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26 Affirmations To Block Negative Energy & Protection

If you ever feel like you are feeling down then these affirmations to block negative energy will help you gain your power and protection sphere back by helping you realize your powers and ground your energy.

We are all energy beings and we all have all kinds of energy and people around us intentionally or unintentionally can send negative energy our way. So to battle that energy you need to believe in yourself and in your strength and these positive affirmations are going to help you with that a lot.

List Of Affirmations To Block Negative Energy

  1. I am acknowledging my power to free myself from any energy
  2. I am connected to the energy of the earth and nature
  3. I am grounded and my roots are deeply connected to the mother nature
  4. I have the power to free myself from negativity
  5. I am stronger and more powerful because I am an energy being made with the power of light, love, and positivity
  6. I am letting go of all the heavy negative energy
  7. I am ready to destroy all the negative energy
  8. I am powerful and capable of fighting any kind of energy
  9. I am one with the most powerful positive energy of light
  10. The power of love, light, and positivity is always supporting and helping me
  11. I am strong and capable of doing anything I decide to do with all my will
  12. I am powerful even beyond my knowledge
  13. I am strongly pushing away and getting rid of all the negative energy
  14. I am inviting the positive energy of light and love within me and around me
  15. I am safe and protected from everything
  16. I am a winner and I know the positive light always wins
  17. I am invincible against any and all negativity
  18. I am in a safe, protected, and fearless
  19. I am stronger and more powerful than any negativity
  20. I am ready to fight fiercely and win over any and all negativity
  21. I am fearlessly and fiercely getting rid of all the negative energy right this moment
  22. I am completely free from any negativity
  23. I am sharp, quick, mindful, and aware
  24. My heart and mind are full of positivity and love
  25. My energy body is covered and protected with a bright strong white light energy sphere
  26. I only invite the energy of love, light, and protection around me

How To Use These Affirmations To Release Negative Energy

Reading and repeating these affirmations to release negative energy aloud is powerful enough in itself, you just need to believe in them as you read them. But you can also do the following things along with reading the affirmations to block negative energy and really feel protected.

  • Burn 3 incense sticks together then put them in an incense stick tray nearby and read the affirmations. Let the whole stick burn and fill your home with the positive fragrant incense stick smoke, then spread the ashes outside.
  • You can also use make subliminal to release negative energy using these affirmations then meditate with that as you burn dhoop or incense stick.
  • You can also repeat these affirmations as you are holding an Amethyst or Onyx crystal.

Here’s the subliminal made with releasing negative energy affirmations you’ve just read. This subliminal for getting rid of negative energy also contains a layer of booster subliminal to make sure you feel safe and this subliminal work really fast. You can find more subliminals for healing, beauty, and growth on Loa Lab’s YouTube channel, and all the affirmations are always linked in the description of the videos so you’ll never have to worry about what subliminal suggestions your subconscious is getting.

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