Why should you use Productivity Affirmations? Because productivity doesn’t mean that you should become a workaholic in order to be productive. Productivity is when you are easily able to manage and juggle between your work and life balance while feeling good and taking care of yourself.

There are 3 Major Things That Has A Huge Impact On Productivity Levels

I’ve categorized the things that impact our productivity into 3 categories, which are Mindset, Actions/Behavioral patterns, and Personal and environmental triggers. These Affirmations target all 3. Because it is important to pay attention to all these areas that can affect our willingness to work and take away the level of productivity we have.

  • Productive Mindset
  • Actionable And Behavioral Productivity
  • Productivity Factor Triggers

List Of Productivity Affirmations

Productive Mindset 

  • Motivation comes easy to me
  • I cherish the motivating thoughts
  • I am taking care of my mental health so that I can always feel motivated
  • I am ready to receive motivation from the universe
  • I am in charge of my motivation and inspiration
  • I am ready to grow 
  • I have to power and energy to stay persistent
  • I feel super powerful when I stay determined towards my goals
  • I enjoy the power determination provides
  • My determination is also a part of my motivation, it gives me the energy to move forward towards my goals
  • I have a vision of a life that I am determined to create and that gives me the energy to stay productive
  • I can always draw energy and motivation from my vision
  • My patience is limitless when it comes to my goals
  • I can easily stay calm and patient during rough times because I believe in my power to find solutions
  • I let my mind wander towards solutions instead of negative thoughts
  • I can follow a work routine easily because I am determined
  • I focus my energy mindfully 
  • I make sure to feel good and cool as I am working 
  • I am in touch with my energy source and I understand the amount of work I can accomplish so I set all my tasks mindfully 
  • I always do things and work in a way that gives me new energy to do more
  • My day is in my control and I spend it enjoying working towards the vision I’ve created for me
  • I feel happy and accomplished when I finish my tasks quickly with good energy, so I am always looking forward to doing more
  • I am grateful that I have the option and opportunity and ability to work
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in my world as I spend my days staying productive

Productivity Actionable And Behavioral Affirmations

  • I care about the work I do and I enjoy making efforts to complete my tasks
  • It is easy for me to focus on the tasks at hand at any time
  • I feel happy and positive as I work to get closer to my goals each day
  • Work feels like I am creating a new world
  • Everything I do has a lasting impact on my career so I am always mindful of my actions
  • New crazy ideas are always at my disposal but I have the power to choose which ones are beneficial for my vision
  • Staying productive fires up my motivation
  • I feel so alive when I am working and accomplishing goals
  • I can do everything as I snap my fingers
  • Productivity feels like a superpower and it’s quite easy to attain this superpower because I am ready and hell-bent on attaining it 

Productivity Factor Triggers

  • I have a huge amount of self-control, I can always choose to do what’s good for me
  • Leisure can wait because I am excited to work
  • I am always ready and up for challenges 
  • Challenges inspire me
  • I can literally do everything by myself without help because that’s how powerful I can be and I believe in the things I do
  • Staying productive is addictive
  • I am always learning when I work and learning new interesting things keeps me motivated 
  • Everything starts to feel possible as I get closer to my smaller goals
  • I see only the tasks right in front of me and I easily complete them one by one and it feels like everything is done in a blink of an eye
  • I can feel my energy levels increasing as I am getting into the loop of work and reward
  • I can chill anytime but the energy I get from working is nothing compared to that
  • I have so many awesome tools to help me through my work that it makes it so easy and because of that I love getting my work done 
  • I appreciate all the exciting parts of my work that keeps me always going
  • I am grateful for all the appreciation and recognition I get for my work 

How To Use The Affirmations To Increase Productivity

It is as simple as reading the affirmations aloud every morning before starting your productive day. And remember you can always take days off to recharge and rejuvenate because that is also a part of being productive.

I’ve made a subliminal using the exact same affirmations with booster and self-love affirmations, so if you like you can listen to that instead of repeating these affirmations. And if you feel confused about whether listening to subliminal will be better or doing affirmations then this article about subliminal and affirmations might help you choose between the two. You can find more Subliminals on Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel.


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