If you are trying to manifest weight loss and it’s not working then you might not really know how to manifest weight loss. Weight loss manifestation is actually easier than you think but you just need to be able to move forward consistently in the right direction.

What Is the 5 Steps Weight Loss Manifestation Process?

how to manifest weight loss

The 5 easy steps to manifest weight loss are not really going to be just about the usual visualize, believe, and receive. Because we are going all-in on understanding the possibilities that prevent you from manifesting your ideal weight and body as well as understanding how do you manifest losing weight!

It is your body from which you want to lose some weight so it is completely in your control and it is definitely within the reach of your mind’s influence. So if you think about it weight loss manifestation is actually one of the easiest of any other manifestation goals.

Things That Are Preventing Your Weight Loss Manifestation

Mindset And Beliefs: The way our mind works definitely affects how our body responds to everything we do. If you are going forward with the same mindset and beliefs which are keeping you bound to a lifestyle that makes you slack in your weight loss journey then you are going to find yourself circling around the same mistakes and always withdrawing early from manifestation.

Deciding And Not Sticking To Your Manifestation Goal: You are very clear that you want to manifest weight loss and you are doing everything according to your manifestation plan: all the techniques, affirmations, actions, everything. But then after some time you feel like you want to manifest the best body or you wish to just manifest fat loss but keep your weight somewhat similar.

Now, this creates confusion in your head about what to do and what not to do. And possibly you end up dropping everything because nothing seems to be working. And the clarity got replaced by chaos. Because of all the confusion and everything went back to the ways it used to be. Because that usual pattern provides a sense of comfort to the subconscious mind.

Taking Actions For Granted Or Hyper Focusing: If you’ll be taking actions for granted thinking that the universe is just going to help you manifest weight loss and you’ll wake up one day skinny and thin just like that. Or once you have lost all the weight you wanted to lose and then go back to your old unhealthy habits and still stay fit and healthy! Then you’ll be setting yourself up for failure because that kind of hyper-focused thoughts about manifestation will deprive you of patience. And you’ll be slipping into the lack mindset without really realizing it.

How To Manifest Weight Loss? The Process Of Manifestation

Now we know what prevents you from manifesting weight loss. Time to understand how to manifest losing weight! This step-by-step process to manifest weight loss is supposed to make losing weight extremely easy for you and also completely cut out the stress and anxiety associated with weight loss.

How To Work On Weight Loss Manifestation Mindset

Mindset is a very big part of weight loss manifestation because the mindset and how we feel about weight gain and weight loss definitely affect your weight a lot.

We obviously know at least one person who is extremely thin and eats whatever they want to eat and then never works out but still, they never seem to gain weight. And we often just credit it to their genes and luck. But weight actually has a lot to do with the mindset and our relationship with food.

You’ll always find that those who are mostly skinny and don’t seem to gain much weight don’t think about how many calories they are taking in with each bite or how that glass of smoothie is going to make them gain weight. So the key learning point here is to not associate food with gaining weight. The impact of thinking of food as a fuel and energy source for the body can be huge because then you’ll be more focused on always eating enough, not less not more, and without thinking about weight.

The realization and the shift of your point of view towards food are going to have a huge impact on your weight loss journey. Because it will not only improve your relationship with food but will also help with emotional binge eating and comfort food cravings.

Loving Your Body Unconditionally And How This Affects Weight

Love for yourself and your body shouldn’t be affected by the number on weighing scales. Because when you decide to only love your body when it looks a certain way or weighs a certain amount, you are putting a subconscious pressure of expectations on your body, and your body responds to that with emotions.

Your body can obviously only send electrical signals to your brain and sometimes those signals translate into emotions you find difficult to comprehend. And when your mind is overwhelmed with emotions, it can resort to food as a way of comfort or it can also result in an opposite situation where you possibly stop eating or forget to eat on many occasions.

So not loving your body unconditionally can result in a lot of emotional stress that can affect your weight a lot in various ways. But when you love your body unconditionally you take care of your health and also always eat healthy which results in loving emotional responses from your body. Loving your body is also going to improve your relationship with food and have an overall positive impact on your weight, health, and lifestyle. You can try Body Positivity Affirmations With Self-Image, and Body Image Affirmations or used the subliminal.

How To Make Weight Loss Actions Effortless And Easy

If you have completed the two steps mentioned above, then taking weight loss manifestation action will automatically become effortless by now. But there are still a few things you can try to make the actions for manifesting weight loss even more effortless.

Always make sure to forgive yourself for the time you have slacked. Because many people stop taking action when they feel as if they have loosened for a day or two or a week then they can’t go back to retaking action. You need to forgive yourself for that slacking and continue without giving up. This will take away the stress and anxiety associated with slacking in diet or workout.

Don’t put yourself on a strenuous diet or exercise routine for faster results. Because if you are checking out and torturing your body to get to your weight loss goal then you are actually putting it through a tremendous amount of stress. And because of that stress, that diet or exercise routine is already meant to fail because it is hard on you and your body.

Allow yourself to take intentional breaks. You definitely got the live a life and sometimes, to take effortless action it is important to set yourself some intentional slacks in between your diet and exercise routines. Because that way your body, mind, and your heart will know that they can enjoy good food and relaxing lazy days often without guilt and falling back.

Get A Helping Hand From Hypnosis (Guided Or Self Hypnosis)

If you are finding it difficult to shift your mindset and perspective then hypnosis can literally help you a lot. You can either use guided hypnosis from professionals or you can also try self-hypnosis in the form of Subliminals or using daily affirmations.

Hypnosis can also help you get rid of the weight loss blockage. And these weight loss blockages might sound in your head like “it is not possible to lose weight” “being overweight is in my jeans I can’t do much about it” or ” I can gain weight even by drinking just water”.

Hypnosis for Self-hypnosis through Subliminals or affirmations can also help control the symptoms of any other health issues that might be causing you to gain weight. Such as PCOD/PCOS, stress, and metabolic syndrome. But remember hypnosis is not a treatment, it is just a way to help cope with the symptoms.

Resources On Self-Hypnosis Method Aka Subliminal

You can also find Subliminals on Loa Lab’s YouTube Channel.

Let Go Of The Stress Around Weight Loss Manifestation

And it is most important to let go of stress. You will have to! have to let go of the stress and anxiety around losing weight. The more stressed you will be about losing weight the more likely you are to slack.

Even in the process of manifestation, it is important to trust yourself and the universe that whatever you want to manifest It’s coming. And the faster you let go of the attachment to the Desire the faster it will manifest.

Final Thoughts On Weight Loss And Manifestation

No matter what your manifestation goal is, whether it’s to manifest weight loss or to manifest fat loss. The key is to let your body do its thing as you focus on being your most healthy self. And there is no space for stress at all because losing weight or gaining weight is actually very easy if you just let go of the stress. We already have so many tools for not only my frustration but also to practically lose weight or gain weight. So make use of them without stressing or giving up.


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