Morning Affirmations To Replace Your Coffee

I don’t know if it’s morning for you right now or not. But still, I am phrasing these energy-boosting affirmations as morning affirmations. Because these affirmations include the exact benefits you’d like to get from the cup of your morning coffee. If you enjoy the beverage then great but you are going through a coffee withdrawal then maybe these energy boosting affirmations will help you in the process.

Why use affirmations for energy and not coffee?

We can require a boost of energy any time of the day but it’s not at all advised to drink coffee during the later hours of the day. So I am here with a replacement, originally I came up with these affirmations to make a coffee subliminal. But how can I not share the affirmations! So if you wish, you can also try subliminal music. For some subliminal will work better and for some affirmations. And if you are not able to decide between subliminal and affirmations, then try them both.

Here are the morning affirmations to fill you with energy

  • My eyes feel wide awake and I can feel the rush of energy
  • This is a great great great day
  • Okay! Now I am ready to take on the world
  • I can feel the rush of energy in my body
  • I feel awake and fresh
  • I am feeling super refreshed 
  • My conscious mind is alert and happy
  • I feel like dancing
  • I am feeling like thousands of fairies are dancing and singing for me
  • My heart is filled with the feeling of warmth and sweetness
  • I can taste the happy feeling of coffee in my brain
  • This is the best day of my life
  • I feel so alert like I can finish a whole book now
  • My mind and body are completely recharged and rejuvenated
  • I am feeling so light as if I am in the clouds 
  • I can feel my energy levels going up and up
  • My fatigue is gone
  • I am so thankful now that I can easily focus
  • My mind is feeling so active and happy right now
  • I am really excited about my day now
  • I have so much energy now that I can stay productive and focused the entire time
  • The more I am noticing how I feel, I feel like I just finished a glass of super yum ice coffee
  • My mind and body feel so energized
  • I can feel that this slow-burning energy is gonna last a while
  • I can easily focus now and get things done quick
  • I am feeling like I just got out of a chill waterfall extremely refreshed
  • I can feel the rush of adrenaline
  • I can feel the oxygen levels greatly increasing in my body as I inhale
  • I know I am breathing energy right now
  • My brain is so alert and sharp because of all the rushing good happy coffee feeling

Enjoy the rest of your day!

I’d love to know if this was the type of morning affirmations you were in search of? Because I haven’t come across any such affirmations before, which made me wonder. So I thought why not write them. And it’s wonderful if you prefer repeating affirmations but in my experience, the coffee subliminal worked for me. And I’ve also shared my experience in detail in the youtube video description.

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