affirmations for anger

52 Calming Affirmations For Anger Management

If you’re looking for a way to calm yourself down, try using affirmations for anger. Affirmations are positive suggestions for the mind that helps reprogram the brain and promote positive beliefs that help you reach your goals.

They can be used to manage anger, anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions. If you’re struggling with anger issues, these 52 calming anger management affirmations will help you to release anger and find peace and also resolve conflicts without suppressing your emotions.

When anger flares up, it can be difficult to think straight. You might say things you regret, or bring out the worst in yourself and others. But you don’t have to let anger spiral out of control. Using affirmations for anger management can help you understand your anger, find healthy ways to express it, and even calm yourself down when you feel like you might lose control.

affirmations for anger

How Anger Affirmations Can Help You?

As humans, the root of anger stems from the sense of losing control and power, and it’s rooted in our subconscious minds. But when you change that subconscious belief and replace it with a belief that tells your instincts that love, kindness, empathy, and compassion can give your more power and respect you’ll be less likely to feel powerless or the need to show anger to gain your power back.

These anger affirmations are going to rewire your subconscious mind to not feel the need to express your resentments, disagreements, and frustrations by showing anger. Instead of all that, the mind will be more open to understanding your triggers and acknowledging your anger, understanding the real power of compassionate expression of your emotions.

List Of Affirmations For Anger Management

  1. I am capable of recognizing my anger triggers and making peace with them. 
  2. I also understand that anger only causes more pain for me and others around me. 
  3. I acknowledge my emotions of anger and my power to control it. 
  4. I am always aware of myself and all my emotions even in a state of anger. 
  5. I am always aware that the things I might do and say in a state of anger can hurt me and my loved ones, and others around me.
  6. I can always choose to let go of my anger and forgive. 
  7. I know and understand that anger is temporary but the effect of my actions are permanent so I choose to remain calm
  8. The world is ruled by the power of love and compassion so reacting with love and compassion gives me power.
  9. I can always find justice without anger. 
  10. My mind is capable of managing my emotions. 
  11. Calmness and love are more effective ways to communicate my feelings. 
  12. I understand that my anger is a result of something being triggered in me and I can resolve it. 
  13. I can be persistent and powerful even with calmness, compassion, and love. 
  14. I hold more power over everything when I am my most loving and calm self. 
  15. I can take back my power even with calmness, compassion, and empathy. 
  16. Everyone is always going to listen to me when I present my concerns and thoughts with empathy in a calm powerful way. 
  17. I feel more powerful when I express myself firmly with calmness. 
  18. I can easily be assertive with love and compassion and without feeling anger. 
  19. Whenever I sense the feeling of anger building inside me I handle it with all awareness. 
  20. I can always use the power of anger to direct it into other forms of powerful emotions and actions. 
  21. My mind is the most peaceful and toxicity-free place. 
  22. I am always aware of my emotions and because of that power of awareness, it is easy for me to choose how I act and see things. 
  23. Treating my loved ones and the people around me with kindness is a lot more rewarding and powerful. 
  24. I am always my best powerful self without anger. 
  25. I release anger in the easiest and most peaceful way possible. 
  26. I am releasing and letting go of anger. 
  27. I am taking back my power from anger. 
  28. I am allowing myself to release the feeling of sadness, disappointment, and anger. 
  29. It is a very rewarding and powerful feeling when I remain calm and collected when triggered. 
  30. The real feeling of empowerment is when others are unsuccessful to get a reaction out of you. 
  31. I love peace and happiness so I choose to focus on making everything a happy peaceful experience. 
  32. I am learning to express my emotions and resentments with kindness and compassion. 
  33. I am aware of the fact that kindness, empathy, compassion, and love help me gain respect and trust from everyone around me. 
  34. I have complete control over my emotions. 
  35. I can always easily dodge mood triggers and remain happy. 
  36. My words and my aura always lighten up everything and influences loving, kind, meaningful conversations. 
  37. I have the power to easily melt the anger away. 
  38. I always allow myself and others to step away from any heated conversation. 
  39. I always express my emotions with respect and kindness. 
  40. I understand that true power is in love, respect, and peace. 
  41. I am learning to immune myself from stress and annoyance. 
  42. I am immune to frustration and resentment. 
  43. My heart is forgiving. 
  44. I am capable of forgiveness and kindness. 
  45. I am completely aware that anger is a self-destructive emotion and I am ready to let it go and feel peace.
  46. I am immune to irritability. 
  47. I am learning to let go of all the frustration, irritation, and resentment. 
  48. It is easy for me to understand my emotions and feelings. 
  49. I am focusing and working on my emotional growth for my happiness and growth. 
  50. Letting go of negative emotions is the best way to reach my fullest potential. 
  51. Remaining calm and collected is really empowering. 
  52. I am ready to make the best out of my emotional energy.

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