30 Short Positive Affirmations To Challenge Negativity

short positive affirmations

Short positive affirmations are one of the best ways to boost confidence and feel good at any time of the day. The short positive affirmations Loa Lab is bringing to you are completely focused on you being happy and uplifted, ready to take on the world. Because you deserve to live the best life.

All the 30 short positive affirmations you are about to read contain positive affirmations that are going to make you feel good and fill you up with confidence to face the world with excitement, enthusiasm, kindness, and forgiveness in your heart.

short positive affirmations

How to use short positive affirmations?

Short positive affirmations are easy and simple to use and you can use them in a few easy ways. Any doesn’t really matter for how many days you can really repeat these short positive affirmations as long as you feel them. Bu doing the affirmations for at least 30 days will help you see the difference they can make in your life instead of just making you feel good and uplifted. So Loa Lab recommends you to use the short positive affirmations at least for 30 days and longer if you wish to really challenge and kick the negativity out of your life.

  • Read all these 30 short positive affirmations every day for the next 30 or more days. And I just noticed repeating 30 positive affirmations for 30 days mixture synchronicity number 30:30. And 3030 angel number signifies that you should always go for what you want.
  • Pick your favorite affirmations out of all these short positive affirmations and repeat them every day for the next 30 or more days.
  • Repeat one affirmation from the list each day several times out of these 30 short positive affirmations fighter next 30 days.

Whichever method you choose to use these short positive affirmations, going to uplift you and make you feel positive and charged regardless.

Are you ready To Challenge Negativity with Short Positive Affirmations?

  1. I am willing and ready to step out of my comfort zone 
  2. My happiness is my choice 
  3. I am choosing to become the best of everything I got
  4. I am connecting with my higher self 
  5. I am observing positive energy from my environment 
  6. I am looking forward to starting and learning new things 
  7. I am choosing to fill my life with excitement 
  8. I open my heart to love and forgiveness 
  9. I open myself to receiving happiness 
  10. I am ready to make meaningful friendships 
  11. I am open to connecting socially with everyone 
  12. I am choosing politeness right now 
  13. I am choosing to be a wonderful person 
  14. I am open to showing kindness to everyone 
  15. I am ready to believe that life is beautiful 
  16. I am ready to let go of self-sabotaging behavior 
  17. I am opening my heart to new ideas and believe 
  18. I am letting Universe know that I am ready to leave my dreams 
  19. I am closing to believe in myself and in my dreams 
  20. I am opening up myself to receive from the universe 
  21. I am ready to become my own cheerleader 
  22. I am pledging to learn more about myself 
  23. I am ready to acknowledge my beauty inside and outside 
  24. Life is wonderful and I am ready to leave it all 
  25. I am happily ready to experience life 
  26. I am flattered by how the universe always lifts me up 
  27. I am open to receiving positive messages from the universe 
  28. I am The Protector of myself and I am strong 
  29. I open my heart to believe in the humanity and kindness
  30. I am grateful to the universe for always supporting me

And let me know in the comments which affirmation made you feel the best out of all the 30 short positive affirmations?

Having hope and believing in yourself is very important and I really hope that these affirmations are going to be very helpful to you. And if you enjoyed reading these 30 short positive affirmations can I think you will equally feel good enough lifted after reading some I am affirmations, what are you waiting for click right here. And if you are feeling down or want to increase self-love then I recommend you to try this self-love subliminal. And do you know what is subliminal? if not then you can ready our blog post to understand more about subliminals and how to use them.

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