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55 Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety

If you are tired of telling yourself it’s okay every time you experience an anxiety attack then these affirmations for anxiety are all you need. Time and time we all experience anxiety because we are living in such a time where we have all the conveniences but we have lost touch with the basics. Sometimes even thinking about doing some chores manually can give us anxiety and other times it can truly be a big cause for concern.

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How To Use These 55 Anxiety Affirmations?

The list of 55 affirmations for anxiety is divided into 10 sections for reason. Each section of affirmations for anxiety helps you progress towards calmness smoothly so that it works and helps you even in the situation where you are experiencing an extreme anxiety attack.

You can use these affirmations for anxiety in two ways.

  • Read and repeat 5 anxiety affirmations then take a 5-minute break and read the next section of 5 affirmations. And complete all the 55 affirmations for anxiety repeating the same process.
  • Play some music in the background and read all the affirmations for anxiety relaxing with music.

The first method is more suitable for when you are having a panic attack or is it an attack. And the second method is best suitable if you want to get rid of the anxiety that you experience on a daily basis when certain discomforts or situations occur. So regularly reading the affirmations like that can reprogram your mind to not get anxious that often.

And if you prefer, you can listen to anxiety flush subliminal made with the same exact affirmations in both scenarios. Only if you listen to subliminals or would like to try, else these powerful affirmations for anxiety are perfect

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List Of 55 Anxiety Affirmations

Each section of affirmations for anxiety meant to calm you in different ways and overcome every possible reason that is causing you to experience anxiety.

Affirmations For Calm Breathing

  1. Taking deep breaths makes me calm 
  2. I can feel calmness through my breathing 
  3. I am relieving stress and anxiety with every Breath I take 
  4. My mind and my body is getting calmer and calmer with each breath 
  5. I am starting to feel better as I am shifting my focus to my breath

For Being Centered And Present

  1. I am shifting my attention to my senses and my surroundings 
  2. I can feel calm as I focus my attention on the present moment
  3. I can feel the air on my skin and it is calming 
  4. I can feel a sense of  familiarity as I am looking around at the objects near me 
  5. The sounds and noises around me I keeping me grounded in the reality as I feel calm 

For feeling safe

  1. I am ready to relax and feel safe 
  2. I am letting the voices in my head know that I am safe 
  3. I’m letting my mind, soul, and my body know that everything is okay 
  4. I’m ready to believe that everything is okay and even I can make everything better 
  5. The world I’m living in is a good and safe place for me

For Letting Go Of Anxiety Causing Thoughts & Emotions

  1. I am ready to let go of the thoughts and feelings that are causing me anxiety 
  2. I am letting go of negative thoughts and feelings and becoming calmer 
  3. I can choose how I feel and I choose to feel good and calm and happy 
  4. This feeling is temporary and I can change it 
  5. Whatever happens, I am choosing happiness and peace

For Shifting back to positive reality

  1. I am ready to think about all the great experiences I have 
  2. I am ready to think about all the things I’m grateful for 
  3. The reality is that everything I was going to be good 
  4. I am ready to accept positive nurturing happy thoughts 
  5. I deserve happiness and I am choosing to think positive good thoughts

Positive Affirmations For Your Power

  1. I am taking back my power from every person and every situation that made me feel anxiety 
  2. I am strong and my sensitivity is my power and I’m ready to trust myself to be able to handle it 
  3. Feeling all the different emotions help me become better and stronger 
  4. I take all my thoughts and feelings and I have the power to turn them into good and positive ones 
  5. It’s okay, I matter, my feelings matter and I am there for myself

Positive Self-Concept

  1. I have an infinite amount of love for myself 
  2. I am ready to experience life in a different amazing way 
  3. Everything is good and ok and I am doing as much as I can 
  4. I am holding onto hopes, dreams, and my believe in myself 
  5. Things that matter are perfectly working out great great

More short positive affirmations for anxiety

  1. I am on the right path and everything is working out the way it should be 
  2. I have complete trust in the universe and in the process 
  3. I have compassion for myself and others 
  4. I am embracing the good and the bad but I am choosing to entertain the good thoughts in my head 
  5. Life experiences come in waves so this moment is going to float away so I am choosing to believe in the best possibilities

Affirmations For Grounding & Shifting Energy

  1. I am releasing all the energy training connections 
  2. I am connecting myself to the mother nature and grounding myself with its energy 
  3. I am in a white light sphere protecting me from negative energies 
  4. I trust and believe that I am being protected and taken care of by the positive energies of the universe 
  5. My higher self and Guardian Angels are with me protecting and taking care of me

Self-Empowering Anxiety Affirmations

  1. The past is over and the blessings of the future are in front of me 
  2. I am choosing to focus on the things I can control 
  3. I value myself and I can take care of myself in the process of the positive changes 
  4. I know I am strong enough to handle all emotions I experience 
  5. I trust the Universe with my life and I know that whatever I am experiencing was necessary for my growth

To Get Energies from nature

  1. My mind and heart are absorbing calm energy from the Moon 
  2. Every shape of water I am drinking from now is filling me up with calm and positive energy 
  3. I can feel the cool air is also helping me feel peaceful 
  4. I can feel the earth under my feet is sending me love and positivity 
  5. I am choosing forgiveness for myself and for others and sending love out in the world

These short positive affirmations for anxiety are more than enough but if you still want to read and try more positive affirmations then you can also use some self-love affirmations or gratitude affirmations to help some more with the energy and mindset shift. They’ll also make you feel good about yourself and the world around you.

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