world you want to enter—imagine it down to the details! Keep practicing; that’s how many beginners make their first successful shift.

3. Are there any easy methods for reality shifting that I can try right away?

Absolutely! One popular method involves laying down, closing your eyes, and counting backward from 100 slowly. Think about your desired reality—the sights, sounds, smells—as if you’re already there.

4. Where can I talk about my experiences with reality-shifting methods?

You’ll find plenty of social media groups full of people discussing their journeys in reality shifting! Share stories or ask questions—they’re all rights reserved spaces just for these kinds of chats.

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