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Top 5 Bollywood Songs For Manifestation: Manifestation Music Series

I’ve listened to so many songs right now that my head is starting to hurt. Yet I am here to share this exciting list of wonderfully powerful bollywood songs. These songs are the kind of songs you can listen to over and over again still feel the same amount of power and energy.

There’s a deep connection between music, inspiration and manifestation. Imagine how even the thought of exploring bollywoon manifestation songs came to my mind! It’s incredible how universe tells you to do something and you just can’t stop yourself from making it into a reality. Just like my fingers can’t stop writing as I am writing from complete inspiration, It is as if I am being used as a channel to convey this message and this list of songs for you exactly at this moment.

So, if you are reading this right now, choose a songs you feel most magnetically attracted to and listen to it. Maybe there’s something in that songs for you, power, creativity, inspiration, confidence and I don’t even know what it can be. I can completely be personal for you that you needed to hear or simply the music.

Listing The Top 5 Bollywood Songs For Manifestation

Right now I am listening to one of the songs that I am about to include in this list. Can you guess which song it is? Comment it down and we’ll see how in alignment we are!

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1. Dhunki

This songs is beyond a master piece when it comes to manifestation energy. No matter what intention you have and what you are looking for, listening to this song will fill you up with power. If you want to manifest love (divine or material worldly), power, passion, wisdom, confidence, then this is the songs you need to listen to.

The lyrics of the song are a perfect combination of detachment, self-love, divinity and passion for the lack of better words.

Dhunki Song | Mere Brother Ki Dulhan | Katrina Kaif | Neha Bhasin | Sohail Sen | Irshad Kamil

2. Jiya Re

This songs is full of energy and love. If you are trying to manifest self love then you can listen to this. It’s about living the life with love for yourself and making your happiness and growth a priority. The lyrics also refers to freedom, finding happiness in small things and living the best life.

Jiya Re Song | Jab Tak Hai Jaan | Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma | A R Rahman | Gulzar | Neeti Mohan

3. Chand Tare Tod Laun

This beautiful song is going to take you on a ride of ambition, dreaming big and making everything a reality. It’s truly the best manifestation in bollywood. Listening to it over and over again will make your mind full of positive and ambitious thoughts. Just make sure to enjoy it every time you listen to it.

Chand Tare Tod Full Video Song | Yes Boss | Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla | Abhijeet

4. Shubhaarambh

This songs is about new beginnings. The word “Shubhaarambh” means a positive binning. So if you are looking forward to start fresh, begin a new journey in life, starting something new then this is the song for you.

Shubhaarambh Full Video – Kai Po Che|Sushant Singh Rajput, Rajkummar Rao, Amit Sadh

5. Love You Zindagi

This song has the power to take you out from a dark place to help you fall in love with life again. The lyrics are about embracing all parts of life and seeing beauty in everything. There’s always something positive in everything that happens. This is the song that will help bring that mindset shift forward and “Love You Zindagi” literally means love you life. Listen and affirm every day and life will surely say it back to you.

Love You Zindagi Full Video – Dear Zindagi|Alia Bhatt|Shah Rukh Khan|Jasleen Royal|Amit T


Music is life magic and can help connect you with lyrics, elevate your mood in combination with beautifully arranged and written songs. If you will listen to positive songs they will hundred percent have huge positive impact in your life.

If you find yourself listening to sad songs often and you are letting those lyrics influence sad feelings within you then look at your life. You will be able to clearly see how much they have impacted you and your life. Take this blog post as a sigh to start listening to positive and inspiring songs as much as you can. Connect with these songs, feel powerful, ambitious, get in that doer energy and make all your dreams come true. There’s nothing that you an’t do or be, just believe that you can and it’s possible, you will see the magic unfold right then and there.

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