If you’ve never heard of Ho’oponopono subliminal, it’s time to start paying attention! This little-known technique is a powerful tool that can help you heal and get out of any deepest darkest situation.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your life, you may have come across the Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono. This traditional practice is based on the belief that we are all connected and that we can use our thoughts and words to improve our lives and the lives of others.

Ho’oponopono technique is already a very powerful technique on its own, but the ho’oponopono healing technique in the form of subliminal is going to be even more powerful. So let’s get right into the ho’oponopono subliminal and then we’ll understand how to use the subliminal to get the best out of it.

Ho’oponopono Subliminal

So here’s the ho’oponopono subliminal which is based on the famous Hawaiian healing technique. But let’s first get one thing clear, this is not at all a substitute for medical treatments and professional advice. This subliminal is advised to be used along with your treatment to help you recover and heal faster.

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Affirmations Used For Subliminal

There are only 4 affirmations used for making this subliminal in multiple layers and looped for the whole 2 minutes. You can listen to the sub for as long as you want on the loop.

  1. I am sorry and I acknowledge and own up to my mistakes
  2. Please forgive me for all of my actions and words that caused you to hurt
  3. And thank you for all the great things I got from you and because of you, my heart is full of gratitude for everything
  4. I love you and I am choosing to love you because love has the most extraordinary healing powers

As you can notice that the affirmations are more elaborated than the usual ho’oponopono technique affirmations which are just, 1) I am sorry. 2) Please forgive me. 3) Thank you. 4) I love you. And each sentence is based on a really elaborate intention. Without the intent, these are just mere words. What makes this technique this powerful is the intention and the order in which they are arranged.

So these subliminal affirmations are a little elaborated so that the subconscious mind can make the connection with the intent and feeling.

How To Use Ho’oponopono Subliminal

  • Set your intention before you start listening to the ho’oponopono subliminal. For example: if you are using this to heal your inner child then you can affirm your mind first “I am here for you and we are going to heal and I love you unconditionally”.
  • You can also light some incense sticks so that you are able to feel it like you are doing a healing ritual.
  • Now start listening to the ho’oponopono subliminal.
  • You can meditate or repeat the ho’oponopono affirmations in your mind as you are listening, or just relax
  • You can listen to the sublimina on loop overnight if you want to and if you feel like listening overnight works best for you.
  • But it’s best to make a consistent habit and listen to ho’oponopono subliminal every day instead of listening just once for several hours on loop. Because then you’ll actually be giving time to heal.

Some Affirmations For Healing More

Final Thoughts

Healing can take time but it will happen eventually, especially if you are going through a lot I totally get it that you’d like everything to work out as fast as possible. And it will all work out, just keep pushing and stay consistent with whatever is working for you.


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