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20 Powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations For Healing

Heart chakra affirmations can help you open up to receive and give love more freely as well as help you easily get over negative feelings like resentment, anger, frustration, sadness, hate.

The heart chakra is in the center of the chest and is associated with love, joy, and happiness. When heart chakra is in balance and healthy, we feel these positive emotions flowing freely. However, when it becomes blocked or out of balance, we may experience feelings of insecurity, sadness, anger, or hatred. We may also have trouble forgiving ourselves and others.

There are many ways to heal the heart chakra, including meditation, yoga, and visualization, subliminals. One simple way is to recite affirmations daily. Affirmations help us to focus on the good in ourselves and in the world around us. They can also help us to release negative thoughts.

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Yum is pronounced just like Om beej mantra.

Chanting yum Anahata beej mantra during meditation can also heal the heart chakra. Beej mantras hold powerful high frequency vibration energy that’s why they are used for healing, peace, and manifestation.

Why Healing Heart Chakra Is Important and how Heart Chakra Affirmations Can Help?

Healing the heart Chakra is so important because the heart chakra and its energy regulate our feelings and how we Express and feel them. And not only that, the Energy field of the heart Chakra affects all the organs that are located in the chest. So when the heart Chakra is out of balance it can result in emotional imbalance as well as physical symptoms, such as chest pain, breathing issues, unregulated blood pressure, or poor blood circulation.

The best way to heal the heart Chakra is through meditation and visualization. Because when you meditate and visualize you can actually feel the vibrations of your Heart Chakra. But if you are not someone who can meditate or visualize or find it difficult to do then heart chakra affirmations and Subliminals are other best ways for healing. Will read the heart chakra affirmations aloud to yourself you will be able to feel them. And those words of affirmation and feelings will contain positive vibrations that are going to help with the healing process of the heart Chakra.

These Heart Chakra Affirmations Are Going To Heal and open your heart chakra

  1. I am allowing positive white light to cleanse and heal my heart
  2. My heart is healing and radiating with love 
  3. I am healing and I am allowing myself to release and let go of hurt
  4. I allow myself to feel my emotions and embrace my true self
  5. My heart chakra is healing and glowing radiating green light 
  6. I am allowing myself to accept, forgive and heal
  7. I understand that there is time for me to heal and love myself
  8. I am letting the positive loving energies of the universe heal my heart and soul
  9. I am opening my heart to give and receive love unconditionally
  10. I am ready to love myself unconditionally
  11. I am ready and open to love and enjoy my solitude
  12. I am ready to allow myself to trust
  13. I am letting my younger self know that I trust and love myself unconditionally
  14. I deserve love and it’s ok for me to give and receive love
  15. Love is real and I am allowing myself to believe that I can love myself
  16. It is healing to be able to feel and understand my emotions
  17. I am freeing myself from past hurts and allowing myself to open up to love
  18. I am divinely loved and protected
  19. I can keep myself safe while I allow love to enter my heart
  20. I am allowing myself to feel love and compassion

Alternatively you can also try this Heart Chakra Subliminal which includes all these heart chakra affirmations along with Anahata Yum Subliminal and relaxing music. Also, practicing self-love can help with the heart chakra healing. You can either use self-love affirmations or self love subliminal along with the heart chakra affirmations. You can also practice forgiveness as often as possible, the more you will be able to feel positive emotions such as love, compassion, forgiveness the more heart chakra will heal.

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