weight gain affirmations

70 Best Weight Gain Affirmations With Desired Body

Weight gain affirmations are one way to engage your mind as you work towards gaining weight. Even though every body type is different, exercises and diets work differently for everyone. Still what you think and what your mindset is towards gaining or losing weight affects a lot on how those exercises and diet are going to impact your body.

How Weight Gain Affirmations Will Help You

weight gain affirmations

Weight gain or weight loss has a lot to do with body image. And that is why we all aspire to change into what we believe and think is best. And if you are far away from your desired goal you will feel eager and stressed to get there as soon as possible. So if your weight is a lot less than what you want it to be and you are a lot thinner than how you would like to look then it is also going to impact your Mental Health and stress levels. But the irony is that mental health and stress levels also affect your weight and health.

So to solve that positive weight gain affirmations are going to come in handy, especially the ones that include body positivity affirmative statements. Every body shape, every body type, and every weight looks amazing and beautiful. But if achieving a certain body weight makes you feel more confident and happy and hot then no one should stop you from getting there.

Once you start repeating weight gain affirmations over and over again you’re telling yourself that those statements are true for you. And once those statements become reality for your mind, it replaces the need for outer motivation. That is how the weight gain affirmations start to work for you. And if you use them regularly for long enough then they start to manifest.

How To Use Affirmations To Manifest Weight Gain

There are 2 ways you can use weight gain affirmations to manifest. Both are simple and easy-to-use methods to manifest weight gain.

  • You can just save this blog post and go ahead and read all the 70 weight gain affirmations every day right after you wake up. Only if you want to use and read all the weight gain affirmations. If not then you can also make a list of all the affirmations you want to use out of all these affirmations to gain weight and then read them every day.
  • And the second option is to use a weight gain subliminal. You can make your own weight gain subliminal using these weight gain affirmations in addition to any other affirmations you’d like to add. Or you can use weight gain subliminal created by Loa Lab.

The following weight gain subliminal also includes self-love affirmations to help you get even faster results.

70 Affirmations To Gain Weight

  1. I am ready to believe that I can gain weight
  2. I am fit and fabulous
  3. I just eat healthy food to gain some healthy amazing weight
  4. I am nourishing my body as I am gaining weight
  5. I love being healthy and thick
  6. I am gaining a well proportionate weight all over my body
  7. I am gaining healthy muscle mass in the way I desire
  8. My body is gaining weight proportionally and getting thicker as much as I desire
  9. I am thankful for my metabolism and its ability to metabolize fat and help with healthy proportional weight gain
  10. I am gaining some thick juicy bodyweight
  11. I am gaining health and weight
  12. I am grateful for the good nutritious food on my plate
  13. Healthy food is good fuel for my body
  14. I enjoy eating good and healthy
  15. I love treating my body with refreshing and yummy healthy food
  16. I embrace and appreciate the way my body looks and feels to me
  17. I am grateful that I have a healthy body and I can gain weight to my desire
  18. I am gaining my desired weight and achieving my desired body shape right this moment
  19. I am allowing my conscious and subconscious minds to take control of my eating habits
  20. I am incredibly happy about my weight glow up
  21. I only allow positive and loving thoughts to enter my conscious mind about my body
  22. I am choosing to feel and think positively about my body image
  23. I am getting stronger and stronger by the moment
  24. I am feeling good and positive about my body
  25. My mindset is very clear about the change in my weight
  26. I believe that I can gain weight easily and effortlessly
  27. I have the keys to gaining weight as much as I desire
  28. I have enough patience to gain weight and look great
  29. I eat all the yummy food on my plate
  30. I have a huge appetite and I can easily eat healthy food
  31. I feel happy and confident gaining weight
  32. I am also gaining muscles as gaining weight
  33. I enjoy working out for my thick and hot body
  34. I am extremely excited to workout and gain some muscles
  35. I am eating to support the health of my body
  36. I enjoy working out and taking care of my weight and body
  37. I am challenging myself to gain weight and become healthier
  38. I have a monster but a good appetite
  39. I do accept my body in every condition because I love my body unconditionally
  40. I am capable of gaining my ideal weight
  41. I like and appreciate my body the way it is
  42. I am also ready to love my body after gaining weight
  43. I am taking charge of my weight
  44. I am remodeling my lifestyle to a fresh way of living a great healthy lifestyle
  45. I deserve to be more healthy and nourished and hot
  46. I am taking a protein-rich diet that helps me gain amazing body weight
  47. I am grateful for my health and body in the present as I am gaining weight
  48. My body is ready to gain weight very fast and easy
  49. My body is at the perfect weight and I feel happy, amazing, and confident
  50. I am absolutely amazed at how easy it is to gain good weight
  51. I am surprised at my body on how fast it can make me healthier
  52. I am so happy about how much weight and muscules I am gaining
  53. I am feeling so lucky to be able to witness this amazing weight glow-up so fast
  54. I am achieving the greatest weight results I could ever imagine
  55. I am feeling really powerful
  56. My body is in perfect shape
  57. I am already feeling strong
  58. My bodyweight is ideal
  59. I have reached a superb weight goal
  60. My bodyweight and shape are already my weight goals
  61. I am gaining weight in a way that is making my body look so amazing
  62. I am feeling extraordinarily confident
  63. My body shape has gotten so hot
  64. I am feeling really hot and like a supermodel
  65. My body is feeling great and my body weight is the best bodyweight
  66. I am feeling super hot
  67. I am hundred percent hot and my body weight is extremely ideal
  68. I love myself and my body unconditionally and I am ready to accept and let go of my expectations
  69. I am ready to receive great weight gain and body shape results
  70. My body is getting toned, well-shaped and perfect

More Positive Affirmations

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